Sunday, 26 February 2017


We should have been going out for lunch today to celebrate our wedding anniversary, instead we are having soup and bread!!

DB was unsettled last night so I ended up in the spare bed. I did manage to get our breakfast in bed and we have not been up that long. I feel marginally better, will see how things go over the week and if there is a change when I finish the antibiotics.

Dull sort of morning, despite the storm the little tete a tete daffs are out in the garden at the front.

Little clumps of brightness.

Nothing planned, I spent a lot of yesterday watching James Martin on the ITV hub, I have watched 10 of the programmes now, the last one I watched he was cooking for Michel Roux at his house in St. Tropez. He seems to be working towards the west coast, having come down the eastern side of France, I think he may strike up the middle next, we will see.

Its quite a dull morning but not too cold, I did just poke my nose out of the door. The sun is shining in fits and starts.

I have a portion of cooked lamb shoulder in the freezer, thats for supper with roasties, cauli, calabrese and carrots. I might just have enough energy to make some rosemary and apricot stuffing balls to go with it. There is also some celeriac left, will roast that with the spuds.  Mind you DB is going to be cooking under supervision.

We went through the Wiltshire Farm Foods brochure yesterday, we have picked out a few that we are going to try. Most are around the £3 mark but there are a couple of roast dinners I want to try as well. DB will never manage to cook fully for himself, he is too inclined to loose concentration.

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