Saturday, 25 February 2017


I dropped down the medication last night to 5mgs. Have been a bit better today. Did manage to get into Lidl for some shopping. The car park is being extended, so there was quite a fight going on for spaces. Back into bed once I got home.

Crusty bacon and sauce roll for lunch with a few grapes. I seem to  have been craving salt, I bought salted crisps, one packet down.

The bungalow across from us lost coping stones in the wind, the builders were there this morning replacing them and putting extra grout on the rest.

We had rain this afternoon, but it is fine now.

I bought a couple of individual lasagna in Lidl, plan to have them tonight for supper, a taste test if you like. The brochure from WFF arrived today, I plan to buy 2 or three to try them, they will be a standby if either Iam in hospital or DB needs a cooked meal. They do have some reasonable priced ones which we will try first.

Here's to me feeling better tomorrow...............we have melon for breakfast for a change.

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