Saturday, 18 February 2017


Another misty start, it was after lunch before it cleared.

No alarm this morning so we slept in, it was after 10am before my feet hit the floor. Apart from sorting the supper, cheese and onion pie and doing a bit more at the playmat; I have spent the rest of the day reading.

OH had wanted to go out to the garden, but decided against it when he saw the weather.

Not much going on, the close is quiet, the village generally seems to be quiet just now waiting for spring I guess.

Nothing really on next week apart from next Sunday when we are out to celebrate our wedding nniversary, lunch at the carvery in Melton with DD2 and DGD.

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  1. How nice to have a quiet Saturday with some sewing, reading, and cooking. Hope DB had a puzzle, book, or some other interest to keep him happily occupied since the weather put a damper on his garden plans.

    We had the forecast 70+*F day here tho that high wasn't reached until late in the arvo. At 8a today, it was still barely above freezing at 37*F.

    I, too, did some sewing and some reading but also did a load of laundry.



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