Saturday, 4 February 2017


Another really nice day, the sun was shining when I drew the curtains back, so the new duvet and fitted sheet were in the laundry and out on the line.

DB gave the car a badly needed wash, it was filthy with all the mud from the roads round here, an occupational hazard where we live. We also measured the deep beds for the wood, I have worked out what we need, jst need to sort out the cash for it, DB wants to get 2 done before we go away on holiday in April.

I am still not feeling quite right, wondering if its the increased medication sending my BP down too low, will have to ask the Dr. next week. I did manage to do the Friday clean, did a bit and then sat down did a bit more.......... I have also hung the new net in our bedroom. Opened the windows for a bit too, just to get some fresh air in the place.

 The pork and bean casserole was done in the pressure cooker yesterday, so it just needs re-heating and thicken the gravy. Mash, cauli and calebrese with it. There are big articles in the papers today about the shortage of salad stuff. I am sorry but no way am I spending almost £2 on a lettuce, we will either go without or find a substitute, maybe spinach or rocket.

There is a meeting tomorrow evening about the plan for the village, DB is going, so we will eat at lunchtime, I will make some scones and we will have sandwiches for tea. I might even stir myself enough to make a tray of brownies.

We have managed without shopping so far, but we will have to go one day this coming week. I have plenty of potato's but we are running short of fresh veg. I still have 2 celeriac in the coal house they will get used up over the next couple of weeks. I need to do a freezer audit and work out menus for the rest of February.

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