Saturday, 4 February 2017


Another really nice day, the sun was shining when I drew the curtains back, so the new duvet and fitted sheet were in the laundry and out on the line.

DB gave the car a badly needed wash, it was filthy with all the mud from the roads round here, an occupational hazard where we live. We also measured the deep beds for the wood, I have worked out what we need, jst need to sort out the cash for it, DB wants to get 2 done before we go away on holiday in April.

I am still not feeling quite right, wondering if its the increased medication sending my BP down too low, will have to ask the Dr. next week. I did manage to do the Friday clean, did a bit and then sat down did a bit more.......... I have also hung the new net in our bedroom. Opened the windows for a bit too, just to get some fresh air in the place.

 The pork and bean casserole was done in the pressure cooker yesterday, so it just needs re-heating and thicken the gravy. Mash, cauli and calebrese with it. There are big articles in the papers today about the shortage of salad stuff. I am sorry but no way am I spending almost £2 on a lettuce, we will either go without or find a substitute, maybe spinach or rocket.

There is a meeting tomorrow evening about the plan for the village, DB is going, so we will eat at lunchtime, I will make some scones and we will have sandwiches for tea. I might even stir myself enough to make a tray of brownies.

We have managed without shopping so far, but we will have to go one day this coming week. I have plenty of potato's but we are running short of fresh veg. I still have 2 celeriac in the coal house they will get used up over the next couple of weeks. I need to do a freezer audit and work out menus for the rest of February.


  1. How nice to have a pretty day with sunshine! It's the same here, but coats and gloves are needed as it's penetratingly cold - or I think it is! Then again, I'm usually cold.

    Hope you have a home BP cuff so you can take your BP at intervals throughout the days, write down your results (like charting when we were nurses), and have that record to discuss with your doctor. AMIL did that at her doctor's request and also noted for each BP what she'd been doing and/or how she'd been feeling just before taking her BP.

    We found it very easy to grow lettuce in our garden and chose Butter lettuce and Romaine lettuce. The lesson we learned was to plant only 1 plant of each type (2 seed/hole) each week, wait 7 days and plant again, 1 of each type. That first time, we planted too much at once so it all was ready to eat at the same time. We couldn't eat it fast enough.

    I'm about to take out two short rows of stitching and then need to find my scraps of fusible batting. Bother! :)


  2. I always read your blog and really enjoy it. Then I read your loyal friend Barbara Anne's comment, she is such a positive lady and completely on your side. You are so lucky to have such a devoted friend. I too enjoyed the sunshine today, it fair lifts the spirits. I made a pan of vegetable soup and two brown loaves, did some ironing and then did the crosswords in the daily paper, simple pleasures but always enjoyable. Love to you all, Andie xxx


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