Thursday, 9 February 2017

No fog, no frost but its blooming cold

The forecast for last night was way out, neither fog or frost when we got up, but it was bitter out.

We set out for Bingham, library, ironmongers, got nails and red shallots there, a quick run through the market and Aldi.

I had a small shopping list for our neighbour, we got everything for her bar the prunes in juice. Our shopping came to £40.00+ sofar I have spent £80 from my HK. but we only have 2 weeks to go to the end of this month. I should manage to stay within budget.

When we got home it was trying to snow, not that it lasted long. Its very dark and grey.

Soup is on the hob for lunch, there is just enough left for tomorrow. I had a shepherds pie in the freezer, we are having it with carrots and calabrese, I will make extra gravy to go with it. One banana left will have it with some natural yogurt.

We have not had the new router yet, they have put back the date of the change to 28th, No engineers in this area apparently, they have to make an appointment so they had better turn up, otherwise there is going to be one grumpy lady here.

Not a good night last night. DB did not settle, when he did he woke at 5.30 with a coughing fit.....I do hope we are not going into another round of 'the cough'. At least I can go into the other bed now which is what I will be doing if it carries on.

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