Monday, 27 February 2017


Hooray.....decent nights sleep at alst, did not have to get up during the night.

Still feeling a bit ropey, but have been up for longer today. OH helped with the Monday clean, a swipe round with the cloth and a scrub of the shower floor. Changed the bed using the You Tube way of putting on a duvet cover it worked ok, but DB still had problems with it....whats new. 

He sort of did poached eggs on toast for lunch, sorted out putting a loaf on, but then forgot it was on, I just managed to rescue it; he
 also did the gratin for tonight supper.

I was up for most of the morning, went to bed after lunch....

Laundry was out on the line, but we had to fetch it in, it started to rain, it was partly dry. I just have to get up enough energy to iron it maybe tomorrow.

The day started off fine but it has rained for most of the afternoon, the sky is very grey.

Tomorrow is our anniversary, I am hoping to be ok to go for afternoon tea at the local hospice. I have some stuff to take over for their charity shop, fingers crossed I do not come home with more crystal.

Supper tonight is the gratin with jacket spuds. Might have banana after, see how I feel.


  1. Yes, indeed! Cheers for your good night's sleep!!!!

    Am glad DB is pitching in to help with household cleaning and cooking. Perhaps a timer you can set is needed to help him learn to be mindful about things in automatic cookers?

    Happy Anniversary to you two. Hope you can enjoy a nice lunch out to celebrate and it's okay if something lovely that is crystal beckons to you. It's a worthy cause and you deserve a treat!


  2. You sound a good bit better. Poor old hubby, we forget how long it took us to do the cooking automatically, now we just do it. At least he is trying, when I was ill my husband brought me breakfast to bed. Hard toast with just a scraping of butter and marmalade, but better than nothing. Congratulations on your anniversary tomorrow and I hope you enjoy your day out. Much love, Andie xxx


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