Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Misty morning

When we set off for Melton, it was quite thick in places and the number of cars that passed us without any lights on was amazing.

Shopping done, even managed to get prunes in juice for my neighbour as well. I have bought several things this month, so paid for the shopping from my pocket money purse. I think we are about straight now. I did buy a bunch off daffs to brighten the place up.

The sun was shining when we got back, but it has not lasted long, its very dark and damp now. The rain was forecast.

I have made the binding for the playmat and quilted a quarter of it, will do some more tomorrow, it takes a bit of manoeuvring around. I could do with some silicone polish so it moves a bit easier on the bed of the machine.

DB was planting up shallots and he has also checked the geraniums in the greenhouse, he says they are all doing fine.

Cauli and calabrese gratin with jacket spuds and tomato and cucumber salad for supper tonight, no dessert, the rhubarb sponge was finished off last night.

I did manage to find Hesters blog, but although it is on my blog list it does not seem to have updated, will have to look into that.

Some years ago when I was in the US I bought some brushed cotton fabric, I have decided to make a mile a minute quilt for our friend P who is very poorly. I need to get the play mat out of the way and cut some strips and join them together, it will only take me a short time to join the bits up and I am not going to put wadding in it but use a cheap blanket from Ikea and bag it out, then just sew down in straight lines. I think I need about 25 width of the fabric strips. If nothing else it will keep him warm when he goes out in his wheel chair. I made one for my friend Edna many years ago, she used it a lot.

Time to put the light on, its gone very dark.

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