Friday, 24 February 2017


I did think I was getting slightly better yesterday....forget it, I am worse than ever today. Just do not know what to think. Started taking the meds for the infection, hey did not affect me last time I took them, this time they seem to be affecting my gut aargghhh.

DB has spent the morning clearing up the damage from yesterday....

Bird table over

Chairs blown out from behind the shed

Water barrel full of water blown across the garden

Sentry box shifted.

Plant house over

Remains of the greenhouse

What a mess

Tidy again..

DB's shallots were all out of their pots and one of the large ceramic pots was a bit battered where the plant house fell on it. The green house has been broken up and put in the dustbin.

I had thought yesterday that I might be improving, today I am back to square one again. I have started the new medication, is it to blame, who knows.......I will take it for a day or two longer and then see what happens. 

I gave in and came back to bed just before lunch.  DB is chef again, cheese on toast with brown sauce for lunch with an apple. Supper fish wedges and peas.


DB phoned the Dr. I have dropped the extra 2.5mg ramapril, I have to see if things improve over the next couple of days. I am sure thats what it is, I usually begin to feel better in the evening when the medication in my system is at its lowest. Watch this space.


  1. Oh my dear so sorry that you still are not feeling better and wind damage to boot. Stay strong and don't hesitate to ring your doctor and report how you are doing. Thank goodness DB us able to get you both something to eat.


  2. So sorry you are under the weather, in yourself and the poor garden. If the medication is making you feel unwell contact your GP or the pharmacist, if they say that is normal ok but I do not think it is. Do rest and complain about feeling ill as until you do nothing will be done. Take care. Love Andie xxx

  3. Hope you'll check out the medication side effects to see if your misery is caused by that or perhaps you would feel better if you had the pills after food. I agree with Andie and Sandy that it's worth a call to the doctor before the weekend to report how you're feeling. Meanwhile, rest as you need to.

    So sorry about the wind damage that occurred in your garden and the loss of your greenhouse. Bother! I hope you can put your pots, shed, and things away from narrow spaces where wind seems to blow hardest. Methinks that's called a "venturie" but may be mistaken and may have spelled it wrong.


  4. I've only been reading your blogs writing for a week or so but I enjoy it so much! I'm sorry about your storm difficulties. I live in Kansas, U.S.A., believe me when I say I know about storm damage.Hoping you get to feeling better.

  5. I had a heart attack sixteen months ago and am also on a lot of heart medication. The side effects seem similar to yours. My doctor suggested that I I take ramipril in the evening now instead of in the morning. It has worked wonderfully well for me. Maybe you could suggest this to your doctor, but DO run it past your doctor first as I'm not a qualified medical person. Do hope you canes this sorted out soon though, it's miserable for you.


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