Friday, 24 February 2017


I did think I was getting slightly better yesterday....forget it, I am worse than ever today. Just do not know what to think. Started taking the meds for the infection, hey did not affect me last time I took them, this time they seem to be affecting my gut aargghhh.

DB has spent the morning clearing up the damage from yesterday....

Bird table over

Chairs blown out from behind the shed

Water barrel full of water blown across the garden

Sentry box shifted.

Plant house over

Remains of the greenhouse

What a mess

Tidy again..

DB's shallots were all out of their pots and one of the large ceramic pots was a bit battered where the plant house fell on it. The green house has been broken up and put in the dustbin.

I had thought yesterday that I might be improving, today I am back to square one again. I have started the new medication, is it to blame, who knows.......I will take it for a day or two longer and then see what happens. 

I gave in and came back to bed just before lunch.  DB is chef again, cheese on toast with brown sauce for lunch with an apple. Supper fish wedges and peas.


DB phoned the Dr. I have dropped the extra 2.5mg ramapril, I have to see if things improve over the next couple of days. I am sure thats what it is, I usually begin to feel better in the evening when the medication in my system is at its lowest. Watch this space.

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