Friday, 17 February 2017


Much better nights sleep, I actually did not hear the alarm go off, so breakfast in bed.

It was a dull grey morning, DB went out to the front garden, he has sawn off one of the very old roses about a foot down underground, will see if it tries to shoot, if it does we will be putting some root killer on it.

I cooked the salmon for tonight and prepped the spuds, also made a tray of brownies.

After lunch I shut myself in the sewing room. Have finished the play may quilting apart from putting the babies name and birth date on it, have also put the binding on, just need to hand sew it down. Once its done I will photograph it.

The sun came out after lunch it has been quite mild, the heating has been off for most of the day.

Supper tonight, salmon, new potato's, peas and sauce made from the liquor I cooked the salmon in; a mixture of white wine and lemon juice and a little bit of fish stock., I sprinkled lemon pepper over the fillets before I cooked them. DB has asked for semolina pudding for his dessert, I I will do a bowl just for him. I hate the stuff second only to tapioca which reminds me of frogs spawn...yuk....

No plans for the weekend, will finish the playmat, then wait for baby to arrive.

What an attractive young lady Nicky's daughter Molly is turning out to be. He would have been so proud of her.

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