Wednesday, 1 February 2017

First the wind, now the rain

It has rained for most of the day.

I had a really bad night, I was drinking tea at 1am, fell asleep around 3am, did not hear DB getting up.

We went round the the little chapel for coffee, some of the regulars were missing, but still a lively group.

I have managed to do the ironing from Monday, all the towels are now in the bathroom on the shelves in the boiler cupboard. I have emptied the drawer under my side of the bed, the spare bed linen is in the cupboard, the two sets of linen for our bed is in the drawer. I still have one duvet cover to alter down to a single.

DB managed bacon frittata, jacket spuds and a side salad tonight, quite simple really to cook, but he does need to co-ordinate the finishing times a bit better. Not complaining though. Not sure what we are having tomorrow night, I need to have a root through the freezers and see what we can find. I am hoping to put off going shopping till next week.

I have not done much today, after I finished the ironing I sat reading. DB went for his siesta.

Tomorrow I need to sort out a load of laundry from the dirty clothes basket and get them washed. I think it will have to go in the dryer, the weather forecast is not good.


  1. How nice to have the extra shelves in your boiler cupboard to store your bed linens there!

    I have small quilts stored under my side of our bed: seasonal, holiday (other than Christmas, and Christmas) and those boxes have little wheels so roll out easily when needed.

    Cheers for DB's success in cooking dinner! It does take experience to make multiple dishes finish at nearly the same time. He'll get there. :)

    I'm about to sew up several mug rugs in various fabrics that were already cut into 5" squares.


  2. When my late FiL was tackling the cooking as my MiL's health deteriorated, he would write down the time they would be eating, and work backwards, noting the times he had to do something - would that work for your DB?

  3. I put off the shopping for as long as I can too! I loath it. Your dinner sounded lovely.

  4. Oh well done DB - good suggestion from Floss. Take care of yourself and no shame in using your dryer. Amazing how often you do hang laundry outside.



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