Sunday, 5 February 2017


Our usual fruit, croissant and coffee Sunday breakfast in bed.

I was in the kitchen making scones and prepping the lunch when I heard an 'ooffhh' DB sprawled on the floor in the sitting room, as usual not looking where he was going he had caught his foot on the settee and graced the floor. No way was I picking him up, so he had to get himself up, I made sure he was alright and left him to it. Pride hurt more than him.

I cooked the chicken breasts for lunch with roast potato's, cauli and calebrese and a sauce made with a drop of brandy, chicken stock and the remains of a pack of garlic cream cheese. 

DB went for his siesta, I lit the fire and sat reading until he came through, then we did a freezer audit and I did the menu and shopping list for the rest of the month. We have done quite well considering......plan to go to Aldi on Thursday and take our books back to the library.

Reminiscent of last Sunday it has been foggy for most of the day, it did lift a bit in the early afternoon, but soon came down again.

I did not go for a rest this afternoon, I think that's when my BP goes down and causes problems when I get up again, I have been ok so far today.

DB is going to the meeting at the village hall shortly, so I will have half an hour or so to myself.

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