Monday, 20 February 2017


Another night we were reading and drinking was after 1am when the light finally went out, once I was sure that DB was asleep!! Then it took me ages to get off. Exhausted this morning.

Towels and whites on the line. I have done a skip through clean, mopped the toilet, wet room and kitchen floors, just had cheese and beetroot, me cheese and tomato sauce DB. He had a yogurt I had a pear. The time for a cleaner is coming closer......

Salad prepped for tonights supper, chicken last night was delicious, I have sliced whats left and we will have a jacket spud with it. I marinaded it in lemon juice and white wine overnight and then used a mixture of butter and lemon pepper rubbed into the skin before I roasted it, the liquor went into the sauce.

DB spent an hour or so in the front garden trying to get another rose bush out of the garden, they are very old knarled bushes and not easy to get out.

I hope to finish sewing down the binding on the playmat this afternoon, then all I have to do is to embroider names etc on it.

I have a couple of projects in mind, one of which is a sleeveless waistcoat DB asked me to make him some years ago, its for his bowls. I have an empty cutting table so may well cut it out. It will not take me long to do it, its fleece so no fraying etc.


  1. What an exhausting bother that you're having difficulty sleeping well once again, especially two nights in a row. If DB is restless, might he need to stay away from caffeine in the evenings or earlier as that might cause difficulty getting to sleep. AMIL had to avoid caffeine (except for the occasional piece of chocolate!) after she turned 78 - to her surprise and chagrin.

    Wishing DB well in getting the old rose bushes out.

    A fleece vest sounds wonderfully warm and, as you said, should go together quickly.

    I hope to finish a little project today as it needs to be mailed tomorrow.


  2. I hope you don't mind me sticking my nose in but the hubby and I were having the same sleep issues and something had to change.

    It took us a while but we figured out what works for us:

    1. NO naps whatsoever.
    2. Bed at the same time every night (11pm because that is what works for us) and up at 7am every day.
    3. A mug of brand name 'Sleepy Time' tea before bed. There are a variety of sleep inducing teas at the health food shop but we like this particular one.
    4. Absolutely NO CAFFEINE of any kind after 6pm .... that means no chocolate, nothing with chocolate in it, absolutely no regular tea or coffee not even decaf, sweets/ice cream/yogurt, etc with coffee/mocha flavors and so on. We have quite a list of banned grub and drink after 6pm.
    5. If either one of us starts to drag in the afternoon and feel like we are going to end up napping, we get up and go do something to wake ourselves up, even if it's vacuuming, until the feeling passes, which it will.
    6. No night lights of any kind if they illuminate the bedroom even the slightest.
    7. Make sure the bed is big/comfy enough. A no brainer one would think but our previous bed was queen sized and was just too small so we bought a king.

    It took a little while of adjustments but we are sleeping well now.


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