Tuesday, 28 February 2017


A bad night again, 4 am and I was still awake. The phone rang at 7.15 am and woke me up!! just 3  hours sleep.

We have to wait in for a delivery, so will not be going out for tea and cake. So we have just had a cuppa and a small bakewell tart each...happy anniversary.

Towels on the line, its quite windy again. DB was in the garden this morning cutting down some of the shrubs, the wind last week had almost blown a lavatera out of the ground. Plenty of weeds to be got rid of.

No real improvement, not sleeping last night has not helped. Hope to sleep better tonight. I did manage a nana nap whilst DB had a siesta, trouble is I feel worse, I always do if I succumb to a nap.

DB is tackling fritatta tonight, mixed herb, served with green salad. I need to do the menu plan for March and a shopping list for Aldi. I hope by this time next week I am feeling a lot better, otherwise I am back to the Drs. I have not the energy to do the ironing so it will have to wait.

Our change to Fibre Broadband has gone ahead, we were without the internet and phone for over an hour whilst the chap worked on the box on the corner, I have checked the speed and its gone to from 3 to over 30.

So herb fritatta and salad for supper tonight, I fancy some roast spuds with it. I bought a bag of frozen roasties, I'll do some in the remoska which the fritatta is cooking. I have some bananas so we will have one later.

Monday, 27 February 2017


Hooray.....decent nights sleep at alst, did not have to get up during the night.

Still feeling a bit ropey, but have been up for longer today. OH helped with the Monday clean, a swipe round with the cloth and a scrub of the shower floor. Changed the bed using the You Tube way of putting on a duvet cover it worked ok, but DB still had problems with it....whats new. 

He sort of did poached eggs on toast for lunch, sorted out putting a loaf on, but then forgot it was on, I just managed to rescue it; he
 also did the gratin for tonight supper.

I was up for most of the morning, went to bed after lunch....

Laundry was out on the line, but we had to fetch it in, it started to rain, it was partly dry. I just have to get up enough energy to iron it maybe tomorrow.

The day started off fine but it has rained for most of the afternoon, the sky is very grey.

Tomorrow is our anniversary, I am hoping to be ok to go for afternoon tea at the local hospice. I have some stuff to take over for their charity shop, fingers crossed I do not come home with more crystal.

Supper tonight is the gratin with jacket spuds. Might have banana after, see how I feel.

Sunday, 26 February 2017


We should have been going out for lunch today to celebrate our wedding anniversary, instead we are having soup and bread!!

DB was unsettled last night so I ended up in the spare bed. I did manage to get our breakfast in bed and we have not been up that long. I feel marginally better, will see how things go over the week and if there is a change when I finish the antibiotics.

Dull sort of morning, despite the storm the little tete a tete daffs are out in the garden at the front.

Little clumps of brightness.

Nothing planned, I spent a lot of yesterday watching James Martin on the ITV hub, I have watched 10 of the programmes now, the last one I watched he was cooking for Michel Roux at his house in St. Tropez. He seems to be working towards the west coast, having come down the eastern side of France, I think he may strike up the middle next, we will see.

Its quite a dull morning but not too cold, I did just poke my nose out of the door. The sun is shining in fits and starts.

I have a portion of cooked lamb shoulder in the freezer, thats for supper with roasties, cauli, calabrese and carrots. I might just have enough energy to make some rosemary and apricot stuffing balls to go with it. There is also some celeriac left, will roast that with the spuds.  Mind you DB is going to be cooking under supervision.

We went through the Wiltshire Farm Foods brochure yesterday, we have picked out a few that we are going to try. Most are around the £3 mark but there are a couple of roast dinners I want to try as well. DB will never manage to cook fully for himself, he is too inclined to loose concentration.

Saturday, 25 February 2017


I dropped down the medication last night to 5mgs. Have been a bit better today. Did manage to get into Lidl for some shopping. The car park is being extended, so there was quite a fight going on for spaces. Back into bed once I got home.

Crusty bacon and sauce roll for lunch with a few grapes. I seem to  have been craving salt, I bought salted crisps, one packet down.

The bungalow across from us lost coping stones in the wind, the builders were there this morning replacing them and putting extra grout on the rest.

We had rain this afternoon, but it is fine now.

I bought a couple of individual lasagna in Lidl, plan to have them tonight for supper, a taste test if you like. The brochure from WFF arrived today, I plan to buy 2 or three to try them, they will be a standby if either Iam in hospital or DB needs a cooked meal. They do have some reasonable priced ones which we will try first.

Here's to me feeling better tomorrow...............we have melon for breakfast for a change.

Friday, 24 February 2017


I did think I was getting slightly better yesterday....forget it, I am worse than ever today. Just do not know what to think. Started taking the meds for the infection, hey did not affect me last time I took them, this time they seem to be affecting my gut aargghhh.

DB has spent the morning clearing up the damage from yesterday....

Bird table over

Chairs blown out from behind the shed

Water barrel full of water blown across the garden

Sentry box shifted.

Plant house over

Remains of the greenhouse

What a mess

Tidy again..

DB's shallots were all out of their pots and one of the large ceramic pots was a bit battered where the plant house fell on it. The green house has been broken up and put in the dustbin.

I had thought yesterday that I might be improving, today I am back to square one again. I have started the new medication, is it to blame, who knows.......I will take it for a day or two longer and then see what happens. 

I gave in and came back to bed just before lunch.  DB is chef again, cheese on toast with brown sauce for lunch with an apple. Supper fish wedges and peas.


DB phoned the Dr. I have dropped the extra 2.5mg ramapril, I have to see if things improve over the next couple of days. I am sure thats what it is, I usually begin to feel better in the evening when the medication in my system is at its lowest. Watch this space.

Thursday, 23 February 2017


At the Drs this morning. More blood tests and BP taken again. Urine sample produced a reading of bacteria, so medication for that. Have to wait for the blood tests to come back. 

I did have a better night, actually managed to sleep till 6.30 before I had to get up for the loo. Not quite as bad today as I have been the last 3 days but still feel I am walking through treacle all the while.

Repaired to bed this afternoon and slept for well over an hour.

Supper sausage and bean casserole with spuds, carrot and calabrese, gravy made with a dash of cheap red wine......yum yum.

The wind has done some real damage, it lifted the plastic greenhouse and took it over the back gate into the front garden, both it and the plant house are broken up, I cannot afford a proper greenhouse, so will do without.  I just cannot keep replacing things. The bird table is flat on the grass and the chairs we store behind the shed are also in the middle of the grass. Just after lunch the wind was really dreadful, I was so glad we got the chimney stack repointed last year.....the thought of it coming through the roof fills me with horror. There is no way I could cope with that right now. It does seem to be dying down a bit.

I heard from my quilting friend, her garden has been decimated, her fence has gone on one side and the arch which carries the roses has also gone. She will be devastated.

I have been watching James Martin in France on my IPad, I really wish I had got DB to recorded the programmes. The one I was watching today was in the south of France at the side of the Canal du Midi.....one of my favourite places. I will have to watch one a day till I manage to catch up.

No sewing done, a good job the baby has not yet put in an appearance, fingers crossed it will not happen until after the weekend.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bad day

I slept in the sewing room last night, had a reasonable night but most of the day I have been in bed.

I am sure its the increase in medication, by the evening I begin to feel better. I take the meds at night so in the morning most of it is swilling round inside my body and thats when I am sure my BP is too low.

I have to go and see the Dr tomorrow morning, I hope the surgery is not full, I doubt I will last for more than an hour.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Another rubbish night

DB slept like a baby, I woke at 3am and that was that. I think I may have overdone it yesterday. I am going to have to sort out what cleaning has to be done.

Still in bed and staying here for a while at least. DB is in the front garden, its looking a lot better.

I got a pork casserole out of the freezer last night, spuds, cauliflower and carrot with it I think.

No more done to the playmat, just too tired yesterday, no sign of the baby yet......

Monday, 20 February 2017


Another night we were reading and drinking tea.........it was after 1am when the light finally went out, once I was sure that DB was asleep!! Then it took me ages to get off. Exhausted this morning.

Towels and whites on the line. I have done a skip through clean, mopped the toilet, wet room and kitchen floors, just had cheese and beetroot, me cheese and tomato sauce DB. He had a yogurt I had a pear. The time for a cleaner is coming closer......

Salad prepped for tonights supper, chicken last night was delicious, I have sliced whats left and we will have a jacket spud with it. I marinaded it in lemon juice and white wine overnight and then used a mixture of butter and lemon pepper rubbed into the skin before I roasted it, the liquor went into the sauce.

DB spent an hour or so in the front garden trying to get another rose bush out of the garden, they are very old knarled bushes and not easy to get out.

I hope to finish sewing down the binding on the playmat this afternoon, then all I have to do is to embroider names etc on it.

I have a couple of projects in mind, one of which is a sleeveless waistcoat DB asked me to make him some years ago, its for his bowls. I have an empty cutting table so may well cut it out. It will not take me long to do it, its fleece so no fraying etc.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Terrible night

DB could not sleep, so I had to be awake too, reading until 3am after consuming cups of tea and cream crackers........I woke just after 8am, woke him then too. I was feeling rather bloody minded. It was fine and he had mentioned about going into the garden. Usual Sunday brekkers in bed, made it up just before 10am.

He is having his siesta now, one hour....thats it......fingers crossed he sleeps tonight.

Supper prepped, veggies done. I have also sewn down a bit more on the playmat, not awfully pleased with the quilting on the back, but it can stay, I just CBA to unpick it all and do it again!!

No plans for the coming week, just take things as they come. Will not be going shopping for at least another 2 weeks unless I need fruit, which I can pick up on Sunday when we go into town for lunch.

It has turned cold, the sun had gone in, so I have lit the fire, I usually do on Sunday afternoon.

A little splash of white at the top of the front garden/

Saturday, 18 February 2017


Another misty start, it was after lunch before it cleared.

No alarm this morning so we slept in, it was after 10am before my feet hit the floor. Apart from sorting the supper, cheese and onion pie and doing a bit more at the playmat; I have spent the rest of the day reading.

OH had wanted to go out to the garden, but decided against it when he saw the weather.

Not much going on, the close is quiet, the village generally seems to be quiet just now waiting for spring I guess.

Nothing really on next week apart from next Sunday when we are out to celebrate our wedding nniversary, lunch at the carvery in Melton with DD2 and DGD.

Friday, 17 February 2017


Much better nights sleep, I actually did not hear the alarm go off, so breakfast in bed.

It was a dull grey morning, DB went out to the front garden, he has sawn off one of the very old roses about a foot down underground, will see if it tries to shoot, if it does we will be putting some root killer on it.

I cooked the salmon for tonight and prepped the spuds, also made a tray of brownies.

After lunch I shut myself in the sewing room. Have finished the play may quilting apart from putting the babies name and birth date on it, have also put the binding on, just need to hand sew it down. Once its done I will photograph it.

The sun came out after lunch it has been quite mild, the heating has been off for most of the day.

Supper tonight, salmon, new potato's, peas and sauce made from the liquor I cooked the salmon in; a mixture of white wine and lemon juice and a little bit of fish stock., I sprinkled lemon pepper over the fillets before I cooked them. DB has asked for semolina pudding for his dessert, I I will do a bowl just for him. I hate the stuff second only to tapioca which reminds me of frogs spawn...yuk....

No plans for the weekend, will finish the playmat, then wait for baby to arrive.

What an attractive young lady Nicky's daughter Molly is turning out to be. He would have been so proud of her.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Another bad night.....

These bad nights are getting me down......after 3am again and I was awake at 7.30 am.

Lovely bright morning, two loads of laundry out on the line, DB is out in the garden, no idea what he is up to.

I took the bull by the horns and fitted up the new router this morning, I had to take the TV connections to bits to get at the sockets, so I moved the table and cleaned the carpet in the corner, cleaned the glass with vinegar, so its all sparking. The router connected no problem, I need to check the speed we are getting with it just now.

All the laundry dried so its airing before being put away. I have almost finished quilting the play mat, was going to try and finish it but I am quite tired so it can wait until tomorrow.

DB was in the garden, plants are showing signs of growth, more daffs are coming through. Now our neighbour had had her tree trimmed back we have lost the privacy in the garden, I am going to look at planting a bush of some description to block off her kitchen window from out garden. I am toying with the idea of putting a small patio area in and relaying the path up to and round the shed.

I have found the yard where Hesters boat is for sale, there is more info and also  a layout drawing, it looks just right for them. I really hope the survey goes well for them.

I have managed to pick up a couple of really rank books from the library this time, Good job DB has some I can read.

The sun has gone and we have had a shower of rain, good job I fetched the laundry in, it would have been wetter then when I took it out.

Bacon egg etc for supper tonight, I have got the salmon out to do for tomorrow night. I will cook it gently in white wine and lemon juice, we will have the salmon cold with potatoes, peas and butter sauce.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Misty morning

When we set off for Melton, it was quite thick in places and the number of cars that passed us without any lights on was amazing.

Shopping done, even managed to get prunes in juice for my neighbour as well. I have bought several things this month, so paid for the shopping from my pocket money purse. I think we are about straight now. I did buy a bunch off daffs to brighten the place up.

The sun was shining when we got back, but it has not lasted long, its very dark and damp now. The rain was forecast.

I have made the binding for the playmat and quilted a quarter of it, will do some more tomorrow, it takes a bit of manoeuvring around. I could do with some silicone polish so it moves a bit easier on the bed of the machine.

DB was planting up shallots and he has also checked the geraniums in the greenhouse, he says they are all doing fine.

Cauli and calabrese gratin with jacket spuds and tomato and cucumber salad for supper tonight, no dessert, the rhubarb sponge was finished off last night.

I did manage to find Hesters blog, but although it is on my blog list it does not seem to have updated, will have to look into that.

Some years ago when I was in the US I bought some brushed cotton fabric, I have decided to make a mile a minute quilt for our friend P who is very poorly. I need to get the play mat out of the way and cut some strips and join them together, it will only take me a short time to join the bits up and I am not going to put wadding in it but use a cheap blanket from Ikea and bag it out, then just sew down in straight lines. I think I need about 25 width of the fabric strips. If nothing else it will keep him warm when he goes out in his wheel chair. I made one for my friend Edna many years ago, she used it a lot.

Time to put the light on, its gone very dark.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr its cold

A very heavy overnight frost, it did not really ease until after lunch, it was blooming cold outside. The sky is blue and the sun shining, but its still cold.

Well I have appliqued the pieces onto the playmat, thats all I have done, the wretched thread kept breaking, in the end I undid it and used cotton. There were times it came very close to going out of the window. Its layered up ready to quilt, but it can wait till another day. I also put another patch on my ironing board, ironed and aired yesterdays bed linen.

Think we might go to Melton tomorrow, I am out of fruit and mustard, DB has been having mustard sauce quite a bit lately.

I have just finished reading a book about a families search for survivors of the Holocaust, along with the other book I read about survivors of the camps in Japan during the second world war. Although fiction, they are both based on fact, very difficult reading in places. I found them a very compelling read.

Last night was a good night on TV for a change, we have been watching The Halcyon. Its the last part next week, intriguing trying to work out what is going to happen and if there will be another series. We also watched Island Parish based on Anguilla. They are still showing Nigel Farrell as the idea behind the series.....he has been dead for a number of years. We knew him when we lived in Hampshire, his pal Nippi had the local post office and general store in Bentley. At that time he had a series based on life in the village.

Sausage, mash and baked beans tonight, the remains of the rhubarb sponge for dessert.

Monday, 13 February 2017

What a difference a day makes

Woke up to blue skies and bright sun. Changed the bed, laundry on the line and a second load in, there is a breeze so I should get both lots reasonable dry.

Monday and Friday clean done with help from DB, he loves the Dyson, not moaning but he does miss bits. Shattered now. Will spend the rest of the day on the settee apart from instructing DB in the delicate art of making dumplings and cooking them in the beef stew, he just needs to do some veg, calabrese and cauli, there are carrots in the stew. I plan to write everything down for him, mind you he probably will never use it. 

I finally managed to fill in the form for attendance allowance yesterday, DB has posted it..........to be signed for, we will wait and see what happens.

I have to admit I admire Hester and her husband for going ahead and doing what they want to do in their retirement, Hester's blog is on my sidebar. How I would love to be a fly on the wall when she gives in her notice. I am keeping everything crossed that the survey will go well. The narrow boat looks in good nick if the photographs are anything to go by. Here's to them spending the summer cruising on the canals.

No plans for anything this week, might go into town on Thursday will probably need fruit then.

The sponge topped rhubarb took ages to cook yesterday, there is enough for at least 3 more days small helpings.

Waiting for the fabric to come for the applique bits on the play mat, once it comes I can get on and get it finished. update the fabric has arrived so I am going to spend tomorrow sewing.

Supper tonight, beef stew and dumpling, rhubarb sponge for dessert.

I know someone will ask me for the dumpling recipe.....

for 2 people

3 levelish tablespoons of SR flour.

1 slightly heaped tablespoon of vegetarian suet.

1 heaped table spoon of sage and onion stuffing.

Water to mix.

Add salt and pepper to the mix in a bowl. I add enough water to make a sticky dough. The stuffing absorbs water, so you may need to add a drop more after half an hour or so.

Heat your stew either in the oven or in a pan until bubbling. You have a choice you can use a spoon to make small dumplings, split into two large ones or just lob the whole lot onto the top of the stew. It needs about half an hour to cook the dumpling through, although little dumplings will take less time. Use the tip of a knife, puch it into the centre of the dumpling, if it comes out clean, its done, otherwise give it another few minutes and test again. I usually do mine in the oven in a terracotta dish, I spoon gravy over the top of the dumplings and cook at 200c for about half an hour, test in the same way with a knife.

Using sage and onion stuffing was something I started to do years ago when we did our 100 dishes made with mince, I used to add stuffing to the mince to make it go further. The stuffing seems to make a lighter dumpling and its very tasty.

The dumpling just going into the oven

Spoon the gravy over the top of the dumpling

Supper is served, beef stew, dumpling. ca;abrese and cauliflower.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Another Nasty Day

Our usual Sunday breakfast in bed. The sight that greeted us when I drew the curtains was not pleasant, fog, rain and grey lowering skies.

I had put a small load of laundry in, had to dry it in the dryer, not a chance of getting it dry outside.

Supper prepped, pork, roasties, roast celariac, carrots and cauliflower. I defrosted some rhubarb and put a sponge mix on the top of it for dessert, it will do us a couple of days.

DB went for his siesta, I lit the fire and read.

Afternoon tea in the process of being made, tea and hot cross bun.

I have decided to turn the double duvet into a roll cushion for the back of the day bed. Will have to have a trawl round to see if I can find a patterned sheet in the charity shops when I am next in town. I want something I can wash. I could may be use any extra fabric for pillow covers.

We are clear of hospital visits for a while now, so apart from going to see my quilting friend, no long car journey's. I might be able to keep the fuel consumption a bit more under control. DB has a call from the balance people in a couple of weeks to see how he is responding to the exercises and cutting back on the medication.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Ugghhh what a horrid day

I slept better last night although I did wake up a couple of times. It was after 9 am before either of us woke.

Its a horrid grey day, it keeps trying to snow but its not settling....no idea how cold it is have not opened the door to see and have no intentions of so doing.

I do have a load of white washing I really should do either today or tomorrow, its bed change on Monday so a big wash then.

We had a nice visit with my quilting friend, she has been very poorly but looks much better, she still has the cough but not as bad as it was. We enjoyed custard dough nuts with our tea and brought two home, we were very naughty and had them after our fish supper......

I was not too happy with the big plain spots in the play mat, I have managed to get some quilt labels which I am going to applique onto the mat in the open spaces. then it will get layered up and quilted, just going to do big sqiggles on it, enough to hold it together,

Visit to the Drs. last night, he thinks that the episodes last week were due to a virus, although how I got it is a mystery, he has upped my medication again. I had to smile he took my BP 3 times and each time it had gone up!! Nothing unusual in that, if the cuff was not so blessed tight it would be better. Still no word from the consultant. Hey ho.

Not doing much today the cleaning can wait. We had a call early this morning, our friends from the chapel, they are taking the service tomorrow morning, think they are trying to increase the numbers, doubt if we will make it. Sunday is our brekkie in bed and slow start day. We will see.

I have worn my brain out sorting out our finances, but its done, as long as DB sticks to it. I will be much happier when the money is back in the account. It is not easy when we have so many hospital visits and car parking fees. He earnt £50 from doing surveys so he is going to have to use that cash to pay for the wood etc for the garden. We do not need seeds, but there are a couple of lots of plants he wants to get, celeriac is difficult to germinate so we will buy plants, I am still using up last years crop. He has been putting money in his savings account to pay his bowls fees which are due next month, and he will give me some cash towards the petrol for our trip to Essex in April. The rest of the money for our holiday I have managed to scrape together in the holiday account we keep in the bank.

Supper tonight is a semi fry up, bacon , grilled, eggs, tomato  and my take on fried bread. 

Friday, 10 February 2017

Finances - light at the end of the tunnel....

OK I am going to be very boring and talk about finances.

Moving 3 times in 2 1/2 years did nothing for our financial situation, you will remember I had to sell my precious Janome 12000 to fund the move from the flat less that 5 months after we moved in. Thanks to my dealer I now have a situation where I have replicated the 12000 but with 2 machines, that has its advantages.

When we were lucky enough to get the tenancy here at the bungalow I had to raid locked up savings which cost me lost interest, ok not much but interest just the same.

By the end of May, hopefully, the money will have been replaced and we will be able to start putting a bit more cash away. Its difficult to know where to put it in these negative interest days, I am closely following Martin Lewis at the moment. He advocates changing your bank account to one that 'rewards' you for using it. We have had our present bank account for a number of years, up to present I have kept it because we have a fee free overdraft for a decent sum, and in the past this has saved us. The way our money comes in is not like having a wage where it all arrives in a lump sum at the months end. We get 2 pensions paid in on a Monday weekly, DB has 2 employer pensions, one comes in 20th  the other on 26th of the month. I also have 2 pensions one employer and one private I paid into when I was self employed, one on 10th and the other on the 12th. All our bills mostly go out at the beginning of the month, others are scattered through the month, so there are times when the account has dipped into the red. I find the old Money accounting site invaluable, I am able to forecast what is going to happen and when and make adjustments if necessary.

No more.....I have spent ages working out so that we do not 'dip into the red' then we can change to an account that rewards us, not the other way round. I am also going to look for a new credit card. Its not used very often, but there are times when its handy, and yes, it always gets paid off in full at the end of the month.

I also want to have an emergency fund, there will come a time when one or the other of us may well need it. I am going to have to get some advice about the best way to do it. Another job for the guru's on Martin Lewis's web site.

We are as frugal as we can be, but I refuse to be cold, going without decent food is also a no no. Your health depends on what you put into the engine.  OK we may have slipped a bit at times, but it has been good food not rubbish.Thanks to the rise in food prices I have had to increase the HK to £120 a month which is not bad. I managed on £100 for a long number of years.

Yes my hobby is an expensive one, but I try to pay for things from my allotted pocket money and any money earned from doing surveys also goes into it. DB put his into the veg garden and his bowls. He can be a naughty boy at times wanting things and I find it hard to say no, but I do say no. He leaves the finances to me, I really hope he never has to deal with them..........

Its a very cold day, we have had occasional snowflakes drifting by the window, but its more likely to rain.

Off to see my quilting friend this afternoon.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

No fog, no frost but its blooming cold

The forecast for last night was way out, neither fog or frost when we got up, but it was bitter out.

We set out for Bingham, library, ironmongers, got nails and red shallots there, a quick run through the market and Aldi.

I had a small shopping list for our neighbour, we got everything for her bar the prunes in juice. Our shopping came to £40.00+ sofar I have spent £80 from my HK. but we only have 2 weeks to go to the end of this month. I should manage to stay within budget.

When we got home it was trying to snow, not that it lasted long. Its very dark and grey.

Soup is on the hob for lunch, there is just enough left for tomorrow. I had a shepherds pie in the freezer, we are having it with carrots and calabrese, I will make extra gravy to go with it. One banana left will have it with some natural yogurt.

We have not had the new router yet, they have put back the date of the change to 28th, No engineers in this area apparently, they have to make an appointment so they had better turn up, otherwise there is going to be one grumpy lady here.

Not a good night last night. DB did not settle, when he did he woke at 5.30 with a coughing fit.....I do hope we are not going into another round of 'the cough'. At least I can go into the other bed now which is what I will be doing if it carries on.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


A quiet day after the last two fairly busy ones. I did not get to sleep till 3am, so feeling a bit like something the cat dragged in and forgot. A decent night tonight should soon put me right.

It was misty first thing, could not see the top of the hill we go up to get to the main road, it cleared a bit during the morning, but its still very cold, raw is a better word. We are so glad we got the heating done, it makes such a difference walking into a warm house.

I have managed to lay the 3 layers of the play mat on the table in the sewing room, not sure whether to pin it or spay it with 505 temporary adhesive........adhesive I think.

I put a load of colours in the washer, they are on the line, its going darker by the minute.....excuse me I will just nip out and fetch them in..................

Thats better, everything in and on the airer, I could feel spits and spots of rain although DB said it was not due to rain until later. We are expecting a frost tonight, so we have the windscreen cover on, we are off to Bingham in the morning, library, iron mongers and Aldi. My neighbour has been across with a list of bits from Aldi, she will be in if the new router comes tomorrow.

Apart from the washing and heating up soup for lunch I have not really done that much. Spent most of the day reading my last library book ready for it to go back tomorrow. DB has just got up after his siesta, hot cross buns and a cuppa await my attention.

I have had a quick walk round the garden, identified a few things that need cutting back a bit. The rock garden container needed stripping and replanting. We need to go to Moore's and pick up half a dozen alpine plants to replace the ones that have been in since we first planted them in 2010 at the cottage in East Linton.

The front needs a bit of weeding doing, once the weather fines up a bit I will try and get some of it done. 

Our neighbour whose garden abutts ours has had her conifer tree stripped, she is not having it taken down, she is going to plant a clematis to scramble up it. Our garden is so much lighter now as well it took a lot of light from the side bed.

When DB was at the meeting on Sunday he was talking to another neighbour who is a local historian, apparently the village lies at the bottom of Harby ridge and the water runs off the rdige down the hill into the village, that explains why our ground is so wet, it will get worse when they build the houses in the field off Harby Lane. Apparently most of the houses in the village built before the 2nd world war had a well in the garden and water from the well was pumped into the houses. I guess most of them have been capped.

Bacon fritatta, jacket spud and rocket salad tonight, last night spag bol was ok, the sauce was a bit wet, but it got eaten.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Tuesday - Market day

We left home in the mist, it was beginning to clear slowly, as we crested the hill into Melton the sun was just breaking through.

I went into Lidl, DB over to see if the plant  man was on the market. The car park was full but the store almost empty. The cashier said its always the same on Tuesday's, people use the car park to get to the market, they seldom go into the shop.

Freezer and fridge stocked up, no wholemeal bread flower, will have to see if I can get it at Aldi on Thursday.  The only lettuce they had was Romaine which I am not keen on so I got some wild rocket; they had cauli's and calebrese at reasonable prices.We also called at Morrison.

As we turned into the lane the sun was hitting the new cupola on the windmill in Long Clawson. It is no longer operational but it is kept in good condition by the farmer. The lanes at the edge of the villages are showing signs that spring is not far away, some of the trees are showing a greenish tinge and the verges on either side of the road have daffs beginning to peep through, the verges are a picture when they all come out. The bulbs were planted many years ago and have naturalised, they are gradually spreading along. Many of the farmers seem to have used the weather to get the hedges cut, it all looks very smart.

I bought 2 crusty rolls for lunch. DB had cheese and tomato, me? cheese and pickled beetroot, delicious, I could have eaten another one, but an trying to limit what I eat a bit, I want to loose a bit of weight so, although I will never look sylph like, I would like to look less rotund at DGD's wedding in October.

As we sat eating our rolls I noticed the silver birch in our friends garden, it looked so white against the blue sky. Soon it will be covered with green leaves

The bulbs in the garden are pushing through. the pulmonaria has put up new leaves, its the purple one, I have been looking for a white one for some time now....... I need to get out and cut back some of the shrubs, because of the weather in the autumn they did not get done.

I am feeling a bit better this week, I hope it continues.

Last night supper was ok, tonight its spag bol and garlic bread, can he mess that up? We will see.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Tribute to my friend..............

Barbara Anne and I met through another blog 10 years ago. We share a love of quilting and we had both had nursing experience, me in the UK, she in the US.

Through the 10 years we have shared many things, her parents in law were living next door when I first started corresponding with her, sadly they have both died, although Barbara was not a great fan of her FIL the whole family worshiped AMIL, she was a really lovely lady.

Barbara has several medical problems, but she never fails to comment on my blog most days, I must admit I do get concerned if I do not see a comment for a couple of days, but its usually because she has not been feeling too good.

You may remember the quilt I won first prize with at the local show 2 years ago, quite a lot of the fabric came from Barbara which is why I called it my friendship quilt. My other quilting friend Kathy made the applique top border, that quilt is so precious to me.

Thank you Barbara from your friendship over the last 10 years, and may it go on for another 10. You are a very special lady. I doubt we will ever meet in the flesh which is a great shame.

I ended up sleeping on the day bed last night. DB had the wriggles and was driving me slowly round the bend, so out I got, It really is a comfortable bed and does not take long to warm up.

DB was at the meeting last night, the plans for the 25 new houses has gone ahead and we have to find land for another 25 by 2020. The builders have to put a new road in, the village roads are so narrow, it will be difficult to get large loads into the site on Canal Lane. The local school has a very good reputation and has the capacity to take another 50 children. At the moment children are brought in from the surrounding villages. Several of the top class children got places at Grantham Grammar School last year.

Monday clean has been done, kitchen floor washed, we changed the duvet cover on our bed, I had a feeling it was the wrong cover, when I measured it I was right, so off it came, into the washer and it's on the line. A clean cover put on. I also made soup for 3 days lunches, spag bol sauce for tomorrow night supper and have a loaf on. Crackered now.

Today is the mobile library day, so new books. Shopping to do, the freezers are very empty. I am also hoping to go and see my quilting friend on Friday. I have an appointment at the Drs for the results of my blood test late Friday afternoon, so we can call on the way back. I need to talk to him about my BP, the last 2 days I have not gone for a rest after lunch, spent the time reading on the settee and have been fine.

OH getting supper tonight, eggs, wedges and beans, should be interesting!!!

Sunday, 5 February 2017


Our usual fruit, croissant and coffee Sunday breakfast in bed.

I was in the kitchen making scones and prepping the lunch when I heard an 'ooffhh' DB sprawled on the floor in the sitting room, as usual not looking where he was going he had caught his foot on the settee and graced the floor. No way was I picking him up, so he had to get himself up, I made sure he was alright and left him to it. Pride hurt more than him.

I cooked the chicken breasts for lunch with roast potato's, cauli and calebrese and a sauce made with a drop of brandy, chicken stock and the remains of a pack of garlic cream cheese. 

DB went for his siesta, I lit the fire and sat reading until he came through, then we did a freezer audit and I did the menu and shopping list for the rest of the month. We have done quite well considering......plan to go to Aldi on Thursday and take our books back to the library.

Reminiscent of last Sunday it has been foggy for most of the day, it did lift a bit in the early afternoon, but soon came down again.

I did not go for a rest this afternoon, I think that's when my BP goes down and causes problems when I get up again, I have been ok so far today.

DB is going to the meeting at the village hall shortly, so I will have half an hour or so to myself.

Saturday, 4 February 2017


Another really nice day, the sun was shining when I drew the curtains back, so the new duvet and fitted sheet were in the laundry and out on the line.

DB gave the car a badly needed wash, it was filthy with all the mud from the roads round here, an occupational hazard where we live. We also measured the deep beds for the wood, I have worked out what we need, jst need to sort out the cash for it, DB wants to get 2 done before we go away on holiday in April.

I am still not feeling quite right, wondering if its the increased medication sending my BP down too low, will have to ask the Dr. next week. I did manage to do the Friday clean, did a bit and then sat down did a bit more.......... I have also hung the new net in our bedroom. Opened the windows for a bit too, just to get some fresh air in the place.

 The pork and bean casserole was done in the pressure cooker yesterday, so it just needs re-heating and thicken the gravy. Mash, cauli and calebrese with it. There are big articles in the papers today about the shortage of salad stuff. I am sorry but no way am I spending almost £2 on a lettuce, we will either go without or find a substitute, maybe spinach or rocket.

There is a meeting tomorrow evening about the plan for the village, DB is going, so we will eat at lunchtime, I will make some scones and we will have sandwiches for tea. I might even stir myself enough to make a tray of brownies.

We have managed without shopping so far, but we will have to go one day this coming week. I have plenty of potato's but we are running short of fresh veg. I still have 2 celeriac in the coal house they will get used up over the next couple of weeks. I need to do a freezer audit and work out menus for the rest of February.

Friday, 3 February 2017


Drs this morning to get a blood test  done and collect our medication. Our neighbours were out having a walk round the square. I arranged with B to take the electric blanket back to Dunelm and get a credit note for it. We had an early lunch and shot off to Dunelm. I bought a kingsize duvet cover and a fitted sheet, a new net curtain for the bedroom and cafe net for the bathroom and kitchen and came home with a credit note for the electric blanket.

On the way home from Dunelm, we called in the timber merchants to price up the wood for the first deep bed and also the woodchips to make the paths between the beds.

Back home the chap came to tighten the screws on the gate, it had dropped a bit. A two minute job and its all done.

No Friday clean done, it will have to be done tomorrow and the kitchen on Sunday.

I did manage to get the coloured wash dry on the line, aired it off on the airer, so all the laundry completed, although I will need to wash the new duvet cover and sheet before I put them on the bed.

It is our anniversary at the end of this month, we are planning to go to The Harborough for Sunday Lunch, will be taking DD2 with us for a treat. We have been together 28 years in October but married for only 20.

Thursday, 2 February 2017


Thankfully I had a better night last night, but ended up in bad again after lunch, there are days when I really am so tired.

I did manage to get laundry half dry outside, finishing it off on the airer. I have another load to go in tonight but the forecast for tomorrow is not so good.

We have to go to the Drs tomorrow I need another blood test, we need to pick up prescriptions and also go to the post office.

DB cleaned the car inside this morning, judging from the muck that was in the hand held dyson it was not before time. The outside could do with being done now.

I got some sliced ham out of the freezer, the veggies are done, need mustard sauce to go with it.

The repair chap came this morning and sorted out the window catch in the bathroom and also re sealed the casing round the pipe work in the bathroom, so thats a good job done.

It looks as if I will be able to hang off going shopping till next week, just need to find something for Sunday lunch, there is a meeting about the village plan on Sunday evening so we will eat at lunch time.

No sewing done, I need to clear the table to layer up the quilt for the expected baby, hope to get that done and partially quilted over the weekend.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

First the wind, now the rain

It has rained for most of the day.

I had a really bad night, I was drinking tea at 1am, fell asleep around 3am, did not hear DB getting up.

We went round the the little chapel for coffee, some of the regulars were missing, but still a lively group.

I have managed to do the ironing from Monday, all the towels are now in the bathroom on the shelves in the boiler cupboard. I have emptied the drawer under my side of the bed, the spare bed linen is in the cupboard, the two sets of linen for our bed is in the drawer. I still have one duvet cover to alter down to a single.

DB managed bacon frittata, jacket spuds and a side salad tonight, quite simple really to cook, but he does need to co-ordinate the finishing times a bit better. Not complaining though. Not sure what we are having tomorrow night, I need to have a root through the freezers and see what we can find. I am hoping to put off going shopping till next week.

I have not done much today, after I finished the ironing I sat reading. DB went for his siesta.

Tomorrow I need to sort out a load of laundry from the dirty clothes basket and get them washed. I think it will have to go in the dryer, the weather forecast is not good.