Sunday, 15 January 2017

Wet Sunday

We took the drawer unit back to Argos, they did not have another one in stock so we have to wait for them to get one in, I need to go and collect it after I get a message on my phone.

This is what the chest should have looked like

This is what it did look like, the top 4 struts were missing so not all the drawers would go in.

We decided to go to DD2's for a quick visit and cup of tea, by the time we came away it was chucking it down, so the road home had a lot of surface water which was pooling in the dips in the road. The view we had last night was sadly obliterated by mist.

Quick lunch and DB went for his siesta, whilst I puzzled over the furniture in the sewing room once more. Why is it I could replan DD2's kitchen in a flash, but cannot see my way round my own sewing room?

Fire relaid will probably lit it later this afternoon. I plan to spend a couple of hours reading on the settee......

Supper is prepped just need to cook it. We may well be eating on trays tonight, there are a couple of programmes DB wants to watch which cut across supper time.

No dessert, we did have a crumble last Sunday which lasted a couple of days.

It has been a miserable wet afternoon, the curtains are drawn, shutting the weather out, supper is on..............

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  1. What a bother that Argos didn't have another complete chest of drawers so you could get it today rather than wait. In my sewing room, I have two wooden chests of drawers, one free from a friend decades ago and the other a family piece that's also old. Both are sturdy and have been painted as their finishes were awful when we first got them. I wonder if you could find something similar that would be inexpensive and also would serve you longer and better than plastic would? Just a thought.

    Isn't it annoying when your imagination can see the perfect way to arrange or rearrange someone else's home but not your own? I'm right there with you as I have the same problem. Bother! Wishing you inspiration!

    I'm about to have a sit down to read, too, as I've been too busy and am tired.



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