Wednesday, 18 January 2017


I spent a lot of yesterday trying to sort the back bedroom/sewing room. That carried on today after we got back from DB's appointment at the hospital. They want him to gradually cut down his medication so that the exercises can retrain his ears and brain,

I had to use the dryer for the laundry as it was very dull, as we drove into the city it started to rain, and it has never stopped.

DB went for his siesta, I carried on trying to sort the bedroom, I had an idea about the machine/table, I will see how it works out, there is an option to change it round if I feel its not working, there is plenty of room for the bed, there will be a decent gap between the end of the bed and the book case.

I have an appointment to get my hearing aid sorted and return the drawer with the bashed in bottom. I need to go to Lidl as well for some fresh fruit and veg.

R & J are coming a bit later so we can go and fetch the back and mattress for the day bed. I have just realised I need to get a single duvet, when we had the single bed I used a double duvet on it, I still have the covers so guess I may be altering a couple of duvet covers from doubles to singles.

Once everything is done I will take a couple of pictures. Then I need to get on with the babies quilt/play mat out of the way. Last year I made the blocks for another quilt for our bed, I plan to get that finished this year, but it will have to go away for it to be quilted on a long arm machine.

Pork casserole for supper tonight, with potato's and veg.

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