Thursday, 19 January 2017


Very grey and wet this morning, another load part dried in the dryer.

I spent the morning sorting out the stuff from the quilting group, I am going to make the blocks either into table runners or casserole mats, 9 blocks will make 2 runners and 3 mats. The room is almost straight, the chap we bought the bed from is coming tonight to put it up. I went through the sheets etc and have found 2 single sheets and 2 double and 1 single duvet covers. I am going to cut down one of the doubles, will use the single one as a pattern, I will need either a big table or the floor.

DB has sat and read for most of the morning, we are having an early lunch so DB can get a siesta and then into town I need to go to Lidl, we will leave the car there and walk into Argos. I ordered a duvet, pillows and 2 pillow cases, message this morning to say they have not got the pillows so I need to look and choose a different pair.

Shopping completed, we were at the hearing clinic just before 4pm. The techie has sorted out my hearing aid again for me and its working fine. So I can now hear what people are staying.

We were back by 5pm but I had phoned D to say to leave it till next week, hopefully he will come on Monday.

We got the broken drawer  replaced so now I can fill it and get rid of a couple more drawers hopefully.

Bacon fritatta for supper with salad.

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  1. So glad your hearing aid is working properly once again! What an annoyance for it to be on the fritz.

    You've had another busy day and am glad you have the replacement drawer now and found sheets and a duvet suitable for your single bed. How satisfying it will be to have your sewing room set back to rights. Hope the new storage and bed are a delight!

    Love the plans you have for the blocks left over from the quilting group. I wish you well in cutting one of the double duvet covers down to use on the single bed. Perhaps your duvet covers are better made there, but the ones I've seen and used here don't stay put very well. Perhaps I'm a restless sleeper?



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