Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The morning after the day before.

Well the scan is now in the past, but my brian does not accept that its over.........

I had a sleep in the afternoon and went to bed early, kept waking up all night and seeing the inside of that 'thing'. This morning I am really tired. DB brought me breakfast in bed and I did not put a foot to the floor before 10 am. I do not think my heart like the intrusion to its regular beating.....I broke sweat peeling spuds this morning.

I was asked yesterday why I cooked the supper, if I had not I would have ended up with either more soup or a burnt fry up. DB is of the very old school where the wife's job is to cook. He is useless. I tried teaching him how to cook simple things.....forget it. he did, in about 20 minutes. He can make a salad, burn fried eggs and bacon and that about it!!

I need to have a very frank talk with him when I have had the appointment with the consultant.!!

Its a lovely bright, but very cold morning, DB has been to the post office for the TV Choice and to draw some cash.

I will be going for a rest this afternoon, supper is prepped, beef stew, spuds, brussel sprouts and carrot. 

I am waiting for the fabric to back the quilt for my next GGson due in March. DB passed the postman on his way home, he has a parcel for me, so guess thats the fabric....I can get on with it after I have finished the table  mat.

Barbara, you asked about how I had quilted the mat, yes I quilted it straight onto the wadding, I used embroidery stitches on the machine, and they tend to be a bit untidy on the back, so I put the backing on after I have done the main quilting and just quilt in the ditch to hold it down.

Thank you for all the good wishes and comments after I got home yesterday, the bruise on my right arm is spectacular, the left wrist one not so bad, I do not think it helped that I had the BP cuff on my right arm, still its all done and dusted now.


  1. You really are an amazing woman. I echo please rest each afternoon - it will do you good. How long will you have to wait to see the consultant?

    If DB is unable to cook I hope he does the dishes, clears the table etc.


  2. I'm sorry you're feeling a bit haunted by the MRI machine but I know a few people who have also dreamed of that huge machine after their procedures. Hope you rest well when you need to during the arvo and enjoy your new bed!

    Your usual routine of prepping for dinner early in the day has served you well, but I so agree that DB needs to get his act together to learn a few things about cooking for himself and for the two of you. Lower heat and watchfulness will end the burnt problem, but that should be common sense!! :)

    Ta for your good explanation of your quilting method!

    Am off on yesterday's errands soon.



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