Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Thank goodness that's over!!

Thank you to everyone who sent me good wishes for the scan today, I do appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Well thank goodness that's over. I thought  I was going to be in that machine for ever. Over an hour, then I had to go and get my pacemaker reset. DB found a wheel chair and kept hold of it. I did manage to walk from the hospital entrance to the car.

Home we had soup and toast. I repaired to the day bed, DB woke me at 4.30. I managed to do cheese frittata and jacket spuds for supper, back in bed now, wiped out. I did not have the sedative, I just shut my eyes and tried to pretend I was at the sea side. The injection of drugs was not exactly thrilling, but I survived with a huge purple and blue bruise on my right arm. I must admit I wondered if the radiologist was trying to do away with me when she forget to tell me to 'breath normally'.

It was frosty when we set off, so time taken on the twisty roads we have round here, by the time we got out of the hospital the sun as shining and the frost gone.

The report from the scan will go to my consultant, I guess then I will have to go in and see what's what and if anything needs doing about it. I am hoping I am not going to have to face an operation.

Back tomorrow.


  1. Well done, take care and rest up for a couple of days. Hope the news from the Consultant is good.

  2. So pleased to hear that you're back home safe and sound - Rest up now and take it easy for a while xx

  3. I was glad to see this post from you and that the MRI is over and done with, your pacemaker is working as it should, and you're home, well fed and no doubt ready for a good nights' sleep.

    Our 4 day rain is over at last and we've seen a day of sunshine, blustery wind, and warmer temperatures. Odd for January.

    I had intended to go to the grocery and library today but instead have been running a fever and feeling extra tired. Bother!


  4. I do hope the results are good for you. Why were you making the meal?!

  5. Well done, you have been very brave. I do know what it is like to have a medical procedure that is so frightening. I had a heart monitor where they inject you with radio active dye and then your heart starts to race and you get angina. So to have all that done to you takes a lot of guts I think you are my heroine. Try to rest and take to your day bed if you have to, but get your strength back and relax. Hope you have a good nights sleep and tomorrow is another day. Lots of love Andie xxx

  6. Glad you are ok. I am a chicken...would have taken the sedatives!

  7. You must be so relieved to have that over with. Now rest up and enjoy your sewing....Barb


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