Sunday, 22 January 2017


A heavy frost last night, it looked like it had snowed. It has eased a bit now, but its blooming cold out.

Friday clean has been done this morning, I lit the fire yesterday afternoon so cleaned and re set it. Doubt we will light it today, but we will see.

I thought I was going to christen the day bed last night, OH started to wriggle, I was just about ready to go through when he fell asleep.

I have ordered the fabric to back and bind the quilt from Doughty's of Hereford, they had some nice fabric reduced. I should get it by the middle of the week, then I can layer it up and quilt it. Job done.

What am I going to tackle next? well whilst I was changing round the room I found two test pieces of machine quilting. I am thinking of making them into a large zipper bag. It will not need lining, so should be quick to do. I also have the fabric cut out for a smaller zipper bag so going to do that as well. Then I plan to get out the blocks I made for the quilt for our  bed. I need to cut the plain blocks and corner triangles and lay it out. I am not going to attempt to quilt it myself, it will go to a long arm quilter to be done. 

The lamb for supper smells delicious and its not even started roasting yet. Need to do the veggies to go with it. I did buy 4 bananas when I went shopping, so we will have a banana and yogurt for dessert.

We have the chiropodist coming tomorrow so will do the Monday clean after she has been. We are also expecting medication to be delivered sometime tomorrow too.

DB commented this morning that there were birds on the feeders, we have had fat balls out for a while, the message seems to have been passed the time I got to the window they had gone.

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