Friday, 13 January 2017


Looking out of the front window the view up the hill is covered with a sprinkling of snow, it was snowing when DB got up. The sky is still very grey, I suspect there is more to come.

I had an anonymous comment yesterday re the title of my blog, it seems they think it's nothing to do with the country, well sorry mate, what I post is my life in a small village......get over it!! We are no where near urban here.

The appointment for my scan has come, it's for 24th, I will need my big girls knickers on.........they are going to switch my pacemaker off to do the scan.

I found a day bed on our local Gumtree site yesterday, it's black, but beggars cannot be choosers, it will save me a shed load of cash if it's ok. Hoping to go and see it tomorrow on the way to my quilting friends.

The snow has cleared but it's still very cold, the wind is not helping.....the grey sky has also gone, we have blue with some white clouds scudding past. I lit the fire whilst oh was having his siesta.

The freezers and shelf unit have been moved and the dryer is now under the small table. I just have to sort out the big table and put all the mess on the floor put away.

Off out to the Drs shortly to get my blood results and pick up some medication I ordered.

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