Thursday, 12 January 2017

Snow, I don't think so

We were forecast snow for today, it has not arrived......forecast changed last night. Apparently it has snowed as far down as Durham.

DB did not have his siesta yesterday, we were ages at the opticians and then I needed to go shopping, in case it snowed, so he was worn out last night, fell asleep more or less straight away, so a peaceful night for me too. After 3 mornings of feeling really ropey, I do not feel so bad this morning, mind you I am still in bed!!! Will see how I feel when I get up.

We had a measure up in the sewing room yesterday, DB decided I could not get the day bed in. Last night I went back with the measure and by turning the two freezers round on the window wall I could get in the length, it was just the width, inspiration struck, re purpose one of the shelf units into the airing cupboard and get another of the drawer sets from Argos, I will free up several plastic boxes that have fat quarters in which we can use for other things. I will mark the drawers so, I know what's in each drawer. The top of the drawers will act as a bedside cabinet with a lamp on.

Moving the tables round will also mean that I can cut in the light from the window as well as sew. I will have less room to cut out but I have managed with less before, I can do it again. The table in the kitchen can always be used if  it's a big project.

My sewing room. The two freezers are going to be turned sideways, the tables moved over to stand next to the freezers.

The table the machine is on will be folded up, the small table will go over the dryer and the embroidery machine on the tableThe sewing machine will go on the larger table.

I just need to sort out what I need as far as a day bed goes, If I am going to sleep on it I need a decent mattress.

I have to take our electric blanket off and send it to be serviced, it will be back to 'hotties' for a couple of weeks.

Mixed veg frittata for supper tonight with salad, nice and simple. Will prep it ahead of time, so I just have to start the frittata off  before putting it in the oven.

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