Saturday, 28 January 2017


That's the little machine gone to a new home, the lady that came for it is delivering it to her friend tomorrow. I gave her a comprehensive demo, she asked me how long I had the machine, I told her almost 2 years but it had only been used 17 times. Off she went with it and I am £275 richer!! It will be on its way into the bank on Monday, I have plans for it.

Plans for tomorrow have changed, we are going into Leicester to have breakfast with Mrs Bucket and BIL. They will set off for home from there, so I have put the stuff I bought into the freezer. We will have to get up early, and I doubt we will need any lunch, she is paying......DB thinks there is something up with her, she is a Scot through and through. We will see, doubt any more of the family will still be there, Guess they will have started for home either today or first thing in the morning. It will have been a huge lunch if all the children and grandchildren went, there would have been at least 20 of them.

It been a reasonable day, it did rain for a while this morning but it has cleared up and we have a bit of blue sky. OH says its warmer than it has been.

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