Saturday, 21 January 2017


My goodness what a change in the weather!! It was raining and very cold when we set off to Bingham to change our library books, It has not improved all day.

There was water streaming across the road in Langar, the water board people were there, and it was one way traffic. The fields were empty This part of Leicestershire is largely a milk and beef production area, there are some farms with sheep, and I guess they are in for lambing. There are also free range pigs living in huts and foraging freely.

 The hunt was out this morning, we saw the horse boxes but although there were people on the lane as we came home there was no signs of the hunt itself. DB did go to see if he could see anything but was back in a few moments.

This afternoon I undid and resewed the block for the play mat, it is now sewn together, I have batting but need something to back it with.

I laid it out on the bed, it needs a good press with the stean iron before I add the wadding and backing. I am going to do big squiggles on it. Its a double nine patch, not too keen on it, doubt if I will use the pattern again. If I find it being used for the dogs bed, I will be really annoyed.

Liver and sausage for supper tonight, I bought some bananas, think I will slice one up and put some yogurt on, DB can have some sugar on his, he is not keen on natural yogurt.

Did not need to use the new bed last night, DB went out like a light. Whats the betting now I have the daybed he will be ok???

Still no cleaning done,  ight tackle it tomorrow, will see how I wake up.


  1. At least you have somewhere to lay your (beautiful) handiwork !

  2. That play mats beautiful Anne and really special xx

  3. I love the pieced Double 9 Patch playmat and its fabrics. Looks great when I enlarged the photo, too! Hope you have fun with the squiggly quilting stitches.

    Oh, I'm fairly certain you'll make good use of the single bed one night soon or for a delightful nana nap!

    We have a damp cloudy day with mizzle just now. The lamps are on so we can see what we're doing. I hope to make several mug rugs but am not feeling so chipper. I may sit and read or perhaps cut some batting.

    Your menu is one I'll politely decline as I do not like liver at all. Ta anyway! :)


  4. I like the design of your play mat. It was very beautiful.

    - Gustavo Woltmann


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