Monday, 30 January 2017

Murky Monday

Not a nice morning, its very grey although no rain so far, I changed the bed linen its washed and have part dried it, rolled everything up to keep it damp until tomorrow. Bathroom curtains have been taken down, I need to turn them up a bit, going to put a double hem on so should hang a bit  better. Hopefully DD1 will put them back up whilst she is here tomorrow.

The lady who bought the Elna machine is delighted with it. She has got a bargain.

My friend P called round to thank me for getting her glasses to her last week whilst she was ill. She had been into the shop to thank DD2, the reply was 'well mum is happy to do anything she can to help' true but she does volunteer me for some real rank jobs at times, like when she told the organiser of a show that was being put on at Church, Oh, my mum will make the girls dresses!! landed me with 14 dresses to make. Fortunately they were empire line, so I just needed to measure and alter the tops a bit, the skirts were just straight. I was able to use fabric from the market, got a discount when I told them what the fabric was for. I had a grand time rummaging through the fabric on the stall.

Supper tonight roast lamb from the freezer, DB said he would like a roast dinner, his word is my command. 

Feeling much better this week, have not got my full mojo back, doubt I ever will, but I am managing better.

DB had gone for his siesta, I am going through to press up the hem and sew it on the bathroom curtains. I also have 2 pairs of curtains that need a sight press as well. Once I have dome them its sit down for the rest of the afternoon apart from cooking the supper.

Now I am not so tired I need to have a serious talk with DB......he does need to step up to the mark a bit more, he does not know it yet but he is getting a baptism of fire tomorrow, if he does not cook it there will be so supper tomorrow night!!

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