Monday, 23 January 2017

Murky Monday

First of all I must apologise, two people sent me comments yesterday and they have not recorded on the comments section, not sure why not, but thank you for them.

We have freezing fog this morning, not nice, I hope its better tomorrow we will be travelling into the hospital on the back of the rush hour. I the Chiropodist came this morning so we have comfortable feet again. It costs me around £200 a year, but DB's nails are too thick to cut and I cannot see my feet even with my glasses on!!

I have done the Monday clean, just sliced the last of the meat from yesterdays delicious lamb shoulder and there is a pan of scotch broth on the stove. We will have the lamb tonight with a jacket spud and celery and tomato salad.

We both had a bad night, I ended up making tea and it was 3am before the light went out, I am planning on have a sleep after lunch on the day bed, I have put a hot water bottle in to air it.

Yesterday I quilted the dresden plate, I now have to put the backing on and bind it, I found some fabric which will do fine, the lady the mat is for had a liking for purple, so purple it is. I have enough fabric to cut bias strips to bind it with, We will see her next week sometime so I will give it to her then.

I tried out the day bed this afternoon, I was exhausted after a bad night, I have to report the bed is very comfortable and I had a decent nap, so quite happy with our purchase. In total  the bed plus a duvet and 2 pillows cost me just under £100. Had I gone down the new daybed route, it would have been closer to £300. I did hoover the mattress on both sides and sprayed it before the bed was made up.

Tomorrow I have my MRI scan, to say I am nervous is putting it mildly, the thought of them turning my pacemaker off fills me with dread. No tea or coffee after midnight, caffeine affects the way the drugs they will be giving me work and cloud whats going on. I may not post tomorrow, depends how I come out of the scan.

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