Monday, 16 January 2017


A dark grey rainy day,  yyuukkkkkk it has not stopped raining all day and its cold as well. We cannot see the hills today the mist is so low.

Monday clean done, I steam cleaned the wet room and kitchen floors, changed the bed and the laundry was part dried and then put on the airier. Shattered after that.

Message to say that the replacement chest was in, so off we went, picked it up and then went to see Richard and Joy, they were back from their mission to the Gypsies in Kent, they left at 4 am this morning to get home.

A pleasant hour spent with friends, tea, cake and plenty of chat. Richard has agreed to collect the back and mattress for the day bed for us on either Wednesday or Thursday evening, result!! I just have to ring and firm up the arrangements later this evening. Then I need to sort out how to put it together.

DB has an appointment at the local hospital tomorrow. Wednesday is the balance clinic and then I have an appointment with the audio techie at Melton on Thursday, so a week of trips out in the car.

Nursery supper tonight, mince mash, cauli, calebrese and carrots,real nursery food, DB loves it.


  1. You shame me with your wonderful cleaning schedule...mine consists of doing it only if guests are coming! Which is why I invite people over every couple of weeks!! I have to say, the weather over there sounds awful. I live on the west coast of Florida so we have mostly sunny days but really hot and humid during the summer. I will try and send some sun to you! Good luck with all of your doctor appointments.

  2. So glad to hear that the replacement chest was available today and that you and DB went to get it. Lovely to have your friends so ready to help get the other parts of the bed to your bungalow, too! Love the photo.

    It's amazing to me you had the energy to do all of that after your cleaning this morning. Well done!

    Hope you have pretty weather tomorrow and that all is fine with the upcoming medical appts.



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