Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Lazy lieabeds

DB had an appointment this afternoon for a gastroscopy to see if they could find anything that was affecting his swallow......so 6.45 am saw me making porridge and toast for breakfast in bed. DB settled down to sleep afterwards, I was reading, it was 10am before we managed out of bed.

Set off at 12.30 so we were in good time for his appointment at 2pm. I left him there, having parked the car in the car park and took the bus into town, I have been wanting to get some new scaffolding (bras) for a while, so JL it was. I managed to get 2 reduced from £41 each. I could do with a third so will go onto the website and order it.

I got back to the hospital at 3.30. No sign of DB, so I took my coat off and prepared to wait, it was 4 45 pm before he finally appeared, so it was driving home in the dark again!! They have not found anything wrong, so why he is choking is any ones guess. I will just have to cope with the palpitations I get when he starts to choke, he did it last night on a mouth full of sherry!!

I made a cheese fritatta and we have just eaten it, DB did not want anything else, I will have to make sure he drinks plenty this evening to make up for the drinks he has not had all day.

I am crackered......all that walking I cannot do it any more. I was glad of the wait for DB so I could get my breath back.

Tomorrow is the coffee morning at the chapel, so we will have a wander round and see who is there.

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