Saturday, 7 January 2017

Grey damp day

Late up this morning, slept in till after 9 am.

Once up and breakfasted I started on the sitting room and kitchen, all done sparkly now. Soup for lunch from the pot full I made yesterday, enough left for tomorrow.

Was shattered when I had finished, had to sit down and cool off.

DB went for his siesta after lunch, I started a new book last night, I can hardly put it down, very interesting. So the settee was graced with my presence for an hour.

Cauli and broc gratin for supper, gratin is made just have to re-heat it and crisp the top. Jacket spuds and baked tomato with it, yum yum.

DB was chopping kindling for an hour this morning, he also dug a couple of leeks and another celeriac, I need to clean it off and peel it, we will have some roasted with potatoes for supper tomorrow night. 

No plans for tomorrow, depends on the weather forecast for Monday if I put a laod of laundry in tomorrow night. It will either dry on the line or on the airer.

I lit the fire earlier on this afternoon, it was getting chilly in the sitting room, it seems to be sulking a bit after the chimney being swept......too a while for it to burn up, well on the way now though.

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