Friday, 27 January 2017


Shocking night last night, still awake at 3 am, Had a message from SIL saying that they are spending the weekend in Leicester and will call on the way home to Newcastle on Sunday. So panic mode........

Once I got my butt out of bed the sitting room was bottomed and I hoovered the bits off the kitchen floor. I also went up the steps to the attic to get the sewing machine box down, I have sold the Elna I used for the quilting group, its in excellent condition and sews like a dream. The lady who is buying it lives in Derbyshire, but her friend is coming tomorrow to have a demo and collect it. Its easy to use no real problems with understanding how it works. I worked out I had used it 17 times since I bought it. I just have the wheeled trolley bag to sell now.

I gave the little machine a good going over, checked it was working ok and that I remembered the principal points of using it. I have sorted out different types of fabric to use when I demo it, its a really versatile machine.

A quick trip to Aldi at Bingham after lunch, no nap for either of us. I got some shopping for our neighbour whose husband is ill. No skin off my nose we were going anyway. She was so pleased with the daffs I bought her yesterday.

Fish, wedges and peas for tonight, I took some Cinnamon apple out of the freezer yesterday, we had it with yogurt, enough left to have tonight.

I spent a while last night sewing down the binding on the dresden plate, have about a quarter of it still to go.

Blogger is driving me nuts trying to post a photo....I will try again shortly.

The bruise on my arm where the cannula went it, its not quite as livid as it was.

I have always been a bleeder, and they often have a problem finding a vein, I have one on my left wrist but its not nearly so bad.


  1. Sals right - that's a definite Ouch! It looks painful - take care Anne xx

  2. Goodness, your bruise is impressive and I agree with Sais and Trudie: OUCH!

    It's wonderful you've sold the Elna and the buyer is lucky to have a friend who will pick it up and take a lesson from you!

    How kind of you to get groceries for your neighbor as well as those cheery daffodils!

    I was without my computer for hours today after a very brief electrical outage caused it to malfunction. DS2 to the rescue!


  3. Horrible bruise, you poor thing. Like you I always bruise badly even when I only have to give a little blood for tests.


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