Friday, 20 January 2017


We were just watching Pointless when the door bell rang. It was D he had been home for a cup of tea and then come out to us. It did not take him long to put the day bed together. He would not accept anything. It is unusual in this day and age when everyone is so money minded.

I made the bed up early in the evening between watching TV programmes, so this morning, once I got my body out of bed, I sorted the rest of the stuff and put it away. I ironed the bed linen from Monday so once its aired it too will go away.

No Friday clean done, will do it tomorrow along with the kitchen.

Looking into the room from the door.

Looking back towards the sewing machines.

The day bed

Towards the back of the room, the freezer in its new position with the bookcase moved into the corner and the new set of plastic drawers, the cutting table is in the middle of the floor. It may not stay there, will see how I get on with it there. It gived me the full table to cut on rather than having half of it covered with my sewing machine.

The machine is still on its table, if I do find that the arrangement is too restrictive I will have to move the cutting table over and use the machine on that. The table is a horn hideaway, it collapses right down for storage, the small unit at the side was in the kitchen, it has been replaces by the small freezer.

We had a very hard frost, but it is a wonderfully bright clear day. DB was out doing odd jobs in the garden sweeping up leaves etc and also chopping some more wood for the fire.

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