Monday, 9 January 2017

Early Start

TV chap due around 9 am, so we set the alarm, good job, he was early.

The ariel was fine the TV needed tuning which he did, cost me £10 but its done, first channel on was demo'ing quilting stuff, DB not happy!!

Meters read and readings entered, we should get a bill in the next 10 days so I can see how the gas payment is working out.

Not feeling too clever this morning, so taking it steady, hope there is nothing nasty going on....... I may go back to bed later, will see how I feel. Tonights supper is easy cold chicken mash and the gratin that was left from Saturday. I think DB can boil spuds and microwave the gratin OK.

Rain forecast for later so the laundry is in the dryer and the window open to let the steam out, will go through shortly and put the next lot in. Have another load to wash tonight, tomorrow is supposed to be better, but there is very cold weather on the way. Glad I stocked up whilst we were at Aldi last week. I have enough main course food in the freezer to last us a month, so should be ok.

Wet room floor needs a scrub, it gets yellow very quickly, we have very hard water and it soon stains. Will do a quick whip round the basin, toilet and the bedroom. I need to get the council to come and put more sealant on the casing of the overflow from the boiler, I can see places where there are holes, do not want water getting behind and affecting the wall.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of Nicks funeral, a quiet day was called for.

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