Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Coffee Anyone?

It was the coffee morning round at the chapel, we were a bit late getting there, our usual group was there, so lots of chat.

I looked across at DB at one point, he was nodding off, so walked him home and he is now in bed, I think its the residue of the sedation from yesterday. They really did not want to give it to him because of his age, but he insisted. So I guess I am going to have to put up with this until it clears his system.

It has turned out to be a bright day, blue sky and the sun is belting down, not warm though there is a cooling breeze.

I will light the fire this afternoon and then clean it out tomorrow ready for the sweep on Friday, the grate seems to hold the heat for quite a while, I often find the ash can is still quite warm to the touch.

No plans for the day, will be repairing to the settee shortly to read until DB decided its time to come through and have the soup I will have to reheat for him.

Fry up tonight, bacon, egg, tomato and fried bread........we had cheese fritatta last night so need to sort out something not cheese for tomorrow. Will swap something from next week

I need to get someone in to look at our  TV ariel, I want to watch something on Freeview, I have the cables connected but the ariel is not responding, wonder if the gas people disturbed it sorting out the heating.

Library and Aldi tomorrow, will do a full shop, then can just top up next time we have to go to the library.

We had a phone call yesterday to say the mobile library was not coming, its coming next week, a problem with the van apparently.

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