Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Blustery....make that windy day

Raining when we got up and the wind is something else, things are going every which way outside, it seems to be coming from all four directions at once!!

DD1 due this morning, had a message from her last night her husbands firm have gone into liquidation.......he will not find it easy at 57 to get another job. DGD's wedding plans will have to be revised I guess. DD1 has a good job, so he will not get any benefits not sure about redundancy though, I think he will only get the minimum although he has worked for the firm for a number of years. He was on a golfing holiday in Spain last week, when the news came out.

I have pressed the curtains that I want hanging, the pair that are in the back bedroom need to come down and go in the front room so the big curtains can go to be cleaned. I guess its going to cost me an arm and a leg.......

Bruises from last week are beginning to fade, I am glad its behind me, just have to wait now for the appointment to see the consultant and find out what they have decided.

Just had a mad hour and a half, DD1, SIL and DGD arrived. SIL sorted the shelves in the bathroom whilst DD1 sorted out all the curtains, so we now have thermal lined curtains in the sitting room, the other curtains can go to the cleaners.

Discussions about the forthcoming arrival and the wedding. SIL is not bothered about his redundancy, the firm he worked for are not the firm that have gone bust, but a company who took over the warehouse some ime ago. They are moving to Barnsley, so SIL will get his redundancy. Its impossible to drive to Barnsley and back to carry on, so he is going to look for a couple of local driving jobs.

It was nice to see them all.

DB went for his siesta so missed all the fun, he came through just after they had all gone. Veg for supper sorted, just need to re heat the beef stew and cook the veg. We finished the last of the cheesecake last night, so banana tonight.

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  1. Am glad that DD1 has a good job to see them thru the unwelcome redundancy but I do wish your SIL well during this uncertain time. How nice they could all come to visit and to do helpful tasks while there!

    Sunny and a bit warmer here so it was a lovely day. I swept the bird seed off of the porch where I'd put it when we had snow a couple of weeks ago. The birds are used to finding the seeds there and were still coming looking for more food yesterday. I don't feed them when the ground is clear.

    Visit 1 from the real estate lady this arvo with a view toward getting the house next door sold. Help!!!!! :0



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