Monday, 2 January 2017

After the rain

We had rain all day yesterday, overnight we had a very heavy frost, I would not want to be on the roads today they will be like glass. The sun is now belting down, but boy is it cold outside.

Bed stripped, almost ready to go out on the line, will have to finish them off in the dryer later. Meters read, need to re lay the fire and re make the bed, thats it for today.

We have got hooked on jigsaws on the computer, they may be small but boy are some of them complicated. It took me over an hour yesterday to do a small 150 piece one.

Not a good night last night DB could not settle, we were drinking tea at 1.30 am. It always does me in the next day, it was after 3am before I got back to sleep.

Supper tonight gammon and salad, I will have to venture to a super market at some point this week, I need fresh fruit. we are ok for everything else, I need to just focus on what I am going for and not look at other things. Always a temptation!!

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