Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Blustery....make that windy day

Raining when we got up and the wind is something else, things are going every which way outside, it seems to be coming from all four directions at once!!

DD1 due this morning, had a message from her last night her husbands firm have gone into liquidation.......he will not find it easy at 57 to get another job. DGD's wedding plans will have to be revised I guess. DD1 has a good job, so he will not get any benefits not sure about redundancy though, I think he will only get the minimum although he has worked for the firm for a number of years. He was on a golfing holiday in Spain last week, when the news came out.

I have pressed the curtains that I want hanging, the pair that are in the back bedroom need to come down and go in the front room so the big curtains can go to be cleaned. I guess its going to cost me an arm and a leg.......

Bruises from last week are beginning to fade, I am glad its behind me, just have to wait now for the appointment to see the consultant and find out what they have decided.

Just had a mad hour and a half, DD1, SIL and DGD arrived. SIL sorted the shelves in the bathroom whilst DD1 sorted out all the curtains, so we now have thermal lined curtains in the sitting room, the other curtains can go to the cleaners.

Discussions about the forthcoming arrival and the wedding. SIL is not bothered about his redundancy, the firm he worked for are not the firm that have gone bust, but a company who took over the warehouse some ime ago. They are moving to Barnsley, so SIL will get his redundancy. Its impossible to drive to Barnsley and back to carry on, so he is going to look for a couple of local driving jobs.

It was nice to see them all.

DB went for his siesta so missed all the fun, he came through just after they had all gone. Veg for supper sorted, just need to re heat the beef stew and cook the veg. We finished the last of the cheesecake last night, so banana tonight.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Murky Monday

Not a nice morning, its very grey although no rain so far, I changed the bed linen its washed and have part dried it, rolled everything up to keep it damp until tomorrow. Bathroom curtains have been taken down, I need to turn them up a bit, going to put a double hem on so should hang a bit  better. Hopefully DD1 will put them back up whilst she is here tomorrow.

The lady who bought the Elna machine is delighted with it. She has got a bargain.

My friend P called round to thank me for getting her glasses to her last week whilst she was ill. She had been into the shop to thank DD2, the reply was 'well mum is happy to do anything she can to help' true but she does volunteer me for some real rank jobs at times, like when she told the organiser of a show that was being put on at Church, Oh, my mum will make the girls dresses!! landed me with 14 dresses to make. Fortunately they were empire line, so I just needed to measure and alter the tops a bit, the skirts were just straight. I was able to use fabric from the market, got a discount when I told them what the fabric was for. I had a grand time rummaging through the fabric on the stall.

Supper tonight roast lamb from the freezer, DB said he would like a roast dinner, his word is my command. 

Feeling much better this week, have not got my full mojo back, doubt I ever will, but I am managing better.

DB had gone for his siesta, I am going through to press up the hem and sew it on the bathroom curtains. I also have 2 pairs of curtains that need a sight press as well. Once I have dome them its sit down for the rest of the afternoon apart from cooking the supper.

Now I am not so tired I need to have a serious talk with DB......he does need to step up to the mark a bit more, he does not know it yet but he is getting a baptism of fire tomorrow, if he does not cook it there will be so supper tomorrow night!!

Sunday, 29 January 2017


It was frosty when we went out to the car, so we had to scrape the windscreen etc before we set off. The sun was shining in the vale but once we got to the top of the hill it was freezing fog, so a slower trip till we got to the main road.

SIL & BIL had just arrived for breakfast, so our timing was good. We enjoyed a full english breakfast, DB had black puddin', no me. 

We sat and chatted for over an hour, it was getting close to the time for the tables to be reset for lunch. We said our goodbyes and set off for the new home of the Fabric Warehouse. I manged to spend £35, had already filled the car with £30 of diesel.

Coming home we called to DD2's she had been at my grand daughters baby shower yesterday, they had a good time, apparently the baby will be able to change clothes 3 times a day till he is 2!!

Home DB went for a short siesta, I got my book, lit the fire and settled down for an hours reading.

We had rain most of the way home and its is still very dark and overcast. I put bath towels in the washer when we went out, will put them in the dryer for a bit and finish them off on the airer.

Pork steaks for supper, I prepped the veg before we went out, so just have it to cook, good night on TV tonight so we will be eating a bit earlier. We did not need anything else to eat after our breakfast.

I had a very nice note from the lady that has bought my little sewing machine, she said her friend who collected it wished she had bought it...... it will be at its new home later this afternoon.

I need to get myself together DD1 is coming on Tuesday to do some jobs, I need to turn up the bathroom curtains before she comes, then they can be put back up. I also need to have a consultation with her about the curtains on the sitting room......so need to hang them up for the creases to drop out. I am not sure if DGD is coming with her, if she does I will have to hide the play mat until she has gone.

Saturday, 28 January 2017


That's the little machine gone to a new home, the lady that came for it is delivering it to her friend tomorrow. I gave her a comprehensive demo, she asked me how long I had the machine, I told her almost 2 years but it had only been used 17 times. Off she went with it and I am £275 richer!! It will be on its way into the bank on Monday, I have plans for it.

Plans for tomorrow have changed, we are going into Leicester to have breakfast with Mrs Bucket and BIL. They will set off for home from there, so I have put the stuff I bought into the freezer. We will have to get up early, and I doubt we will need any lunch, she is paying......DB thinks there is something up with her, she is a Scot through and through. We will see, doubt any more of the family will still be there, Guess they will have started for home either today or first thing in the morning. It will have been a huge lunch if all the children and grandchildren went, there would have been at least 20 of them.

It been a reasonable day, it did rain for a while this morning but it has cleared up and we have a bit of blue sky. OH says its warmer than it has been.

Friday, 27 January 2017


Shocking night last night, still awake at 3 am, Had a message from SIL saying that they are spending the weekend in Leicester and will call on the way home to Newcastle on Sunday. So panic mode........

Once I got my butt out of bed the sitting room was bottomed and I hoovered the bits off the kitchen floor. I also went up the steps to the attic to get the sewing machine box down, I have sold the Elna I used for the quilting group, its in excellent condition and sews like a dream. The lady who is buying it lives in Derbyshire, but her friend is coming tomorrow to have a demo and collect it. Its easy to use no real problems with understanding how it works. I worked out I had used it 17 times since I bought it. I just have the wheeled trolley bag to sell now.

I gave the little machine a good going over, checked it was working ok and that I remembered the principal points of using it. I have sorted out different types of fabric to use when I demo it, its a really versatile machine.

A quick trip to Aldi at Bingham after lunch, no nap for either of us. I got some shopping for our neighbour whose husband is ill. No skin off my nose we were going anyway. She was so pleased with the daffs I bought her yesterday.

Fish, wedges and peas for tonight, I took some Cinnamon apple out of the freezer yesterday, we had it with yogurt, enough left to have tonight.

I spent a while last night sewing down the binding on the dresden plate, have about a quarter of it still to go.

Blogger is driving me nuts trying to post a photo....I will try again shortly.

The bruise on my arm where the cannula went it, its not quite as livid as it was.

I have always been a bleeder, and they often have a problem finding a vein, I have one on my left wrist but its not nearly so bad.

Thursday, 26 January 2017


Feeling a bit better this morning so decided to go into town and get my glasses and pick up my friends glasses as well.

Walking through to go back to the car we met our neighbour who was struggling with full shopping bags, so we brought them home for her. She had a couple of other jobs to do otherwise we would have brought her home.

After lunch I went and laid down on the day bed, was just dropping off when the door bell went, by the time I got to the door there was no one there......

I prepped the veg for supper before we went out, so have just cooked the mince and have the dough balls ready to go in.

Its bitterly cold minus 3 in the wind, I was glad I had my windproof  coat on.

Finished sewing the binding on the round mat, just need to sew it down and give it a good press. I have the fabric for the play mat, so that's the next project, will have to clear the sewing table to layer it up.

Supper tonight is mince and dough balls with carrots and brussels. If we have dough balls we do not have potato.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The morning after the day before.

Well the scan is now in the past, but my brian does not accept that its over.........

I had a sleep in the afternoon and went to bed early, kept waking up all night and seeing the inside of that 'thing'. This morning I am really tired. DB brought me breakfast in bed and I did not put a foot to the floor before 10 am. I do not think my heart like the intrusion to its regular beating.....I broke sweat peeling spuds this morning.

I was asked yesterday why I cooked the supper, if I had not I would have ended up with either more soup or a burnt fry up. DB is of the very old school where the wife's job is to cook. He is useless. I tried teaching him how to cook simple things.....forget it. he did, in about 20 minutes. He can make a salad, burn fried eggs and bacon and that about it!!

I need to have a very frank talk with him when I have had the appointment with the consultant.!!

Its a lovely bright, but very cold morning, DB has been to the post office for the TV Choice and to draw some cash.

I will be going for a rest this afternoon, supper is prepped, beef stew, spuds, brussel sprouts and carrot. 

I am waiting for the fabric to back the quilt for my next GGson due in March. DB passed the postman on his way home, he has a parcel for me, so guess thats the fabric....I can get on with it after I have finished the table  mat.

Barbara, you asked about how I had quilted the mat, yes I quilted it straight onto the wadding, I used embroidery stitches on the machine, and they tend to be a bit untidy on the back, so I put the backing on after I have done the main quilting and just quilt in the ditch to hold it down.

Thank you for all the good wishes and comments after I got home yesterday, the bruise on my right arm is spectacular, the left wrist one not so bad, I do not think it helped that I had the BP cuff on my right arm, still its all done and dusted now.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Thank goodness that's over!!

Thank you to everyone who sent me good wishes for the scan today, I do appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Well thank goodness that's over. I thought  I was going to be in that machine for ever. Over an hour, then I had to go and get my pacemaker reset. DB found a wheel chair and kept hold of it. I did manage to walk from the hospital entrance to the car.

Home we had soup and toast. I repaired to the day bed, DB woke me at 4.30. I managed to do cheese frittata and jacket spuds for supper, back in bed now, wiped out. I did not have the sedative, I just shut my eyes and tried to pretend I was at the sea side. The injection of drugs was not exactly thrilling, but I survived with a huge purple and blue bruise on my right arm. I must admit I wondered if the radiologist was trying to do away with me when she forget to tell me to 'breath normally'.

It was frosty when we set off, so time taken on the twisty roads we have round here, by the time we got out of the hospital the sun as shining and the frost gone.

The report from the scan will go to my consultant, I guess then I will have to go in and see what's what and if anything needs doing about it. I am hoping I am not going to have to face an operation.

Back tomorrow.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Murky Monday

First of all I must apologise, two people sent me comments yesterday and they have not recorded on the comments section, not sure why not, but thank you for them.

We have freezing fog this morning, not nice, I hope its better tomorrow we will be travelling into the hospital on the back of the rush hour. I the Chiropodist came this morning so we have comfortable feet again. It costs me around £200 a year, but DB's nails are too thick to cut and I cannot see my feet even with my glasses on!!

I have done the Monday clean, just sliced the last of the meat from yesterdays delicious lamb shoulder and there is a pan of scotch broth on the stove. We will have the lamb tonight with a jacket spud and celery and tomato salad.

We both had a bad night, I ended up making tea and it was 3am before the light went out, I am planning on have a sleep after lunch on the day bed, I have put a hot water bottle in to air it.

Yesterday I quilted the dresden plate, I now have to put the backing on and bind it, I found some fabric which will do fine, the lady the mat is for had a liking for purple, so purple it is. I have enough fabric to cut bias strips to bind it with, We will see her next week sometime so I will give it to her then.

I tried out the day bed this afternoon, I was exhausted after a bad night, I have to report the bed is very comfortable and I had a decent nap, so quite happy with our purchase. In total  the bed plus a duvet and 2 pillows cost me just under £100. Had I gone down the new daybed route, it would have been closer to £300. I did hoover the mattress on both sides and sprayed it before the bed was made up.

Tomorrow I have my MRI scan, to say I am nervous is putting it mildly, the thought of them turning my pacemaker off fills me with dread. No tea or coffee after midnight, caffeine affects the way the drugs they will be giving me work and cloud whats going on. I may not post tomorrow, depends how I come out of the scan.

Sunday, 22 January 2017


A heavy frost last night, it looked like it had snowed. It has eased a bit now, but its blooming cold out.

Friday clean has been done this morning, I lit the fire yesterday afternoon so cleaned and re set it. Doubt we will light it today, but we will see.

I thought I was going to christen the day bed last night, OH started to wriggle, I was just about ready to go through when he fell asleep.

I have ordered the fabric to back and bind the quilt from Doughty's of Hereford, they had some nice fabric reduced. I should get it by the middle of the week, then I can layer it up and quilt it. Job done.

What am I going to tackle next? well whilst I was changing round the room I found two test pieces of machine quilting. I am thinking of making them into a large zipper bag. It will not need lining, so should be quick to do. I also have the fabric cut out for a smaller zipper bag so going to do that as well. Then I plan to get out the blocks I made for the quilt for our  bed. I need to cut the plain blocks and corner triangles and lay it out. I am not going to attempt to quilt it myself, it will go to a long arm quilter to be done. 

The lamb for supper smells delicious and its not even started roasting yet. Need to do the veggies to go with it. I did buy 4 bananas when I went shopping, so we will have a banana and yogurt for dessert.

We have the chiropodist coming tomorrow so will do the Monday clean after she has been. We are also expecting medication to be delivered sometime tomorrow too.

DB commented this morning that there were birds on the feeders, we have had fat balls out for a while, the message seems to have been passed on.........by the time I got to the window they had gone.

Saturday, 21 January 2017


My goodness what a change in the weather!! It was raining and very cold when we set off to Bingham to change our library books, It has not improved all day.

There was water streaming across the road in Langar, the water board people were there, and it was one way traffic. The fields were empty This part of Leicestershire is largely a milk and beef production area, there are some farms with sheep, and I guess they are in for lambing. There are also free range pigs living in huts and foraging freely.

 The hunt was out this morning, we saw the horse boxes but although there were people on the lane as we came home there was no signs of the hunt itself. DB did go to see if he could see anything but was back in a few moments.

This afternoon I undid and resewed the block for the play mat, it is now sewn together, I have batting but need something to back it with.

I laid it out on the bed, it needs a good press with the stean iron before I add the wadding and backing. I am going to do big squiggles on it. Its a double nine patch, not too keen on it, doubt if I will use the pattern again. If I find it being used for the dogs bed, I will be really annoyed.

Liver and sausage for supper tonight, I bought some bananas, think I will slice one up and put some yogurt on, DB can have some sugar on his, he is not keen on natural yogurt.

Did not need to use the new bed last night, DB went out like a light. Whats the betting now I have the daybed he will be ok???

Still no cleaning done,  ight tackle it tomorrow, will see how I wake up.

Friday, 20 January 2017


We were just watching Pointless when the door bell rang. It was D he had been home for a cup of tea and then come out to us. It did not take him long to put the day bed together. He would not accept anything. It is unusual in this day and age when everyone is so money minded.

I made the bed up early in the evening between watching TV programmes, so this morning, once I got my body out of bed, I sorted the rest of the stuff and put it away. I ironed the bed linen from Monday so once its aired it too will go away.

No Friday clean done, will do it tomorrow along with the kitchen.

Looking into the room from the door.

Looking back towards the sewing machines.

The day bed

Towards the back of the room, the freezer in its new position with the bookcase moved into the corner and the new set of plastic drawers, the cutting table is in the middle of the floor. It may not stay there, will see how I get on with it there. It gived me the full table to cut on rather than having half of it covered with my sewing machine.

The machine is still on its table, if I do find that the arrangement is too restrictive I will have to move the cutting table over and use the machine on that. The table is a horn hideaway, it collapses right down for storage, the small unit at the side was in the kitchen, it has been replaces by the small freezer.

We had a very hard frost, but it is a wonderfully bright clear day. DB was out doing odd jobs in the garden sweeping up leaves etc and also chopping some more wood for the fire.

Thursday, 19 January 2017


Very grey and wet this morning, another load part dried in the dryer.

I spent the morning sorting out the stuff from the quilting group, I am going to make the blocks either into table runners or casserole mats, 9 blocks will make 2 runners and 3 mats. The room is almost straight, the chap we bought the bed from is coming tonight to put it up. I went through the sheets etc and have found 2 single sheets and 2 double and 1 single duvet covers. I am going to cut down one of the doubles, will use the single one as a pattern, I will need either a big table or the floor.

DB has sat and read for most of the morning, we are having an early lunch so DB can get a siesta and then into town I need to go to Lidl, we will leave the car there and walk into Argos. I ordered a duvet, pillows and 2 pillow cases, message this morning to say they have not got the pillows so I need to look and choose a different pair.

Shopping completed, we were at the hearing clinic just before 4pm. The techie has sorted out my hearing aid again for me and its working fine. So I can now hear what people are staying.

We were back by 5pm but I had phoned D to say to leave it till next week, hopefully he will come on Monday.

We got the broken drawer  replaced so now I can fill it and get rid of a couple more drawers hopefully.

Bacon fritatta for supper with salad.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017


I spent a lot of yesterday trying to sort the back bedroom/sewing room. That carried on today after we got back from DB's appointment at the hospital. They want him to gradually cut down his medication so that the exercises can retrain his ears and brain,

I had to use the dryer for the laundry as it was very dull, as we drove into the city it started to rain, and it has never stopped.

DB went for his siesta, I carried on trying to sort the bedroom, I had an idea about the machine/table, I will see how it works out, there is an option to change it round if I feel its not working, there is plenty of room for the bed, there will be a decent gap between the end of the bed and the book case.

I have an appointment to get my hearing aid sorted and return the drawer with the bashed in bottom. I need to go to Lidl as well for some fresh fruit and veg.

R & J are coming a bit later so we can go and fetch the back and mattress for the day bed. I have just realised I need to get a single duvet, when we had the single bed I used a double duvet on it, I still have the covers so guess I may be altering a couple of duvet covers from doubles to singles.

Once everything is done I will take a couple of pictures. Then I need to get on with the babies quilt/play mat out of the way. Last year I made the blocks for another quilt for our bed, I plan to get that finished this year, but it will have to go away for it to be quilted on a long arm machine.

Pork casserole for supper tonight, with potato's and veg.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


A dry morning so the towels were on the line before we went out. They could not find anything wrong with DB's swallow, so I guess I just have to put up and shut up!!

I unpacked the second chest to find one bit had a piece missing and the bottom drawer was broken, the air was deep purple.....I have to go into Melton again on Thursday I will be taking the drawer back. We can park at Lidl and just walk down to Argos, I need to get fresh fruit, so a quick nip into Aldi as well.

We have emptied quite a few plastic boxes of fabric into the second chest, also two boxes of threads. I do have some complete reels of cotton, I might put them on ebay and see if I can get rid of them, they are the remnants of trips to the US. I know I am never going to use them up.

DB has gone for his siesta, he slept better last night with the heavier duvet on.

I have cooked some salmon for supper. DB has elected to have potatoes and green peas with it, so I will make a sauce from the liquor I marinaded it in.

I am planning to finish sorting the sewing room, just having a wee rest and I will go in and sort out whats left. The table is piled with various bits of stuff, I need to sort  it out and find somewhere for it, There is also the bed linen which needs ironing, apart from DB's occasional shirt, bed linen and table linen is all I iron these days. I can remember in long past days I used to iron towels and nappies and polish the toilet seat!!!

DB will help me move the two freezers. I have the side bits to the bed, so the top one can go in place, we can stand the back against the wall till we are able to get round to putting it together. both R & J are going with me to collect it, so I will just have to navigate.

One of the freezers is now in the kitchen, just could not squeeze it in. Still quite a bit of clearing up to do, may not get it done before the rest of the bed arrives, hey ho.........

Monday, 16 January 2017


A dark grey rainy day,  yyuukkkkkk it has not stopped raining all day and its cold as well. We cannot see the hills today the mist is so low.

Monday clean done, I steam cleaned the wet room and kitchen floors, changed the bed and the laundry was part dried and then put on the airier. Shattered after that.

Message to say that the replacement chest was in, so off we went, picked it up and then went to see Richard and Joy, they were back from their mission to the Gypsies in Kent, they left at 4 am this morning to get home.

A pleasant hour spent with friends, tea, cake and plenty of chat. Richard has agreed to collect the back and mattress for the day bed for us on either Wednesday or Thursday evening, result!! I just have to ring and firm up the arrangements later this evening. Then I need to sort out how to put it together.

DB has an appointment at the local hospital tomorrow. Wednesday is the balance clinic and then I have an appointment with the audio techie at Melton on Thursday, so a week of trips out in the car.

Nursery supper tonight, mince mash, cauli, calebrese and carrots,real nursery food, DB loves it.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Wet Sunday

We took the drawer unit back to Argos, they did not have another one in stock so we have to wait for them to get one in, I need to go and collect it after I get a message on my phone.

This is what the chest should have looked like

This is what it did look like, the top 4 struts were missing so not all the drawers would go in.

We decided to go to DD2's for a quick visit and cup of tea, by the time we came away it was chucking it down, so the road home had a lot of surface water which was pooling in the dips in the road. The view we had last night was sadly obliterated by mist.

Quick lunch and DB went for his siesta, whilst I puzzled over the furniture in the sewing room once more. Why is it I could replan DD2's kitchen in a flash, but cannot see my way round my own sewing room?

Fire relaid will probably lit it later this afternoon. I plan to spend a couple of hours reading on the settee......

Supper is prepped just need to cook it. We may well be eating on trays tonight, there are a couple of programmes DB wants to watch which cut across supper time.

No dessert, we did have a crumble last Sunday which lasted a couple of days.

It has been a miserable wet afternoon, the curtains are drawn, shutting the weather out, supper is on..............

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Busy Day

Up early, the cars and the gardens were covered in frost, but by the time we were ready to go out the frost had lifted. We passed several tractors cutting back hedges, they leave such badly damaged wood, so ugly to see, but in a few weeks the hedges will be coming into leaf again and the split and cut edges will be hidden.

Quite a few horse boxes passed us some going in our direction others passing us on the other side of the road. The hunts must have been out locally.

Once in the car park in melton DB went down to the opticians to put in my half price voucher, I was into Argos to pick up the  chest of drawers and the free shoe boxes, the sboxes were out of stock I have to go back in February to collect the, when new stock arrives. We got a chap to take the box to the car for us.

On then to look at the day bed, which was fine, except we could not get it all in the car. We brought part of it back with us, the mattress and back we will have to get collected.

Once home we unloaded the car and had a cup of tea. I started to put the chest unit together and very soon realised that part of it was missing, so tomorrow we have to go back and change it for one that has all the bits. I have taken a photograph, its on my phone, I need to look at the instructions to see how I can get it onto here.

After lunch we set off in bright sunshine to see my friend, as we travelled southwards it became obvious that they had a heavy rain shower, water spraying up off the roads.

A nice couple of hours spent in convivial company before we took the road home, as we journeyed along the A46 the sun began to set and turned the sky and clouds a delicate shade of pink, the night clouds coming in were mackerel, very grey. As we turned onto the road down to Long Clawson the whole of the Vale of Belvior in front of us it was a delicate shade of pink. The fields closest to us showed the spring crops starting to come through, fingers crossed the cold weather does not affect the growth. The towers of the two local churches were lit up. The view from the top of the hill is one I will never tire of looking at, one day, the mist which seems to be ever present will not be there and I maight just be able to get a photograph.

At night all you can see is the twinkling street light of Clawson, Hose and Harby, in the far distance the  warning lights for aircraft  on the tall chimneys of the power station and the lights in Langar.

Supper is on, the curtains drawn and the central heating keeping us warm, what more could you want???

Friday, 13 January 2017


Looking out of the front window the view up the hill is covered with a sprinkling of snow, it was snowing when DB got up. The sky is still very grey, I suspect there is more to come.

I had an anonymous comment yesterday re the title of my blog, it seems they think it's nothing to do with the country, well sorry mate, what I post is my life in a small village......get over it!! We are no where near urban here.

The appointment for my scan has come, it's for 24th, I will need my big girls knickers on.........they are going to switch my pacemaker off to do the scan.

I found a day bed on our local Gumtree site yesterday, it's black, but beggars cannot be choosers, it will save me a shed load of cash if it's ok. Hoping to go and see it tomorrow on the way to my quilting friends.

The snow has cleared but it's still very cold, the wind is not helping.....the grey sky has also gone, we have blue with some white clouds scudding past. I lit the fire whilst oh was having his siesta.

The freezers and shelf unit have been moved and the dryer is now under the small table. I just have to sort out the big table and put all the mess on the floor put away.

Off out to the Drs shortly to get my blood results and pick up some medication I ordered.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Snow, I don't think so

We were forecast snow for today, it has not arrived......forecast changed last night. Apparently it has snowed as far down as Durham.

DB did not have his siesta yesterday, we were ages at the opticians and then I needed to go shopping, in case it snowed, so he was worn out last night, fell asleep more or less straight away, so a peaceful night for me too. After 3 mornings of feeling really ropey, I do not feel so bad this morning, mind you I am still in bed!!! Will see how I feel when I get up.

We had a measure up in the sewing room yesterday, DB decided I could not get the day bed in. Last night I went back with the measure and by turning the two freezers round on the window wall I could get in the length, it was just the width, inspiration struck, re purpose one of the shelf units into the airing cupboard and get another of the drawer sets from Argos, I will free up several plastic boxes that have fat quarters in which we can use for other things. I will mark the drawers so, I know what's in each drawer. The top of the drawers will act as a bedside cabinet with a lamp on.

Moving the tables round will also mean that I can cut in the light from the window as well as sew. I will have less room to cut out but I have managed with less before, I can do it again. The table in the kitchen can always be used if  it's a big project.

My sewing room. The two freezers are going to be turned sideways, the tables moved over to stand next to the freezers.

The table the machine is on will be folded up, the small table will go over the dryer and the embroidery machine on the tableThe sewing machine will go on the larger table.

I just need to sort out what I need as far as a day bed goes, If I am going to sleep on it I need a decent mattress.

I have to take our electric blanket off and send it to be serviced, it will be back to 'hotties' for a couple of weeks.

Mixed veg frittata for supper tonight with salad, nice and simple. Will prep it ahead of time, so I just have to start the frittata off  before putting it in the oven.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Its Windy and freezing

Another bad start for me this morning, I have an appointment at the Drs on Friday I am going to ask him to see if he can hurry up my MRI scan.

It was blowing a hoolie and freezing cold so we decided to take the car, bite the bullet and pay the £2.60 for 3 hours parking.

I have had to have new glasses, bifocals which I hate, I have enough problems with a single pair of glasses two pairs would drive me nuts.

We arrived at the opticians at 1.30 it was 3.40 when we left. We went to Lidl and Morrison, so if the forecast snow arrives we will not have to go out........brilliant.

I am hoping to go to my quilting friends on Saturday, it is her birthday on Monday.

I prepped the cheese pie before we went out, so its on automatic pilot to be cooked for 6pm. The beans are on a low light on the hot plate.

Nothing done in the house today, might get a bit done tomorrow. Depends on how I get up in the morning. Its been taking me a couple of hours to get myself together when I wake. Thankfully I slept ok last night DB settled straight away, which was a welcome change.

I am trying to find enough room in the sewing room to either put in a single bed or a day bed, its not going to be easy.........one freezer too many. I am also going to sell the sewing machine and carry bag that I bought to take to the quilting group. I am no longer taking the class, so do not need the machine or the bag, my big machine will never go out of the house except to go back in its box to go for servicing.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

No rain may be snow???

The rain cleared yesterday afternoon, but it was still windy and milder. Its dry but overcast this morning, I have done a second load of laundry, the shower curtain is on the line but the rest is in the dryer, will finish it off on the airer.

Another bad night, DB was snoring and no way could I get him to turn onto his side, so just had to put up with it, I cannot see how I can get a single bed in my sewing room, I did wonder about one of those cushions that opens up into a bed, but I think even as a cushion it would be too big. I need to do some thinking and see if it is at all possible using a sleeping bag. I cannot realistically go on like this.

The library bus is due this afternoon, so all the books are sitting in the hall ready to go. We are also 'baby' sitting our neighbour whilst his wife goes into town. The library bus had to cancel last weeks visit as the bus broke down.

Bacon and egg tonight, I also want to prep a cheese and onion pie for tomorrow. We are going into town on the bus to get our eyes tested, it takes over 2 hours, I object to having to pay £1.60 + to park.

I know that we are still in winter, snow is forecast for later in the week, so I am glad we have stocked up with stuff and do not need to go out unless its really necessary. I know, however, that spring is on the way, around us the fields are being ploughed for crops to be sown, the bulbs in the tubs are starting to come through and the daffs the the back garden are also pushing up leaves.

We also saw  a few early lambs in the fields as we travelled to Bingham last week.

 DB has been out this morning and raked over one of the new beds ready for early sowings. I have kept the geraniums that were in the tubs inside on the window cill. I can use them for stock plants, by taking cuttings I also have collected seed which I will sow late next month, fingers crossed it will germinate.

Time to sort out some lunch, cheese and beetroot sandwiches, DB will have yogurt, I will have a couple of satsumas.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Early Start

TV chap due around 9 am, so we set the alarm, good job, he was early.

The ariel was fine the TV needed tuning which he did, cost me £10 but its done, first channel on was demo'ing quilting stuff, DB not happy!!

Meters read and readings entered, we should get a bill in the next 10 days so I can see how the gas payment is working out.

Not feeling too clever this morning, so taking it steady, hope there is nothing nasty going on....... I may go back to bed later, will see how I feel. Tonights supper is easy cold chicken mash and the gratin that was left from Saturday. I think DB can boil spuds and microwave the gratin OK.

Rain forecast for later so the laundry is in the dryer and the window open to let the steam out, will go through shortly and put the next lot in. Have another load to wash tonight, tomorrow is supposed to be better, but there is very cold weather on the way. Glad I stocked up whilst we were at Aldi last week. I have enough main course food in the freezer to last us a month, so should be ok.

Wet room floor needs a scrub, it gets yellow very quickly, we have very hard water and it soon stains. Will do a quick whip round the basin, toilet and the bedroom. I need to get the council to come and put more sealant on the casing of the overflow from the boiler, I can see places where there are holes, do not want water getting behind and affecting the wall.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of Nicks funeral, a quiet day was called for.

Sunday, 8 January 2017


We indulged in our usual Sunday breakfast in bed, so it was after 10 am before feet touched the floor.

Re laid the fire and prepped the veg for supper, also made a crumble for dessert. We have a freezer full of fruit, so I have made an apple and rhubarb crumble, will do us tonight and tomorrow, no desserts for the rest of the week.

DB went for his siesta, I got into his relaxa chair, put my feet up and read.

After yesterdays cleaning I am shattered today, so not doing anything, just reading and watching a bit of TV tonight.

Very cold and dank day, we did have a couple of bursts of blue sky and sun, but it did not last long. Forecast is for rain tomorrow so the laundry will have to be dried inside, either on the airer or in the dryer.

Library van is due Tuesday afternoon, it broke down last week. I need to nip round the corner and tell P, so she does not miss him. I can stock up with books again, have read 3 of the 6 I got at Bingham last week.

We have a visit to Melton on Wednesday, we are going in on the bus, just to see how we do, both have eye tests. I am not paying the outrageous parking charges.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Grey damp day

Late up this morning, slept in till after 9 am.

Once up and breakfasted I started on the sitting room and kitchen, all done sparkly now. Soup for lunch from the pot full I made yesterday, enough left for tomorrow.

Was shattered when I had finished, had to sit down and cool off.

DB went for his siesta after lunch, I started a new book last night, I can hardly put it down, very interesting. So the settee was graced with my presence for an hour.

Cauli and broc gratin for supper, gratin is made just have to re-heat it and crisp the top. Jacket spuds and baked tomato with it, yum yum.

DB was chopping kindling for an hour this morning, he also dug a couple of leeks and another celeriac, I need to clean it off and peel it, we will have some roasted with potatoes for supper tomorrow night. 

No plans for tomorrow, depends on the weather forecast for Monday if I put a laod of laundry in tomorrow night. It will either dry on the line or on the airer.

I lit the fire earlier on this afternoon, it was getting chilly in the sitting room, it seems to be sulking a bit after the chimney being swept......too a while for it to burn up, well on the way now though.

Friday, 6 January 2017


Up and off to the Drs for a blood test, made an appointment to go back next Friday to see if there is any problem with my liver.

Back home, it was breakfast, we were expecting the chap to replace the window handle in the bathroom, the chap arrived just before lunch, he sorted the window and also got the top of the pepper grinder, I could not shift it, no problem to the chap.

I cleaned out the fire grate ready for the sweep who is coming this afternoon.

When we went to bed last night it was freezing, this morning, no sign of frost, but it was still very cold. I was frozen when I got back from the Drs. the car did not get a chance to warm up, so it was a hot drink with the porridge.

Supper tonight fish and wedges, might do some peas with it.

No plans for this afternoon, the sweep is due at 3 pm so DB will be up after his siesta. I will put a load of washing on tonight, hope to get it dry tomorrow.

I need to have a search for a pair of blue check curtains, I made 2 pairs for the kitchen in the Haddington flat. One pair is at the large kitchen window, I know I have the other pair but where they are is something else. I want to put them up in the bathroom, I have a cafe curtain on there but could do with proper curtains.

Rain was forecast for later today, it has not arrived yet.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Jack Frost is here again

The car was covered in frost when we went out. We put the protection on the windscreen last night when the forecast showed frost and I am glad we did. The road had been gritted so the journey to Bingham was uneventful. The sun was shining but it was brrrrrr..

Library and shopping done we were back home in time for an early lunch. DB went for his siesta I ironed the bed linen from Monday, so thats ready to go away.

I have two pairs of socks on and my feet are freezing......looks like I am going to have to trip the central heating when DB gets up.

We were contacted by our holiday company this afternoon, the holiday we booked has been cancelled, so we have to choose to go somewhere else, no extra charge......I think this may well be the last holiday we take with this company. Looks like we may change to cottages for next year.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Coffee Anyone?

It was the coffee morning round at the chapel, we were a bit late getting there, our usual group was there, so lots of chat.

I looked across at DB at one point, he was nodding off, so walked him home and he is now in bed, I think its the residue of the sedation from yesterday. They really did not want to give it to him because of his age, but he insisted. So I guess I am going to have to put up with this until it clears his system.

It has turned out to be a bright day, blue sky and the sun is belting down, not warm though there is a cooling breeze.

I will light the fire this afternoon and then clean it out tomorrow ready for the sweep on Friday, the grate seems to hold the heat for quite a while, I often find the ash can is still quite warm to the touch.

No plans for the day, will be repairing to the settee shortly to read until DB decided its time to come through and have the soup I will have to reheat for him.

Fry up tonight, bacon, egg, tomato and fried bread........we had cheese fritatta last night so need to sort out something not cheese for tomorrow. Will swap something from next week

I need to get someone in to look at our  TV ariel, I want to watch something on Freeview, I have the cables connected but the ariel is not responding, wonder if the gas people disturbed it sorting out the heating.

Library and Aldi tomorrow, will do a full shop, then can just top up next time we have to go to the library.

We had a phone call yesterday to say the mobile library was not coming, its coming next week, a problem with the van apparently.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Lazy lieabeds

DB had an appointment this afternoon for a gastroscopy to see if they could find anything that was affecting his swallow......so 6.45 am saw me making porridge and toast for breakfast in bed. DB settled down to sleep afterwards, I was reading, it was 10am before we managed out of bed.

Set off at 12.30 so we were in good time for his appointment at 2pm. I left him there, having parked the car in the car park and took the bus into town, I have been wanting to get some new scaffolding (bras) for a while, so JL it was. I managed to get 2 reduced from £41 each. I could do with a third so will go onto the website and order it.

I got back to the hospital at 3.30. No sign of DB, so I took my coat off and prepared to wait, it was 4 45 pm before he finally appeared, so it was driving home in the dark again!! They have not found anything wrong, so why he is choking is any ones guess. I will just have to cope with the palpitations I get when he starts to choke, he did it last night on a mouth full of sherry!!

I made a cheese fritatta and we have just eaten it, DB did not want anything else, I will have to make sure he drinks plenty this evening to make up for the drinks he has not had all day.

I am crackered......all that walking I cannot do it any more. I was glad of the wait for DB so I could get my breath back.

Tomorrow is the coffee morning at the chapel, so we will have a wander round and see who is there.

Monday, 2 January 2017

After the rain

We had rain all day yesterday, overnight we had a very heavy frost, I would not want to be on the roads today they will be like glass. The sun is now belting down, but boy is it cold outside.

Bed stripped, almost ready to go out on the line, will have to finish them off in the dryer later. Meters read, need to re lay the fire and re make the bed, thats it for today.

We have got hooked on jigsaws on the computer, they may be small but boy are some of them complicated. It took me over an hour yesterday to do a small 150 piece one.

Not a good night last night DB could not settle, we were drinking tea at 1.30 am. It always does me in the next day, it was after 3am before I got back to sleep.

Supper tonight gammon and salad, I will have to venture to a super market at some point this week, I need fresh fruit. we are ok for everything else, I need to just focus on what I am going for and not look at other things. Always a temptation!!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

A Happy New Year

I hope the new Year is good to all my blogging friends.

We were in bed at our usual time, read until midnight and then settled down. No fireworks or drunks in the streets here. It was very quiet.

Its a dreich morning, 10. 30 and we have the light on in the sitting room. DB is going through his new diary updating details, I will tackle mine shortly.

No plans for the day, just quiet on our own as usual. I have the gammon I cooked yesterday to slice, we will have some tonight and tomorrow for supper, the rest will go in meal sized pack into the freezer.

We had our usual Sunday breakfast in bed, so have not been up all that long. I need to empty the ashpan and relay the fire. I lit it yesterday afternoon when DB go up after his siesta. two shovels of coal lasted until we went to bed.

We do have a couple of nice things to look forward to, a new great grand child in March, a little boy and his parents wedding in October. A case of the cart before the horse......a big surprise as she had been told she would need IVF to conceive.

Health wise we will just have to take what life throws at us as it comes. I have said I will no longer worry about DB, thats easier said than done, and like most men he does not acknowledge the fact that I am definitely not in the best of health and cannot do what I used to.

DB has just picked up the TV control to ring his sister!! Sat staring at it for a few seconds before he realised what he had done.