Sunday, 31 December 2017

Hogmanay 2017

In Scotland tonight is Hogmanay, when we enter a new year with new hope.

In previous years I have cleaned the house and done all washing and ironing up to date, not this year.......I do plan to change the bed, wash the sheets and dry them in the dryer but thats it.

Each day I feel slightly better but still find I need to rest after I have dome something. Hopefully it will gradually get better.

I am concerned about DB's short term memory, I asked him to do something earlier and he could not remember when I asked him, his Mother was the same in her later years, could remember 50 years ago, but not what she had for lunch. We will be going to see the Dr after New Year.

The village is very quiet, the occasional farm vehicle but apart from the dog behind us continually barking, nothing is stirring, mind you I do not know about the mouse!!

I would like to wish all my blog readers health, weath and happiness in 2018, for us........well we will have to take life as it comes.

See what Santa brought me, heaven help nanny's furniture when he gets the hang of that!!

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Another late start

It was well after 9am before we woke, so once again we are like the cows tail.

DB went up to the post office to collect the TV Choice and draw some cash, I managed out of bed when he got back. There is shepherds pie for supper. Used instant mash, its not too bad with grated cheese mixed in it.

The few decorations we had out were put away yesterday, I am trying to see how I can re home the dresser in the sitting room, the contents of the two drawers are going to pose a problem, all the drawers in the kitchen are full, we have not got that many just 4, but then we have not got many cupboards either. I have done some shuffling about in one of the cupboards and made some space. Resorted to my old trick of storing baking tins in the unused main oven on the stove. There will still be quite a bit to send to the charity shop.

DB has had one of his pension increases come through. £24 a year, still its better than a slap in the face with a wet kipper, although they will cut our benefits back......hey ho it will all start again in April when our Civil Service pensions go up. It will be June before we know exactly how much money we have to play with.

I need to bear in mind that our fixed rate fuel deal ends in April. I am going to change this time, we have been with SSE for a number of years, but I know we can save quite a bit if we change.

I heard from my niece today, her job is under threat with changes that the County Council are looking to make in the County, they have been told there will be redundancies at all levels......and 4 of the 5 centres in Melton will close. It does not bode well for the poorest families and those with problems, their access to advice is going to be very limited. I can see trouble ahead.........

Its a sunny day but DB tells me its very cold out, glad I am in the warm.

Someone enjoyed his Christmas lunch, most of its on his face!!

Friday, 29 December 2017


Not much change today. I slept till well after 10am, so a very late breakfast for me.

Its not a nice day, raining and very cold, not that I would know about that. DB went over to my neighbours he says it is bitter.

Yes I do have plans if DB dies before me. I will not be able to afford to stay here thanks to successive governments not making clear the implications of the married womens stamp, although I would be entitled to certain benefits, my pensions and the fact that I would be a single person in a 2 bedroomed property will limit them. The large garden would also tax me, I doubt I would be able to afford a gardener. One answer would be to put it down to grass, that would be expensive and I would still need someone to mow it for me. The car would have to go, so the obvious move to make is into a sheltered flat in the town, closer to my daughter.

We usually have fish on Friday for some reason, but tonight it will be beefburgers chips and beans, not that I will be having a lot of anything. I made  up a strawberry jelly with some of the frozen strawberries from the garden, better than lots of pastry.

I have a pile of ironing but it will have to wait, the bed needs changed, by that time there will be 3 lots of bed lien to iron. I hate ironing the huge duvet cover, but I hate creased bed linen more!! The new dryer has proved its worth just this week, just an hour and even a load of towels are dry........less for the bed linen.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Flu day

Like the good mother I am, the Dr was rung this morning. I have flu!! 2 weeks to be reasonable and 2 months before the full effects wear off!! OMG!!

Let me make one thing clear....... to the person who posted about DB. I am thankful that he was here and able to look after  me in his way, but it has brought home that without me to sort out his meals etc he is useless. He found it difficult enough the work the microwave with me standing watching him. The washer was another matter, he just did not get that at all. He does need to think seriously about his future if anything happens to me. 

I have already made my mind up about what I intend to do if he dies first, which I very much doubt. His mother was 96 when she died.

I did manage some chicken and rice last night, a poached egg for lunch, might brave some spag bol for supper, The sauce is defrosting.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017


Still not feeling as I should, get awful stomach pain if I try to eat anything and still have to keep close to the loo sorry TMI I feel dreadful, DD2 insists I get the Dr in tomorrow without fail.

I have exhausted the books on my tablet, and also library books, will have to have a search on borrow box for some more, will go nuts if I have nothing to read; there must be something in the 6000+ books that they have on there that I have not read.

Am sitting up for an hour whilst DB has his siesta, will be back to bed when he gets up.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017


ir is a number of years since we had such a lousy Christmas. I was taken ill on Saturday and have been in bed ever since, The Dr from 111 said it was way it has to have been viral, possibly encountered at Adli last week.

I am still in bed. DB;s Christmas supper was chicken salad, tonight he is having ham and jacket spud with tomato and celery salad.

One thing this has really brought home to me is how useless he is on his own........suggestions are going to have to be made about what happens if, heaven forbid, I slip off this mortal coil first. It is not fair to expect my children to look after him, after all he is not their dad.

It has not helped that his headache has ramped up, I am sure due to him getting stressed. The hospital was no help, I am going to ask the Dr if he can have a scan on his neck to see if that is the problem. Failing that I will have to seriously look at an alternative, maybe a chiropractor or somesuch. One thing is for certain we cannot carry on like this.

I hope all my blog friends had a good time with their families.

spoilt boy, when ever is he going to play with all those toys? and they were not all, more arrived later.

Sunday, 24 December 2017


Anne is in bed with the flu, normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Friday, 22 December 2017


The cleaners were on time and did their usual excellent job, we left at about 10 40 for a foggy journey into Leicester, A stop off at Wilkinson, they did not have the shower gel or the note books we were looking for. We will have a look in Boyes when we deliver DD2's presents from DD1 on Sunday.

Onwards to my quilting friend where we spent a very pleasant couple of hours, eating,drinking tea and putting the world to rights whilst catching up with the gossip.

We left for home about 3pm and although there was a bit of fog left we travelled home mostly in clear weather.

Once home, I put our shopping away and then went over to see B. she has not had a good week, she had a nasty cold at the beginning of the week, yesterday would have been her 71st wedding anniversary which had made her a bit tearful. I stayed and had a cup of tea, before going home to put our supper, fish, chips and peas on.

I managed to get a bag of SR flour which I forgot when at Aldi, so DB will get his mince pies. I will be making them tomorrow once I drag myself out of bed.

Tomorrow I will not be putting a foot out of bed until at least 9am.... I am very tired.

Thursday, 21 December 2017


Very dopy when I got up, but did improve as the morning went on. Sandwiches made, and also cooked the mine for tonight, I have run out of SR flour, so had to make the dumplings with baking powder, will have to see how it turns out.

Niece here for lunch, brought us some chocolate chip cookies, guess they will get eaten........we sat and chatted for an while. She was born after my MIL died so does not know much about the early family life, we caught up on a few things.

The new dryer arrived just after 11.30. I need to find a board for the top for the microwave to sit on, hoping that R has something in his vast Aladdin's cave he calls a work shop.

Out after the cleaners have been tomorrow, going to see my quilting friend for tea and chat.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017


Up and at em this morning, we were away just after 9am. First call Tesco for poppyseed crackers and dry cream sherry, then on to Aldi.

Home by 11am and shopping away, fridge and freezers are full. I was shattered and fell asleep on the settee whilst DB was having his siesta.

Mac and cheese for supper with jacket spuds and roasted tomato's.

Before it went into the oven.

Ready to eat yum yum.

Tomorrow my niece is coming for lunch, lentil soup prepped, will do tuna and cucumber and egg mayo sandwiches, fresh fruit for dessert if needed.

Wrapped parcels are gradually disappearing and I can see the top of the cutting table in my sewing room. So far I have resisted going in to sew. The sewing machine is on holiday.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017


We woke expecting fog this morning, when I opened the curtains it was bright sunlight, so on went the washer with the sheets etc in, will be fetching them in shortly before it starts to damp down.

DD1 arrived with parcels and GGS just at lunch time, he was really good, we had moved anything we thought he might go for, he was fascinated with the glass table at the side of DB's chair.

He also thought that the rubbish bin might have something of interest in!!

It was good to see them both. He was obviously getting tired so Nanny put him in his car seat and took him home. The lights on the village also had him standing on tip toe to look at them. He ate his lunch and had a drink of water. His Mummy only gives him cooled boiled water to drink, she does not want him to get hooked on fruit drinks.

The house is quiet bow they have gone, we can put everything back now!!

Tomorrow we are off first thing to Aldi, will get the fresh fruit and veg I need and then the shutters will go up........

Monday, 18 December 2017

Monday, Monday

So last night I ended up sleeping in the back bedroom, DB drove me nuts, and then said he could not sleep because I was reading with the light on. Cue me departing......miserable ******.

Out of bed dressed and had breakfast by 7.45 we had to defrost the car, there had been a heavy frost.

Thankfully we were not held up too much on the journey and arrived at the due time. DB was taken very quickly, went through everything that has gone on, constant headache with spike etc, etc,etc.......examination.
Result, the neurologist has no idea why DB is has the headache!! could be from his neck.....but certainly nothing wrong with his brain, his gait is a bit off and she suggests he uses a walking stick. She is going to recommend a different medication which 'may' help. We were out and home by 10.30am.

I went to bed this afternoon after lunch I was exhausted, slept for 2 hours so must have needed it.

Its bitterly cold out. R has just been to collect the boxes etc they lent us to store the stuff from the shed.

The carol service last night was nice, the chap who runs the chapel does tend to go on a bit, it was 2 hours later when we got home.

I will be going to bed early tonight.......hope DB is not so grumpy.

Ham salad and new potatoes for supper, and on to tomorrow DD1 is due to visit with GGS, so everything will have to be lifted up 'on high' he has discovered what knees are for and walks if you hold his hands.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Okay, Okay

I give in I got ahead of myself, just want to get the holiday over with and get back to normal. Mind you I might have noticed when I cooked our Christmas supper on Christmas Eve!! Mind you I could stay in bed next Monday!!


This time next week it will be Christmas Day...............

We were late up this morning, had our usual fruit, croissant and coffee breakfast.

Its a dull cold morning, very grey sky, hope its not going to snow.

Our neighbour has a very bad cold, so will not be going to the carol Service tonight. I rang this morning to see how she was. Decision taken not to go over, I do not want either of us with a cold before or during Christmas.

We have decided to eat at 4pm so we should not need anything else to eat after the post service coffee and mince pies. So roast pork and all the trimmings, I have prepped the veg ready.

So pleased to see Joe win Strictly last night. Out of all the finalists he was the one who improved the most. Debbie Mcgee was impressive,  I did not rate either of the other two. Especially after I discovered that Alexandra had coaching from Craig previously, I felt the Judges were very biased towards her for some reason. Their marks for her and the other 3 contestants confirmed that.

I sold a small dryer we had earlier in the summer, it was too small and I did not like the fact that it was a not a condenser dryer. It pushed the steam out through a tube which had to be hung out of an open window. Yesterday DB told me to get a decent condenser dryer, we have sorted out it can go in the kitchen and the small freezer will me emptied and either sold or free cycled. We really do not need three freezers. So Thursday a new dryer will be delivered anytime between 7am and 7pm.

I am feeling better this morning after a decent nights sleep. I really thought I had accepted the inevitability of Nicholas's death in the only way one can when a child dies. He will always be with us in our memories, and for me in my heart.

Saturday, 16 December 2017


Yesterday was a very bad day for me, and the night was not much better, did not get to sleep until it started to get light.

I thought I had come to terms with Nick's death, but obviously I have not. We miss him so much and yesterday was very bitter sweet as will be the 8th January when he was cremated.

Still a bit tearful this morning, but no where near as bad as yesterday, life goes on and we must go on with it.

I was late getting up, DB left me in bed to sleep on for a while, once up I put the towels out on the line for a bit of a blow. I know I will have to finish them off on the airer but that's ok. We also changed the bed before the sheets walked off. They will have to wait till Monday night before they get washed. The forecast is for rain on Monday. We have to leave the house at 7.45am and there is no way I am going out to hang clothes out in the dark. Why they cannot look at patients address's when they make appointments I really do not know.........11am would have been better than 9am!!

Its a grey cold day so I have lit the fire this afternoon. We are having quiche for supper with jacket spuds and salad. DB opened the box of mince pies that were in the goodie bag we were given, will have a couple of those for dessert. We will then settle down to watch Strictly. I know who I would like to win, and its none of the girls!!

Tomorrow we will eat at lunchtime, its the carols by candle light at the chapel, we are taking our neighbour with us, so we need to eat at lunch time and have a snack before we go out. So roast ppork etc and veg to prep first thing.

Friday, 15 December 2017


A bitterly cold morning. I had done a load of washing overnight, so straight after breakfast I put it out on the line. By lunch time a majority of the thinner things were dry, so I brought it in, it airing off now.

I had a bit of ironing to do, DB went out to the shed, all the boxes etc are now in the shed, out of the sentry box, we hope to get them empty by Sunday then they can go back to R & J. We were so thankful then lent them to us twice.......

A quiet day, its 2 years since I got that awful call from DD2 to say that her brother had been found dead. We did nip out this afternoon, DB had used up all his cough sweets and needed more from the chemist.

When we got back DB went and played postman, putting the cards through the doors in the close.

Our usual fish supper tonight.

Thursday, 14 December 2017


Eeeee by gum its rare outside..... it has been sunny but the wind is keeping the chill factor very low.

Bad night for me. DB was having a session of the fidgets, we were drinking tea at 1am, he went off to sleep, I was still awake at 5am, did manage a couple of hours after that. Got brought my breakfast in bed, so I did not get up until 10.30.

Did a load of washing, I did hank it out for a while but its not dried much, have another load going in tonight.

We were going to my quilting friend, but she rang on Wednesday to say she had double booked, so we changed it to next Thursday, this time its me that has double booked, my niece is coming for lunch, so its been moved back a day to the Friday.

I have finished the tablets, but am still feeling 50% under, no idea why. When I had my pace maker put in I was told within 12 months I would be knocking the world over. Don't know what happened, but thats very much not the case 2 1/2 years later. My back has also decided to remind me that its there, so cannot stand for long either. I think a visit to the Drs. after the holiday is going to be on the cards. I will be making an appointment, not going to the open surgery, there is no telling what I might pick up there!!

Cauli and calabrese gratin with baked tomato's and jacket spuds for supper tonight. Might have a mince pie for dessert.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Wednesday = where has the snow gone.

When we woke up the grass and road at the front was clear of any snow, just a bit scattered on the pavement.

The roads were fine going into Melton, we called at the hospital to get new batteries for our hearing aids, then put fuel in the car. I like to keep it topped up in the winter.

On to DD2's where we inspected the finished kitchen, very nice too, she gave us a carrier bag full of treats, prosecco, sweets, white toblerone, shortbread, Christmas pudding, christmas we will not starve over the holiday.

Our visit to my quilting friend has been put back a week, she is out tomorrow, so if its at all reasonable we will be putting the stuff from the sentry box back into the shed. Once the sentry box is empty I can put the dustbin of compost back in and also the big canes we use for the climbing beans.

After visiting DD2 we went on to B & Q to get some wood filler, to

First Christmas for this little chap.

fill a couple of knot holes, then Aldi. On the way home we called in at Harby to collect the TV choice for next week and the two bumper weeks up to 5th January. DB can sit and mark off what he wants to watch.

 It was after 1pm when we got home, so soup and bread and DB took himself off for his siesta. I watched Love, Lies and Records on catch up TV, hopefully I will be able to watch it 'live' tomorrow night. Its a very good programme, I am enjoying it. 

Decided on Chicken and bacon pie with mash and veggies for supper, I will make some white sauce, there is not enough in the pies them selves.

I am now shattered......spending the evening on the settee........

Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Bright blue sky and the sun is out but its very cold. I left the heating on low again over night, so the chill was off when we got up. We still have snow lying, but our neighbour tells us that the roads are ok.

I baked a ring of scone first thing, have also pulled out the 'houses' that came from the USA many years ago. I only put them out for a short while and then they go back in their boxes till next year. One strand of fairy lights and thats it.

The dresser with the lights on.

Our local chemist delivered our medication to see us over the holiday, so apart from a few bits Christmas is ready. I have my niece coming for lunch on 22nd, and then it will be shutters down until after the holiday.

I cooked bol sauce yesterday, its spag bol for supper tonight.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Monday - another snowy day

The snow is still lying, although it appears we have had no more snow overnight.

The chiropodist came this morning, she says that there was a piece inside our front gate thats a sheet of ice, So its had salt poured on it, the lids was frozen to the compost bin so we are having to put the peelings etc in a bucket.

The back garden this morning, the bushes look pretty with the snow on them.

Can you believe this 4 geraniums still flowering, I think they are protected by the overhang of the eves. The snow shovel is there ready for action.

I managed to make a lemon drizzle cake, its in the oven, will make the scones fresh in the morning, thats unless R & J phone to say they cannot get out over the bridge.

At lunchtime I put a loaf on and then cooked the bol sauce for tomorrows supper with some spaghetti and garlic bread.

Sunset tonight, the snow on the houses at the back of us was pink.

Neither of us have been outside apart from going to the shed to get the veg we had hung up in a string bag.

If its fine in the morning we may try and get the rest of the shed stuff out of the sentry box and back into the shed........

Supper tonight cold chicken and ham, jacket spuds, tomato and cucumber salad. fresh fruit for dessert.

Sunday, 10 December 2017


Last night I turned the thermostat down but left the heat on low, so by the time I went through to get our Sunday morning brekkie the chill was off the house. Turned it up to 18c for an hour or so and then down to 15c except for the living room, the radiator in there is off, we have the fire lit again today.

Opening the curtains we had seen a slight snow fall, but the time I had walked through to the kitchen, put on the coffee and drawn the curtains it was falling steadily as it has all day. 

No shed work done today, the path up to the shed is like glass, it will have to wait another couple of days.

R & J have a hump back bridge over the canal on their way into
 the village, wonder if they made it in to chapel this morning.......

We have spent the day in the warm, we were late getting breakfast we just had fruit at lunchtime, so the chicken for our supper is almost ready I just have the veg and roasties to cook. There is a programme on my combi microwave for roast potato's, I am going to try it out see what they turn out like.

Busy week again tuesday we have friends coming for a cup of tea, Wednesday we are going to see DD2 and on Thursday we are off to see my quilting Guru.  Friday will be a quiet day remembering Nicholas who died on 15th December 2015. Christmas is not a good time in our family.

Thankfully the medication is doing its job........3 days still to go.

So roast chicken, spuds, cauli, calabrese and carrot for supper. No dessert tonight we have fresh fruit to eat.

Saturday, 9 December 2017


We were late getting up this morning, I did not wake until after 8.30. So a quick nip into the shower and breakfast.

DB wanted to get stuff back into the shed, I hauled the table, which weighs a tonne, out and then the legs, took me about 10 minutes to re-assemble it. Two shelf units from the coal house, now I can light the fire again, the plastic chest the lawn mower, and two bags of garden nets. At this point my back was screaming NOOOO!! so I announced it was time to go in.

The medication is working its magic, but it does make me feel tired. 4 days to go.

I had to fill the boiler up this morning, the pressure was a bit snow as yet but its bitterly cold, we are forecast snow tonight and all tomorrow. Shades of 2010 in East Linton. We do have a bus route through the village so we should not be too bad. It takes you a roundabout way into Melton but not keen on taking the short route, the hill will be like glass if we get snow. I am going to turn the thermostat down when we go to bed and switch the clock to 24 hours.

I need to get my baking head on, we have visitors coming on Tuesday, think it will be scones and lemon drizzle cake. Quick and easy.

We just had cheese and biscuits last night after our huge lunch, tonights supper, all day breakfast, bacon, sausage, egg, tomato and fried bread.

Friday, 8 December 2017


We have just got back from the Christmas lunch. Some people did not turn up which was a shame, the meal was excellent as usual. Full turkey lunch, christmas pudding, mince pies and mints with the coffee

After lunch we went into the chapel to wait for the entertainment.

The school children arrived and were soon entertaining us with a programme of Christmas carols.

We walked back round home, glad to get in out of the intense really is raw outside. A cup of tea soon warmed us up.

The chap was here at 7am to start putting the shed up, there were a couple of problems which were quickly resolved and he left around 10.30, closely followed by the cleaners. We have a nice clean house again.

Tomorrow will be spent putting everything back in the shed.

No supper tonight, we may have cheese and biscuits much later!!

Thursday, 7 December 2017


After seeing the weather forecast I decided to go into Melton and stock up, just in case we get a heavy snow fall. As long as it comes after the shed is put up I could not care. However a quick trip involved me spending £42.

Thankfully we heard from DB's family in Ventura, they are away from the fire, it moved round the back of them. The air is filled with smoke, people are being told not to go out. We were so pleased to hear they were ok. I well remember sitting at the table eating Christmas dinner in bright sunshine with snow on the mountains at the back of us. The mountains involved were about 20 miles away as the crow flies. I presume this is where the fire ripped through. There are lots of heavily wooded areas in that part of California. We went up to Solvang for a visit, the road went through a dense forest and the services were on an area that had been cleared of trees. Jock told us that they filmed a lot of the westerns around there, I could quite believe it. I would not have been surprised to see a group of Indian braves riding over the top of the mountains.

There were strong winds last night, but the bits for the new shed remained upright and have not moved. It was raining when I left to go into town, now at almost lunch time its fine and we keep getting glimpses of the sun!! The temperature is forecast to drop below freezing later, brrrrrr.....glad I have my thermals on.

This is the tree skirt I sold at the Artisan Fair the other week. Was sent this picture today.

I will be trotting off to see the Dr after lunch........ watch this space.

Of course I knew the diagnosis, medication given. It was only September that I was last at the Drs with the same thing. Apparently had I been male and not post menopausal, I would not be suffering in the same its back to drinking water and taking the medication.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017


I am really toiling with this UTI, thank goodness I see the Dr tomorrow. 

We went to the coffee morning and I sold a few more bits, E collected the bags, so I have nothing outstanding. DB and our neighbour went to the over 80's do at the village hall, it was put on by the Lions. I decided to go to bed after he went out, had just got up when he arrived back bearing gifts. He won lemon drizzle biscuits in the raffle and also brought home 2 mince pies, we will have them after supper tonight.

Supper, bacon fritatta, tomato salad and jacket spuds.

Nothing on tomorrow except to go to the Drs after lunch. Friday the chaps should be here to put up the shed, they are due first thing, so DB will go with us for the lunch.......

DB said the little boy who caused so much amusement singing the carols last year was in the group of children singing at the meeting this afternoon, DB says he still sings at the top of his voice, mouth wide open. 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017


Bad night for me, I appear to have another UTI,,,,,,I was going to go and sit at the Drs, when I got there the waiting room was full of sneezing and coughing people, so I decided to make an appointment instead, in the meantime copious amounts of water being drunk.

We are very concerned about DB's cousin, he lives in his parents house in Ventura CA. where there are wildfires raging. We understand that many of the residents have been told to evacuate their homes. Looking at the pictures on the US news the fire is right behind the house. Several of the places we used to visit have been badly affected with the fires. K keeps her horse at Ojai which has already been affected. The fire was progressing at a speed of an acre per second.

Well this arrived this lunchtime...

The 3rd shed, lets hope its 3rd time lucky. Both DB and the driver checked over each piece as it was propped up against the back wall of the bungalow. The driver said he thought the fact the previous 2 sheds had been laid on the grass contributed to the problems; so hopefully, as its against the wall and under the eaves of the bungalow it will be ok for a couple of days. The installers will be here anytime after 7am on Friday, its the first job. They had better be finished by 12 noon, we are due at the chapel for the Christmas Lunch.

Tomorrow we have the coffee morning at the chapel, the car is packed with the left overs from the Artisan sale.

I have not done much today, trying to rest up in the vain hope that the UTI might go away.

Supper is prepped, beef casserole with dumpling, cauli and calabrese. There is enough of the crumble left for dessert.

Monday, 4 December 2017


We almost slept through the alarm this morning, just managed it out before 8.15.

Its a very cold morning, there has been a hard frost, people in the close scrapping their cars before going out.

Laundry out on the line, doubt it will dry much but I can finish it off in the house, either on the rads or the airer.

I still not used to cleaning Monday and Friday morning, its seems strange not to be getting the cleaning stuff out. To distract myself this morning I prepped the beef stew for tomorrow nights supper. It always tastes better if its cooked the day before. 

The gooseberry and apple crumble I made yesterday will do for dessert for another couple of nights. DB likes semolina so I may do him some during the week. I cannot stand it or tapioca. I do use semolina when I make shortbread though, replace an ounce of flour with semolina, makes it nice and short, give it a 'nutty' taste. I have also made it with cornflour which works the same.

Why is it, the minute I pack away the machine I want to start sewing???? yesterday afternoon, I had to fight with myself not to go through and start making a different type of small bag. DB says he will put a lock on the door!! No sewing until after Christmas.

Egg, beans and wedges for supper tonight.

Time for a cuppa.........

Sunday, 3 December 2017


Another late morning, but brekkie in bed as usual on Sunday.

DB has developed another cough, I think a visit to the Dr will be on sometime this week.

Its a dull morning, dry right now, but for how long is any ones guess. I have laundry out on the line, there is a slight breeze, it might dry a bit, will have to finish it off on the rads.

My sewing machine is covered up, unless I get bored it will stay that way until after the holiday. We have the coffee morning at the little chapel this week. I am taking some of the things left over from the fair. I know a couple of people want things. Tuesday the new shed is supposed to be delivered Friday we have the Christmas lunch at the chapel, the chaps are coming to put the shed up. DB will stay and watch them put it up and make sure everything is ok before they leave. I am going to arrange for a lunch to be sent round for him. 

Christmas is fast approaching, we no longer give presents to the grandchildren, they are mostly grown up now, our card list is cut to the bone, we send a donation to the local hospice in lieu. We are not bothered about presents ourselves, its usually chocolate or wine that comes our way, there is virtually nothing we need. Now our family is all grown up,  we tend to spend the day on our own, its just like an extra weekend. DB is scouring the programmes on the TV and we have quite a few recorded. The library comes tomorrow so we will have books to read as well. 

Supper tonight roast pork etc. I am defrosting some fruit to make a crumble for dessert.

Saturday, 2 December 2017


My sewing machine had a hissy fit yesterday afternoon,,so I had to stop sewing. I stood in front of it this morning and said 'if you do not behave yourself you will be going in that dark box up to Scotland!!' To my surprise it worked perfectly and I was able to finish the bag I was working on.....Just have 2 bowl cozies to top stitch and thats the lot. Am having a table at the coffee morning to see if I can shift some more stuff.

We were late to bed last night, sat watching TV until after 11pm it was 9.30 before my feet hit the floor.......

Just done the veg for tonights supper, steak and ale pie with mash, cauli and calabrese.

DB has retired for his siesta, I am about to go through and top stitch those last 2 cozies and pack the machine up for a bit. It may not see the light of day until after Christmas, depends how bored I get and what inspiration strikes.

Its a very dull day, not as cold as it was, but still bitter if you venture outside. Needless to stay I will be staying inside in the warm. Winter is here so I have my thermal vest and leggings on plus 2 pairs of socks. Cannot do with cold feet......brrrrrr.......

Friday, 1 December 2017


Very cold again, but none of the snow we were forecast. Managed to do the ironing and the decided to do a bit on the bag, was hoping to get it finished so I could deliver it this afternoon, my machine had other ideas.........not a happy bunny, not sure whats up with it, but it will be on its way back to DD's next week. Needless to say the bag will be unfinished until the machine comes back.

DB decided to sort out his drawers, he has chucked quite a bit of stuff into the charity bag, I will go through it and make sure that its not pasts being past it.

Fish and chips for supper..........

Thursday, 30 November 2017


I really did not want to get up this morning, my nose told me it was cold even though the heating was on.

After breakfast I cleared the frost from the car before I went into Melton to do the shopping, an hour later I was on my way home £71 poorer. I do not need to get anything apart from fruit and veg and a few luxuries like wine, nuts etc a few days before the world goes mad and a man and his wife decide that they really have to shop for England let alone Christmas.......

It was so cold I decided to do bacon sarnies for lunch, yum yum. DB went for his siesta, I cut out the fabric for the  last bag and overlocked it. Decided to watch a recording of Lewis I missed, so apart from doing the spuds I am residing on the settee for the rest of the afternoon.

Sausage, mash and the rest of the beans from Monday for supper.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017


My goodness its cold today, really bitter, was glad of my wool coal when we went out. We have sorted out DD2's drawer units she will get them on Monday next week so her kitchen will be finished and hopefully everything will be back to normal.

We enjoyed a very nice lunch, arriving home we picked up a bag of horse manure from the stables on the main road, thats 3 we have. We will turn it out onto a heap and leave it until the spring at least. The rhubarb will appreciate it.

I turned the heat up when we got in, we did a freezer audit and I have made out the menu list for December and the shopping list for tomorrow. I am going on my own DB will stay here.  It will bigger shop than usual, my stock of meat has gone down quite a bit over the last couple of months. I need to make sure we have enough in case the weather turns and we are unable get out. I always keep tinned and frozen veg in during the winter as well as some tinned fruit.

DB has decided that he is fed up making porridge, not sure how long it will last, so its weetabix from now on. I like it with hot milk, he has cold. I must admit breakfast will be a bit quicker to prepare.

Supper tonight we decided to use up two of the freezer meals, OH is having corned beef hash, I am having beef stew.

Denny this afternoon with Santa......

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Well the big announcement yesterday was not really a has been on the cards for ages.....

It was a bright but very cold morning, the sun was out which made driving a bit difficult.

I took my neighbour into Leicester to get some new clothes, I got 2 pairs of trousers, a skirt and 2 jumpers, also bought some new knickers, some of my others are Sunday knickers....rather holey.

I put the bed linen in the washer last night so it has been on the line, dried, so needs folding, will iron it later in the week.

DB stayed at home whilst I was out, he has been working on the plans for a trip to Cornwall in the spring. He had just made himself some soup when I arrived back.

Tomorrow we are meeting DD2 to get her drawers for the kitchen cupboard.

Supper tonight egg, chips and beans. Just cannot be bothered to cook anything else.

Monday, 27 November 2017


I felt very peely wally when I got up this morning, wondered if I was in for a dose of something, but it seems to have worn off.

Wet so although the bed is stripped and remade I have not washed the sheets, will do them overnight tonight, I might just get them dry tomorrow.

We both went to the hairdressers for a trim at lunch time, DB's hair was beginning to look distinctly long at the back.

Spent the morning sorting out our holiday in May, we are going down to Cornwall for a few days staying in a B & B. We are cutting the journey in half and staying at Days Inn on the way down and back.

Its damp and very cold out, I was glad to get back into the warm again. DB has gone for his siesta.

The lamb last night was delicious, I have cut the meat from the bone, we will have lamb, jacket potato and tomato and celery salad tonight. The bone is in the freezer, I will stick it in the pressure cooker and make stock for soup at some point.

Bust week ahead, taking B to Bon Marche for some new clothes tomorrow, and then Wednesday we are meeting DD2 at B & Q to get her drawers for the drawer unit in her kitchen, thats her birthdays and Christmas settled for the next few years!!

I have worked out the measurements for the bag, I need a root through to find some lining material and then I can get cracking, once I get going it will not take me long to do it. Hopefully I will be able to take it to her on FRiday when the group meets again. That will be the last of the bags. Run out of fabric now.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Supper v tea

I have answered this question before; as a child we had breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Having worked as a housekeeper/chef for a number of years the terminology had to change. Breakfast remained the same. Elevenses you had coffee and a biscuit,often shortbread. Lunch was a 2/3 course meal taken at 1pm. Afternoon tea at 4 pm, delicate sandwiches, cake,scones. This was followed by dinner taken at 8pm this could comprise 3 - 5 courses.

Supper is a meal taken between 6 and 7 in place of dinner. Often eaten in the kitchen and known as a kitchen supper. The dining room was seldom used for this meal. In Scotland supper was replaced with High Tea taken at 6pm.

We became so used to the routine we kept it when I retired.

We have breakfast, tea at 10.30. lunch just after 12 noon, tea around 3 and supper at 6pm.


Usual brekkie in bed, then shower, hang out the laundry and off into town. There was a shop I wanted to go to for various bits and bobs, DB needed a couple of things too.

We got home about 11.30. I re heated last nights mac and cheese for lunch with tomato salad and fresh baked bread, yummy.

I altered the recipe for the mac and cheese slightly and put roughly grated breadcrumbs on the top, it was delicious.

It was a fine but brrr cold morning, the sun was out which helped heat the living room, but after lunch it turned cool, the sky clouded over, I was just in time to get the laundry in before it rained, so its finishing off on the rads.

Prepped the meat and veg for supper, roast lamb, roast spuds, cauli, calabrese and carrot. Mint sauce is a must too, the mint is still growing in the container outside the back door, so more sauce made to see us through the winter. the meat is in the oven on automatic pilot, Supper will be at the usual time of sixish.

No pudding though..............

Working out the measurements for the bag I have been asked to make, I will have to over lock all the fabric, it frays like the devil. Might start it tomorrow, depends how I feel.

DB was going out to the garden for an hour, but its wet, so that idea is out the pan.

Saturday, 25 November 2017


A very cold morning, sun was out but no heat in ti at all.

We were late waking after our bad night on Thursday/Friday, just thinking about getting up when DB answered the phone. Friends coming to collect a rhubarb plant we promised them, so quick shoot out of bed, shower and dress before they got here.

I sorted out the stiffening for the bag I made recently, I have been asked to make another bag but I need to check the measurements do not want to make it the wrong way round.......that is the last of the curtain fabric I was given.

Thinking about next years artisan fair, need some new ideas. scouring pinterest etc for ideas.

Mac cheese and jacket spuds for supper tonight, need to sort it out.
Also want to marinade the lamb for tomorrows supper, will get some rosemary from the garden shortly, still got some red wine left.

I also need to go over and see my neighbour, I promised to take her to Bon Marche next week, need to sort out a day.

Friday, 24 November 2017

The sheds

The two sheds on the lawn, 

They were picked up this afternoon.


Bad night for both of us, reading at 1am. I was up just after 8, needed to make sure DB had cleared up his mess at the side of his chair.

Bright but very cold day, I have the heating on its really brrr..... outside.

Cleaners came, did a really good job again, the wet room is sparkling......a lovely small as well.

The driver came to collect the sheds from the front lawn, now we have to wait for the next one to be delivered and erected in 3 weeks time.

Spent the morning experimenting with the bowl cozies yet again, trying to find an easier way to make them, no luck so far. Our friends little grand daughter arrived on Tuesday, am thinking about making a quilt, but I only have blue baby type fabric left from when I made the quilt for Denny, not sure whether to use it or not, really don't want to buy fabric.

Fish and chips as usual on Friday for supper.

Thursday, 23 November 2017


Better night again, still a bit frazzled but not so  bad.

Yesterday I made a sample bowl  cozy using 10" squares of wadding as well as fabric and 1/4" less on the darts, it certainly makes a bigger bowl cozy and takes care of the excess fabric on the inside. I managed to break a needle again.......good job I have plenty. I finished a second one this morning. I am now going to make one with the extra 1/4" on the darts and see what happens, it will be interesting........

DB is in the garden, we have had a call to say someone will be with us around 11.15, could not catch everything he said, hope its the erectors and not the chap to take the damaged shed away!! 

Supper tonight is all day breakfast.......

Someone asked me about my bladder problem, I was checked some years ago because I kept getting cystitis, they discovered that I had a nervous bladder. My bladder was sending messages to my brain when is was not full, so I was put on medication which I have continued to take........I ran out last week and it was only a day before the quick visits to the loo started again and I had to get up in the night as well. I restarted the medication on Tuesday and things are returning to normal.

Re Spag bol I will put the recipe up later.


The chaps came to demolish the shed and put up a new one, the new shed is damaged!! The did suggest they made a new back by taking both backs to pieces and making a new one, no way....I paid for a new shed and a new shed we are going to have, so we have another week to wait, and then wait again for the fitters....I could scream, once again everything is shoved all over the place. They are taking the original shed down and both will go back tomorrow.


Wednesday, 22 November 2017


A better night's sleep but I still feel whacked today, guess it is my non sleep night catching up with me.

Not done a lot today. DB finished clearing the shed and I managed to get the lawn mower into the coal shed without taking off the handle. Made bol sauce for supper.

I had watched a different tutorial for the bowl cozies yesterday, the darts were not quite so long and they has used the same size square of batting as fabric, it was quite thick to stop stitch, but turned out better, takes a slightly deeper bowl too. I have a second one half made; the light was so bad I had to give out up sewing.

DB has to visit the Dr, he has an appointment for later this afternoon, they have missed some things of his script.

I have restarted the medication for my bladder, so things should improve in a couple of days.

The shed people are due tomorrow, we have not had rain so far, so the bits to the shed should be ok. We moved the roofing felt and some wooden bits round to the back the rest of the shed is on the front grass.

Supper tonight spag bol and garlic bread.

8 months and he will soon be walking, cheeky boy!!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017


What a night, no sleep at all, DB was snoring fit to bust so I went into the sewing room, dare not go to sleep then as I had to be up before 6am for delivery of the shed. It arrived at 6.30, so I am exhausted.

Had a long call with the Dr last night re the medication they could not get, went in this afternoon to pick up the package and my original medication was in the parcel. I have been without it for almost a week and the nightly visits to the loo have restarted. Hopefully they will cease now I have the medication.

Laundry almost dried on the line, its just airing off on the rads.

I did have a nap this afternoon, but as usual feel like death warmed up. DB has cancelled his appointment at the hospital re his eyes after we discovered that the work on the shed was to be carried out on Thursday afternoon and we would not be here, we need to be here to see whats going on.

Quiche, jacket spud and salad for supper.

Monday, 20 November 2017


We were a bit late getting up, the alarm went off and I went back to sleep, so felt rubbish when I did make it out of bed.

Very dull morning, so no laundry done, of course it cleared up later in the morning. Will have to put the washer on tonight....... running out of underwear.

DB has finished emptying the shed, I just have to sort the mower in the morning. The new shed should come sometime tomorrow. We are having it stood at the back of the bungalow this time, not laid on the grass.

DB priced up the paint for the shed on Saturday, £20 for 2.5L.

Not a great deal done this morning, its cleaner's week this week, so just used the dyson on the hall floor to pick up the leaves from a plant that is determined to shed its leaves everywhere.

DB went for his siesta, I read on the settee, was expecting the medication delivery so no point in me settling down for an hour. Good decision I had 2 phone calls and the medication. Have just discovered that DB's medication has been delivered and not mine, they were both ordered on the same day. Whats with that then. DB is on the phone to them now. Things like this do not do my stress levels any good.

Sausage mash and beans tonight with more of the crumble for dessert.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Relaxez Vous

Shattered today, slept ok, we had our usual Sunday breakfast in bed and lay on for a while.

OH has cleared out most of the shed, I just have to sort out the mower, so it can go on the pallet in the coal house for a couple of days, this time next week, I hope it will all be back in the shed again.

I went into the coal house to get veggies for supper, discovered that mice had been in, so all the veggies have had to come out and go in the kitchen.....had to throw quite a bit of stuff away, the blessed things can climb like monkeys if they smell food of any kind.

Veggies prepped, took some rhubarb and apple out of the freezer to make a crumble. I need to use the fruit up, some of it has been in there since 2015....time it was eaten. I also have some frozen courgette to use up. I put some soup mix in the soak. I have 2 lamb bones, so will be making scotch broth in the pressure cooker tomorrow.

Fine bright morning, shame I did not have the energy to do a load of laundry, it would have dried. I still have last weeks sheets to iron, might get round to them tomorrow.

We are both off for a siesta shortly.............

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Bingham Artisan Fair

We were up before time and away from the house by 9.20. Arrived at the venue to find a clear road, so no problem parking. Plenty of people in the hall setting up, we had done ours yesterday so were able to take things easy.

Tea was brought round before the fair opened to the public. It was a slow start, plenty of people looking but no one buying. J, who was running the fair paid me for the William Morris bag I made for her sometime ago.

This is the William Morris Bag J bought it for herself, loved the way the pattern matched so you cannot see the pocket.

The stall from the front, with the quilt covering the chairs stacked at the back of us. I used the Christmas quilt we have on the bed as a table cover, it worked well. Note the chicken tea cosy pinned on the front.

The brilliant idea, the hanging rail with wall hangings mats table runners etc on. The Project bag was bought by a lady who runs the art club

The decs under the Christmas tree.

Then friends from Leicester turned up and spent generously, tree skirt, table runner and scissor holder to hold makeup brushes, a Spanish lady bought a table runner and then came back for a Christmas stocking. After that there were fairly consistent sales until lunchtime when it quietened down, after lunch it was quiet although I still sold a few more things including a wall hanging which was going to Canada. Several of  the bowl cosies also sold. E came during the morning, she bought a small hanging for her tree. our profit at the end of the day was just under £100.00. Very pleased with that.

We packed up just before 4pm, glad to get home and a welcome sit down and drink.

All being well we will do the fair again next year.

Chicken pasta with garlic bread for supper. do not think we will need a dessert somehow.

I know I will sleep well tonight, am crackered!!

Friday, 17 November 2017


A very frosty morning, but the geraniums are still flowering, I really must get the trays washed and get the plants inside that I want to keep.

Everything packed up for tomorrow, I used the trolley to move the boxes out of the house to the car, we will have to carry them in at the other end but that will not be a problem. Have put scissors, drawing pins, safety pins, sellotape, sewing kit and the pricing gum in the boxes, have a few decs for the shelf unit I pinched from DB's chest of drawers.

We are off this afternoon to set up. More later maybe with pictures!!

It took us just over an hour to set up. DB was able to nip to the ironmongers and get what he wanted whilst I finished titivating the stall. The clothes rail was a brilliant idea all the place mats etc were hung up, easy for people to look through. Fingers crossed that we manage to sell something.

I did not take any photos, will take the camera tomorrow and try and get a picture before the fair opens.

We called at Aldi and I was able to get the cheese I wanted so 3 large packs found their way home and are now in the freezer.

Fish and chips for supper. I have taken some chicken out for tomorrow will cook some pasta and have it with garlic bread. I guess I will be tired by the time we got home.

Thursday, 16 November 2017


DD2 arrived for her visit, she asked that we went back early so we could see her new kitchen. After lunch we packed up and went into town.

Her kitchen is very nice, all sleek, no washer on show and the oven and hob built in, she was not happy to discover that the shelf unit, did not include the shelves, they had to be purchased extra. DB and I had a quiet discussion in the kitchen and decided to pay for them for her so the whole kitchen can be finished and she can put her microwave on the shelf in the built in pantry.

We went in to the hospital for DB to get his insoles and then Morrison for some bits I cannot get at Aldi. Last port of call was the town. I went to get two 2018 diaries and the stuff from Argos, DB hot footed to the bank for change for Saturday and a quick look in Yorkshire trading for some bits he wanted. He was not able to get them, so he will go to the ironmongers in Bingham on Saturday.

It was getting dark when we got home, I was glad we had left the heating on, the house was lovely and warm.

Cheese frittata and salad for supper. I did get 3 boxes of chocolate ice creams, I guess DB may have one for his dessert.

My hip is playing up, I have had a job to walk today.......need to put the feet up tomorrow.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Shed

The issues with the shed are that it has warped and therefore is not weather proof, hence they manufacturers decision to replace it. There are big gaps under the window and between the sides and the floor. The actual laths have bowed out and there is no way they are going to go back, I can get my hand up a couple of them they have bowed out so much and several others are going the same way.

Fortunately the work is being done next week, the new shed will be delivered on Tuesday. The workmen are coming Thursday and the old shed will be picked up on Friday. We need to make sure that the new shed is ok as soon as it goes up.

We plan to empty it over the weekend once the fair is done, by the following weekend everything should back to normal with a new shed in the garden, and no warping!!

Slow down day

We both slept better last night and were up just after 8am.

After breakfast I started pricing up the stuff for the fair, DB came and gave me a hand cutting up the labels, so it all needs packing away ready for Friday.

No one contacted me re a clothes rail, so I ordered one from Argos, its light weight so should be ok. I rang the gallery and asked if they could place me near an aisle so people can rifle through the rail.  I wish I still had the little shelf unit it was good for displaying things on. I need to look for the battery christmas lights and put a couple of batteries in.

DD2 is coming in the morning, DB has an appointment  for his new insoles in the afternoon so we will give her a lift back. I need to go to Morrison, Argos and then to the bank for change for a float.

We heard from the shed people they are coming next week to take down the shed and erect the new we need to empty the shed over the next few days ready for them. At least the stuff is not going to be in the way for as long as before.

I have hung washing out, but its not drying at all, will have to fetch it in and put it on the airer, it can come in the sitting room overnight.