Thursday, 20 July 2017


The last bag I am making for a bit, time to go onto other stuff.

Such a pretty pattern on the fabric.

Terrible night again last night, after 4am before I managed to get off. DB brought my breakfast in bed, I managed out of bed by 10am.

It rained overnight and for most of the morning, but not the torrents they have had elsewhere, I doubt it will have even wet the top surface. It has cleared and we have blue skies and a breeze again.

DB spent the morning clearing out old paper work, the files were bulging with rubbish, it has all been shredded and is now in the bin for the recycle people next week.

B's daughter is going to Birmingham airport later today, she has booked into the airport hotel, her flight leaves at 6.30am tomorrow, she will be home in Spain by mid day. That will just leave K here for another 2 weeks.

Nothing much going on, its very quiet here, even the farm traffic seems to have stopped for now.

I have one last library book to read, so guess I had better get on with it, being able to use borrowbox is great I can pick books to read in between library books.

Sausage, mash and beans for supper tonight.......a few raspberries to use up, will pull some more rhubarb at the weekend, another week and the picking season will be over, time for the plants to conserve their energy for next year. We are picking courgettes and climbing beans just nor, the french beans are just starting to develop, might be enough for Sunday now we have had some rain.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Cooler Day

but still a bit on the muggy side. The sun is threatening to break through, it could be very hot after lunch, then we are forecast heavy rain and thunderstorms........we need the rain, I can do without the thunder thank you!!

Not a good night, DB could not settle, he was too hot, although the bedroom was cool. We were drinking tea at 2am.

He has been out in the garden, the big bag of chippings has been emptied, we are going to use it to store stuff in when we empty the shed next month.

Some financial moving about done, I am trying to get things so I do not have to go into our overdraft at the beginning of each month, not easy as most of the bills come out on the first. Thankfully our account has a fee free O/D which is a great help at times.

I put the fabric I cannot use on freecycle yesterday, it has been collected this morning by a school teacher, so the huge bag has disappeared from the hall. I have a stack I need to find a home for though. I did start another bag yesterday, some pretty silk curtain fabric, will just make a smallish bag, no outer pocket but several inside.

We are off to the dump with the old TV, after DB has his siesta, will then call and see P in Bottesford, I have some new spuds and climbing beans for her from the garden.

DB is getting to grips with the new TV, he could not understand that he no longer has to switch the sat box on, the TV comes up on its own, the box just needs setting if we want to record a programme to watch later.

Bread made yesterday so cheese and pickle sandwiches for lunch. I have done the veg for tonight, chicken and bacon pot pies.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Another nice day, thankfully not as hot as it was yesterday I think 27c was the highest recorded today.

A quick flash round the wet room and toilet and shoved the dyson over the carpets, could not be bothered to do much else. Towels in the washer, dried on the line, there has been a breeze all day.

I slept much better last night, I was very tired.

DB and I moved the sentry box, but have decided its not in the right place, so it will be getting moved again round the side of the house. It mucks up my nursery bed, but I can move that over the other side of the garden to where the hedge has been cut back.

I sorted through the fabric I was gifted, there is a lot that I cannot use, so I will pass it on to a craft group or some such. Another bag is in production, this time made out of silk curtain fabric.......

Tomorrow we are going to take the old TV to the tip and call on our friend in Bottesford on the way back. I expect DB will be in the garden in the morning.

Bacon fritatta and salad for supper, we ate the cake from yesterday for afternoon tea. I had coffee and walnut, DB chocolate, very nice.

Monday, 17 July 2017

A Day to say Goodbye

A lousy nights sleep, it was 3.30 the last time I looked at the clock, will be crackered later.

Its a lovely sunny morning, there is a slight breeze. I put a load in the washer last night, its dancing on the line, it should dry.

We just had cereal at breakfast time, I am going to make bacon sandwiches a bit later, it will be 2.30 at least by the time we get back from Grantham. DB has moved the car out onto the road from the cul de sac so there is room in the car park for extra cars. At least its a nice sunny day..........I am still in a bit of a quandary about what to will be resolved shortly.

Up date.....

Eventually grey trousers and a white top were decided on.....It has been a glorious day for a funeral, the sun is blisteringly hot, the crematorium was quite cool, but when we came out the heat hit us. A funeral service is never a happy time but the sun made it a bit better.

A lovely service, our local pastor gave a lovely talk, his message was one of love love between P & B and the love P had for his children. The chapel was full and there was a guard of honour from his pals in the REME social group that he and B belonged to.

The reception at the little chapel was excellent, lots of food including a superb strawberry trifle, scones and cream and three different types of cake, victoria sponge, chocolate cake and coffee cake.

We came home with a doggie bag each, we will not need any supper tonight, might just have one of the cupcakes each later.

B's daughter is here until Thursday, she flies back early Friday morning, K is here until 3rd August, so he will be with his Mum, once he flies back to South Africa it will be time for the neighbours to take up the slack.

Tomorrow is another day.............

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Sultry Sunday

After a lot of discussion we eventually decided to buy a new TV. I ordered a cheapie from Argos and we went in and collected it this morning. It was really an expense I could have done without.

Called to see DD2 she and DGD were busy in the front garden, I cannot believe how different it looks, they have cut the hedge right back and DGD took a spade to the grass and has uncovered crazy paving which has been covered by grass for years. We had a cup of tea and cake and then came home.

DN wanted to clean the car for tomorrow, neither of us were hungry so he went for his siesta whilst I decided to struggle and set up the TV...... put the feet on.....put in the aerial and sat box connections, switched on...boom, boom boom it set itself up, so watching the men's final.....DB has just had a cup of tea and a cherry bakewell tart, he is now washing the car.

Roast pork for supper, we will have it a bit earlier as we did not have lunch, probably around 4.30.

Tomorrow is not going to be an easy day............

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Murky Day

Its a misty, murky day, very grey and quite a breeze, there was rain in the air earlier.

Late up this morning, I threw the duster and Dyson round the sitting room and kitchen floor, thats it for now. I will wash the floor next week, will have to do the Monday clean tomorrow, we will be out for most of Monday.

DB is bowling this afternoon, so about to go for his siesta, I have cut up the remains of the chenille fabric, enough to make a long narrow bag, need to over lock that and the lining. Might get is done on the other hand might not.

The countryside around us is changing, the oil seed rape has long been harvested, silage seems to be the main thing now. Corn is starting to ripen so that will be the next thing. Fields are being ploughed ready for winter wheat.

Two of our neighbours have now got pots of flowers at the front door, so the gardens are looking nice, afraid our front grass is not looking so good, it has been scarified within and inch of its life, so now we need to sow new grass seed and use cotton to stop the birds for having a good feed. The the grass of the other side will have to be done as well. 

I am undecided what to do with the piece in front of the hedge we had cut out, I am not sure if much will grow, the roots of the hedge take a lot of moisture and goodness out of the soil and its very compacted. I might lay weed suppressant down and use bark chippings on it, then stand pots on, need to think about it a bit more.

DB is concerned if our neighbour takes the laurel right out people can see into the back garden from her front.......a piece of trellis might be needed. Will have to wait and see what happens. I know she was getting someone to come and look at it.

DB gets his high tea at the bowls tonight so jacket spud, cheese and coleslaw for me.

The last tapestry bag, there was a small square of fabric left, its in the bin!! This bag is not as long as the others but slightly wider does not have the full length pockets inside, I ran out of lining fabric too.

Oh woe is me!! I went to watch the TV and it appears to have gone to the  TV graveyard in the sky. Tried everything I know....nothing. changed the fuse, nothing, checked the plug, nothing.....looks like we are needing a new TV....what to do with the old one????

DB is going to have to sit and read tonight.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Visiting Day

Not a good night for me, DB decided to go to the toilet at 4.30am, it was after 7am when I fell asleep, so we were late getting up. It was not a problem, we had plans for the day.

We left via the surgery and I went to Bon Marche to change the top I bought, it was the wrong size, a card for our neighbour and DB got grass seed, we then travelled on to Desford and my quilting friends.

We were treated to HM scones, raspberry jam and whipped cream, two scones each.....did not need anything else after that, we were stuffed. It was good to see my friend, despite problems with her sight she does very well, just now she is knitting toys, keeps her fingers busy. I took her some flowers and some bits of felt which I know she will use.  The two bags were greatly admired although I got told off for not charging enough for them.

Left around 3pm to travel home, heavy traffic on the A46 all the way to the turn off. Just volume of traffic and huge lorries racing to get back to base for the weekend.

The morning started grey and windy, its now sunny with a stiffish breeze, still cool though, hot water bottles in the bed again last night.

Tonight supper fish and chips, there is some pineapple left which we will have for dessert, that will finish it off.


Having finally managed to get a Sympathy card I liked, I took it over to B, I had not been since the evening of the day P passed away, I did not want to intrude on what is really a family time. B was pleased to see me, I did explain why I had not been over. Her son from South Africa has been with her since Monday afternoon and the daughter arrived from Spain at lunch time, I guess A will be over tomorrow so the scene is set for the funeral on Monday. We will miss P, he was a real gentleman of the old school.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Thursday Shopping Day

Yesterday started cloudy and developed into a really nice evening. This morning also started cloudy, the sun broke through briefly, but the sky has greyed and the weather station says rain... we shall see.

It was so cold last night I actually put hot water bottles in the bed.... the temperature has dropped more than 10 degrees...brrrr.... we are not used to the cold.

Into Lidl, DB went down to Wilkinson to get a new measuring tape to replace the one he broke. I went into Lidl, managed to stay in my budget by about 75p!!

The lilies in the front garden are out, two stems are in a vase in the sitting room, I love the scent, by the time they go over the ones in the back will be in flower.

Another of the chenille bags cut out, I have to overlock the lining on this one, have run out of the fabric I used to line the other bag, there is enough for more small bag I think, I need to measure it and see of there is enough for the bag and handles. Just one mat to sew the binding down on, will get it done today.

weel the second bag is done without as much cussing as went on with the first one. This one is smaller, more the shape of a bucket bag. I have put the dyson over the sewing room floor, have to empty it, its more sewing, apart from hand sewing till saturday if then. We are out tomorrow.

Its keeps coming over very black, but up to present we have not had rain, I wish it would get it over with, we could do with some more gentle rain, not the slashing sort they have had in other places.

Pizza and green salad for supper tonight........

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Not a good night last night, guess DB was dreaming, he was wriggling all round the bed, woke me at 4.30am, it was after 7am when I got off again, so late getting up.

It had stopped raining and the sun was valiantly trying to shine, so the towels went in the washer and out on the line.

DB was putting preservative on the sentry box before we move it into its new position, I seemed to spend the morning not doing much.

After lunch I decided to finish this.

Another bag done, I have enough of this fabric left to do another much smaller bag, need to measure it and see just how much I have left. Its not easy to sew!! It has to be overlocked around all the edges to prevent large lumps of it falling off. The sewing room floor is a mess, despite me clearing up most of the mess on Monday.

After his siesta DB went into the garden, he picked 2 raspberries and 2lbs of climbing beans. Our neighbour had a lettuce and some more rhubarb, she had a friend with her, she also got a lettuce.

Ham salad tonight, have a few potato's left from yesterday so we will have them with the salad. I picked some lollo rosso leaves for the salad.

At lunch time DB had no yogurt left, so I stoned and quartered two nectarines and also sliced some of the pineapple I got last week, it is lovely and ripe, a few grapes and instant fruit salad....yummy.

I now need to go and clear up the mess from the sewing room floor before it gets spread across the rest of the house. Will sew the binding down on another mat later.............

Tuesday, 11 July 2017


It started to rain last night, steadily, it was still damp when we got up. Very misty but dry just now.

DB has not been able to get out into the garden, the ground is too wet.

I have spent the morning doing the ironing and then switched to sewing another bag which caused me problems, the main fabric is chenille, which frays like the devil. Why someone would have a settee covered in the stuff beats me. I have enough of the fabric to make another bag if I feel like it. right now I am quite ambivalent.

Not much going on here, B's son arrived yesterday from South Africa, so she has someone with her, its a week today since P passed away.

E came round yesterday, her group want me to make some more of the bags, will have to have a sort through the fabric bag and see what I can find. One lady wants one that goes across her body, need to think about that.

Mince and mash for supper tonight, we have just enough raspberries to have for dessert.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Busy Monday

Up, not quite with the lark, but stripped the bed and sheets etc in the washer, hung out and dry, waiting ironing, maybe tomorrow.

I got DB to help me turn the mattress, we took off the electric blanket, its in the cupboard till next winter. Also took off the mattress topper, shoved it in the washer and its on the line, hopefully it will dry, it will have to go back on the bed tomorrow.

Whilst I had everything off the bed I used the hand held Dyson to hoover the mattress, very little came off it, so guess the topper had 'collected' everything.

I steam cleaned the wet room and toilet floor, so extra Monday clean done.

Phone call from our neighbour asking us to attend the funeral next Monday, her son from South Africa is due to arrive this afternoon, so he will be here for 3 weeks, time to sort through some of the things that need sorting. I know P was a hoarder.......

Managed to sew the binding down on another 2 mats, just one to go tomorrow.

It was quite warm and sunny this morning, but there is a change coming, the breeze has got up and its cooler. We had a few spots of rain earlier, but it did not come to anything.

DB spent the morning scarifying the front lawn and cutting it. We need to get some feed and weed for it then sow some new lawn seed on the bald patches. He has his annual MOT this afternoon at the Drs.

The lavatera in the back has gone mad.......I will have to cut it back a bit, the washing on the line catches on it.

Chicken and salad for supper tonight, stewed rhubarb for dessert with some left over cream.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Happy 100th Birthday to Holwell Bowling Club

We were late getting up, I cooked bacon, egg, tomato and fried bread for breakfast. 

As we have to be at the bowls by 1.30 DB is doing his usual, I want to go to get a parking space etc, if he is not careful he will be going by himself!!

We will have a small snack in a little while and then he can get himself ready, perhaps peace will reign!!

Its a sunny morning, there is a breeze which is keeping the temperature down a bit.....hope its not too hot this afternoon, DB does not tolerate the heat too well these days, neither do I.

Update to follow later................

Back from the celebrations...... as I suspected we were there far too early, I sat reading for 3/4hr before anyone else turned up.

It was hot, there was a breeze which helped to keep the temperature down a bit.

High tea was excellent, ham, salmon, quiche, pasta salad, coleslaw and warm potato's. Fresh fruit salad and cream, cheese and biscuits, tea and coffee then birthday cake.

The speeches went on a bit, but we were home just before 7pm, the sun still blasting down, opened all the doors and windows to try and get some cool air through the place.

DB out to the garden to pick raspberries..........

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Another scorcher

According to the forecast we are due another scorching day today. I am glad DB is not bowling this afternoon. I am hoping it will be a bit cooler tomorrow when we go to DB's old bowls club for their 100th birthday celebrations. Its sunny but just now there is a breeze which is very pleasant.

I decided to cook the chicken this morning whilst the kitchen is in the shade,as we are out for high tea/supper tomorrow we are having our Sunday supper tonight.

More pictures of the garden, the veg garden this time, it looks like we may have a boiling of beans later in the week, two small courgettes have already found their way into the fridge. We like them raw in salad.

This is a cucumber, we have never grown them outside before.

We should be ok for tomato's too.

Plenty of flowers on the climbing beans.

These are drying beans, I have just used up the ones from the last time we grew them 2 years ago, these are from seed we saved.

The Braeburn apple tree, not sure if there will be another drop or not. It is actually a patio tree, but we planted it in the ground so it gets the sun to ripen the fruit.

The sweetcorn are just starting to shoot up, they are always slow to get going but then grown alarmingly fast.

I have booked 5 nights in a B & B in Cornwall, we both wanted to go to The Lost Gardens of Heligan, so we are off next May. Travel to just outside Bristol and stay overnight. Down to St Martins near Looe for 5 nights, then back via an overnight stop at Bristol again. We could do the journey in the day, but personally I just do not want to push it. We can always stop off somewhere for a visit if we want to.

Pulled more rhubarb, its cooked and cooled, as is the chicken, veg all prepped just have to cook it.

I have cut out the body for another bag, just now I am doing my 'one s day' sewing the binding down on a table mat. May not get one done tomorrow, depends how tired I am when we get back from the bowls.

It has not turned out as hot as I thought it would, just pleasant, a nice breeze wafting through the house.


Friday, 7 July 2017


Gosh it was mega hot again yesterday, phew its much cooler so far this morning, I have all the back windows and door open there is a bit of a breeze. I opened the bedroom and sitting room windows first thing, but once the sun gained strength closed them and drew the curtains.

I was awake early and could not get back to sleep, so read until DB woke up.

The chaps from the council are due anytime this morning, hummmm..........

P got back into her flat ok, the locksmith turned up about 2.30, it took him 2 1/2 hours to get into the flat and put a new lock on. Apparently the first lock had not been put in correctly which was the cause of the problem, so 3 things have gone wrong in P's first week in her new home, lets hope thats the end of it. I have to say the manager of the flats was exceptional, he was due to attend a meeting, but cancelled, he should have gone off duty at 3pm but did not go until he was sure P was back in her flat and everything was ok. He deserves a medal, in this day and age it is wonderful to find someone with such commitment to his residents.

The shed chappies were here for over an hour. Decision has been made. The expert says the JK we had is dead, we have to remove the old shed and all the gubbins underneath and then the ground will be treated to ensure that the knotweed is dormant under the new shed. We can then have the shed put up and the old shed taken away. It needs to be done in a month earlier that I expected, however I think it will be ok.

It was sunny till lunch time, then it clouded over, we have not had any rain but its much cooler.

B rang this morning to let us know the arrangements for P's cremation, its a week on Monday 17th July at 1pm at Grantham, there is to be a funeral tea afterwards at the little chapel round the corner.

I have finished putting the binding on the mats, I now have to sew it down by hand, not a job I enjoy, I will try and make myself do a mat a day. Its not so bad now we have the lighter nights, I do not mind sewing whilst watching the TV.

Fish, chips and peas for supper, we have enough raspberries for dessert.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Haircut and shopping

DB went off to get his hair trimmed this morning, I was just setting out to pick him up when he walked round the corner!! We set off for Bottesford to collect P. We were a bit early, but she was ready, off we went to Aldi.

Not too bad a shop not as expensive as I thought, and I was very restrained, they had some fabulous clematis for £5.50, they were all pink and purple so I did not buy one!!! I wanted a white one.....

Back with P to put her shopping away, she could not get her front door undone, and when I tried the lock fell through onto the floor inside....luckily the complex manager, who had been going to a meeting, was still there, he phoned for the locksmith, but it was going to be mid afternoon before he arrived. Aware of the fact that we had milk, butter cream etc in the boot, we left her in the capable hands of the manager and came home. She was quite happy to be left and we said we will ring later today and make sure she is back in the flat ok.

Its turned very warm again, 70c in the shade, I have the front windows and the back door open to try and get a through draught....

Its too hot to sew, I am going to read on the settee in the cool..........

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Bright morning it was 67c when we got up, and as the sun moved round it became quite warm. A bit muggy later on as there was very little breeze.

Round to the chapel for coffee, two lots of visitors came so it was a big group, plenty of chatter going on. I took 20 sticks of rhubarb, it all went, J came round to deliver some crates for us to store stuff from the shed, so I gave her some more rhubarb and a lettuce from the garden.

I caved in last night and went over to see my neighbour, she was quite tearful when I went in, but after talking generally for an hour or so she was calmer when I left. Funeral details later, although all has been arranged some time ago. It will be at Grantham Crematorium. Her younger son is with her just now, her elder son is trying to sort out a flight from South Africa and will stay with his Mum when he gets here.

Sewed the binding on 3 more mats, just one more to do, then I have to sit and hand sew the binding down, not my favourite job, but it will get done.

Saw E briefly, she was going out, I gave her the tapestry bag I made, she had an nice letter from the bride and groom she gave the ring pillow to, it has a lovely picture of the bride and groom on the front with their little girl.

Salmon and salad for supper. I cooked the salmon in lemon juice, its in the fridge along with a green salad, potato salad and some coleslaw. There is a bit of the crumble left so that will be dessert.

No gardening for DB, he is bowling this afternoon, the social bowls meeting they have once a fortnight. Tomorrow we are going shopping and taking P and Friday we have our meeting with the council chaps about the shed.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Its a cloudy morning, but still quite warm, yesterday the sun broke through in the late afternoon and it was a very pleasant evening. There is a breeze which is keeping it coolish.

Our neighbour across the road passed away last night, he had another fall and knocked himself out,  B is back home, the hospice asked her to stay for the night, she
 wants to spend the day on her own, so we are respecting that, I will go over and see her tomorrow. It is sad, however I can only feel it is a blessing.........

DB had a bit of a funny turn yesterday, he said he felt he was getting palpitations and a dizzy, he did his eye exercises and the dizziness went off. I asked him to take things steady this morning, but he had to go out and mow the back lawn......he wonders why he gets no sympathy!!

I need to trim the mountain mats and bind them, no idea whats going to be next, I have to go through the things I have and see what else I could make. I do want to make a couple of bags.....I may use some of the squares of curtain fabric in the bags

Tomorrow is the coffee morning at the little chapel, I will pull some rhubarb and take, its going mad. I did give some to a neighbour this morning. I still have apples and rhubarb in the freezer from last year, I am going to have to do some puddings for a few weeks to use it up before we start storing this years produce.

Claire came round this afternoon with her loppers, the laurel hedge has been cut right back to the fence, we have gained about 2 foot of garden. Lots of rubbish in bags now for the green bin.

Laurel cut back, at least 2ft of garden to fill with plants.

Day Lily in full bloom

The hollyhock is just starting to come up

Any one for rhubarb, I will pull some more tomorrow to take round to the coffee morning.

Drying beans

Start of the climbing beans, better use up the veg in the veg drawer.

I managed to get one of the mats almost bound, then Claire knocked on the door, so I went out to assist clearing up the laurel. Well worth the £10 it cost me.

Monday, 3 July 2017


Towels in the washer and out on the line, showers have been forecast for later, so hopefully they will dry before then.

DB is tootling out in the garden, the birds have eaten the white currants, so he is not happy, I did tell him to net them, but of course he didn't. He has been growing stuff long enough to know.

Monday clean done, I do find cleaning the wet room floor a chore, because we have hard water we get yellow deposits developing which you have to scrub to get off, The floor has a non slip surface so its bobbly which does not help. I really need to source a new mop that will scrub the marks off, will have to have a look round and see what I can find.

I have one part of the cushion cover to finish quilting, its not as good as I would like, its ages since I did any machine quilting and it shows, even though I do a warm up first. I am hoping to get it finished today. I phoned P. this morning and arranged to pick her up on Thursday morning to go to Aldi, so I will give it to her then. I did think about doing table mats to match, but do not want to put myself under pressure, so will think about doing them for Christmas instead. By that time she may well have managed to get the extra furniture she needs that is still at her nieces house.

School is out, the village is quiet, its the children's bible group this week, the marquee is up on the village green with the bouncy castle etc in it.

The farms are starting harvesting again after the rain. the roadsides in the village are scattered with wild flowers, there is quite a large group of lupins in one part, they have self seeded over the years. We are starting to harvest courgette and lettuce, the rhubarb has gone daft, I will pull a load and take it to the chapel coffee morning on Wednesday. Some will go in the freezer. I still have apples in there from last year and also some gooseberries and blackberries. I will have to start making desserts again to use them up before we start harvesting again. DB is picking quite a few raspberries, hopefully we will be able to make some raspberry jam as well.

The cushion is finished, It took me ages to sort out how to sew the thing down, eventually I remembered, not really keen on the buttons but the best I can do at short notice. It actually looks better with the cushion pad in.

Sunday, 2 July 2017


We had our usual breakfast in bed, the front door bell went, but no one there. ?power all the clocks only for it to go off twice again. Rang up to see what was going on, problems with a high tension cable, switched to another supply. About an hour later it went again, have we been switched back? 

Laundry washed and on the line, its sunny, but keeps clouding over, there is a breeze which hopefully will dry the laundry fairly quickly.

Bacon sarnies for lunch. DB is going for his rest and then shower and change for his bowls, so I have the afternoon to myself. I am hoping to finish quilting the cushion cover. Its ages since I did any machine quilting, its a bit like when I first started, big and small stitches, it was called country quilting!! will take me a while to get back to regular stitches. I do warm up on scrap fabric. I think I also need to find the silicone spray, the wadding is not moving easily across the bed of the machine, not sure If I have any furniture polish......I no longer use it, just a damp duster and then buff up. I will try wiping the bad of the machine with a damp cloth first, see if that makes a difference.

More raspberries picked this morning, I am going to freeze some might get enough for some jam.

Freezer audit done and menu list filled in, shopping list started, do not need much meat this month, we are out a couple of Sundays so no roast.

Have just heard that my niece and her family are coming over from Oz for 3 weeks in late August, it would be good to catch up with them.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Its July!!

The day started off rather dull, no rain, but this afternoon the cloud cleared and now we have bright sunshine. I am cross I did not put laundry in, it would have dried.

DB did a bit in the garden, picked more raspberries which we will have for dessert. I might even get to freeze a few for jam.

Our bedside clock decided to do a woopsie, when I woke it said 10. 20, it was 8. idea what happened there.

Ished quilting the last table mat and have woven in all the ends

I used the embroidery stitches on the machine and just quilted down the joins, hence me having to darn in the ends.

I have used different stitches on the  mats. I now have to trim and bind them.

P said yesterday she was getting a second easy chair, so I decided to make her a cushion, I have a spare inner in the cupboard. I had to clean out the machine, the fluff from the tapestry bag was horrendous. I have also changed the needle. I decided the needle had done sterling work sewing through all those layers. It is at the quilting stage, have done some of it, but decided it was time I packed in for today. I picked colours that go with her room. I will post a picture when its finished.

Supper tonight, chicken with apricots in brandy, no veg we are having rice, rasps and ice cream for dessert, DB is not here for supper tomorrow night, he gets his at the bowls club.

Bread made, the house smells lovely, just baked bread, makes my tummy rumble, I have to force myself not to go and cut off the crust and slather it with butter.

Need to do a freezer aduit and sort out the shopping list for next week. I know we still have some mince and sausages left, but thats about it. A big shop needed.

Forecast is for a fine day tomorrow, so laundry in the washer, will put it on overnight so I can get it out early in the morning, hopefully it will dry. If its fine Monday I will do the towels.

Friday, 30 June 2017

A Fine Day

It eventually stopped raining last night, the ground was damp this morning, but it has dried up as the day has gone on.

It was so cold yesterday afternoon I lit the fire......almost July!!

Two more mats done, just have one to quilt and then cut the binding and sew it on. 

Friday clean done, even hoovered up the carpet in the sewing room, lots of bits of thread etc. It looks quite tidy in there just now. How long for is another matter.

DB was out in the garden, half a bowl of raspberries, so that dessert for tonight sorted. I have more new spuds to use up so we are having fish with new spuds and peas, hive chips a rest for a week.

DB is bowling on Sunday, so I will cook our sunday supper tomorrow instead, he will get his tea. I guess it will be bacon sarnies before he goes. Need to put a loaf on tomorrow, we have just finished the last loaf at lunch time.

DB is getting to grips with his tablet, it works differently to my IPad, so its a learning curve for me too, I have loaded borrowbook and also his forty thieves game he plays, so he is happy for now.

I have discovered where our friend from round the corner has gone, she is in a flat in Bottesford, I will send her a note and we will nip over and see her. Maybe we can take her shopping to Aldi when we go.....I am pleased we know where she is at last, several people have asked me if I knew where she had gone. Our local pastor told me this morning and gave me the address.


When DB got up after his siesta we decided to go over and see P, she was delighted to see us. She had been wondering how to get in touch with us let let us know where she was. 

She has a really nice little flat, hall, sitting room kitchen bedroom and en suite with a walk in shower. Moved in at the weekend, she has one or two bits more to get and then she will be very comfortable and happy.

We have arranged to go over next week and take her to Aldi in Bingham to stock up her cupboards and freezer.

We were pleased to see her looking so well. She is making the effort to get to know her fellow residents which is really good.

Thursday, 29 June 2017


Yes, its still raining, I am not complaining but DB is......he cannot get out into the garden, it is forecast to clear, but we know hoe good the forecasting is don't we???

I am not bothered about the rain, we need it so badly.

I spent yesterday afternoon layering up the delectable mountain mats I made, have quilted two of them using embroidery stitches on the machine, I darned in 72 thread ends last night, do not want them coming undone. I hope to get a couple more done today, will see how it goes. I had forgotten I had made the mats, so the grandmothers fan ones are on hold. I might not make them after all but go on the do the christmas tree hangings.

The tablet I ordered for DB will be delivered this morning, something else I will have to grapple with to set it up. It will be easier for him to manage then the digital reader on his lap top.

We will both get new books from the library van when it comes on Monday, but they rarely last us the full month and the choice is very limited. DB asked me to look for Quintin Jardine books, two he has not read. They were not available through the library, I ended up buying second hand copies for him, he will pay for them from his pocket money. We both enjoy the books about Bob Skinner, not sure if QJ will write any more now BS has retired.

Two more mats quilted and the ends darned in, I have one to go. Sorted out the mess on the bed in the sewing room, all the fabric has been put away, I have also moved things around a bit and now have all my threads close to my machine, I can reach them from my chair.

DB's tablet arrived and I have partially set it up, I have to find out how to change the time from Mexico to UK. He has loaded two books to read and also the forty thieves game he likes to play.

B has gone in to see P apparently he has had a fall, he was going for an XRay on his leg this morning. 

Supper bacon fritatta with new potato's, green beans and sweetcorn. No rasps DB has not been out to pick today, maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Its raining Yay!!

It started raining during the night and is continuing this morning. We could do with it like this for several days, the ground is so dried out.

Techie man has been and sorted out DB with the reading app, I have ordered a cheap tablet for him so he can use borrowbox and read in bed instead of having to take the lap top to bed with him. Bust the budget a bit, never mind, did a bit of jiggling to pay for it.

Toad in the hole with veg tonight. I ordered 3 dinners from WFF they came this morning, so should the unforseen happen there are meals in the freezer for DB.

I am about to cut out 4 table mats and experiment with grandmothers fan in the corner......I have quite a few scraps in the scrap box, hoping to be able to use them for the fans.

DB is not able to garden today, we have started getting trouble with the blasted cat from across the road using the wood chip for a toilet, that is what killed the lavender in the first place. The scarer seems to have stopped working, I need to charge up the battery. Some one also recommended extra strong chilli powder, she says it works on her garden, she gets it from Asda, will message her and ask her to get me some the next time she is in.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


It has been a much duller day, we still have the breeze and there have been a couple of rain showers, not much though, hardly wet the ground.

DB was in the garden this morning, he made up some of the stinky comfrey feed and watered all the veg and some of the plants in the border. I knew when he came into the house he had been at the comfrey it really does hink, but it makes a good feed for plants.

I did the ironing from yesterday and then continued with 'The Bag'

Its finished...boy was it hard to sew, the fabric is heavy taperstry, it has a pocked on the front, lined with three pockets inside and a squared bottom. I need to make a covered piece to fit in the borrom, need to look for a stout piece of cardboard.

There is more tapestry fabric in the bags I was given, but will not be doing another bag for a while, there is some lighter curtain samples, going to look at those to maybe make a patchwork sewing bag or some such, depends what I find.

Stovies for supper...raspberries for dessert.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Rain? what rain?

Once again we woke to blue sky, sunshine and a slight breeze, its hot in the sun. No rain so I guess we will be watering again tonight.

Bed stripped, now on the line blowing lazily in the slight breeze, just enough to keep cool. Monday clean done......

DB cut the front grass, he had a job to do in the front but he says it will have to wait until its cooler, the sun will move round to the back around mid day. He is pottering in the back just now. The raspberries are picking well.

Yesterday afternoon I sewed down some of the binding on the tree skirt, I made myself use 2 needles of thread, then filled the needles for today. Cut out a bag and straps from the tapestry fabric that was in the bag of fabric I was given. I found some fabric which tones in well for the lining. The fabric frays like mad, I used a whole bobbin of cotton to overlock the sides of the fabric, had to refill it to start sewing, pocket is made and lined, I just have to turn it back out and clip the corners, they are too thick as they are. Need to sort out the handles, I am hoping to sew down the seam and then turn them through, again the fabric is too thick to make handles the usual way, I can see this is going to be fun. Will put a pocket on the lining as well.

Spag bol and garlic bread for supper tonight. I need to go through the freezer, I am hoping not to have to go shopping until the middle of next week.....fingers crossed.

The postman knocked at the door at lunch time.......

The lavender was full of liny butterflies and bees, I just managed to catch a couple.

First time I have seen so many bees and butterflies on the lavender by the front gate.

Sunday, 25 June 2017


The forecast for today was rain......where is it then, its fine, slight sunshine with a breeze.....I did not strip the bed because of the forecast........Emptied the laundry basket, the laundry will shortly be on the line. The forecast have been all up the alley since Wednesday, just a couple of showers, no heavy thunder storms as we were told there would be.

We had our usual Sunday breakfast in bed.

The remains of the wood chippings, you can see the size of the original bag, it was full to the top.

DB had been out this morning cutting back the ivy in our side, we now need someone with a pruning saw to cut the smaller branches and an electric saw to cut down the main trunk. It will then be drilled and SBK put in the holes. Covered with a plastic bag in a couple of years it should be dead and we will be able to remove the stump......heres hoping.

No plans for the rest of the day apart from getting the supper, roast pork. I may start sewing down the binding on the tree skirt, on the other hand I might just sit and read.

Saturday, 24 June 2017


A little sun first thing, but a breeze which keeps it cooler.

After breakfast we started spreading the wood mulch on the front garden, I am positive this bag is bigger than the last one. We completed one side of the garden and then stopped for lunch.

When we went round the back out side neighbour was cutting back the ivy with secateurs, DB offered to go round with the loppers, of course I had to get roped in as well.....however we have cleared it mostly from her side, the rest needs clearing from ours. It will have to wait another day.

The orchid from the bathroom, there are 2 flower stalks on this one.

DB has had his siesta, he is watching the last day at Ascot, we will be going out shortly to finish putting the wood chips down on the front, and then I will see if I can get it round to the back garden, its too big to lift so it will have to be dragged. I will then shovel it into the wheel barrow to tip it on the paths between the veg beds.

DB has taken the net off the strawberries, he is picking raspberries now.......

Officially crackered, all the front flower beds are covered with a deep layer of wood chip, by this time next year it will need doing again. We have over half the sack left for the paths at the back. Dragged the bag round, so now I need to sit and recover.

Macaroni and cheese for supper, jacket spuds, tomato and celery salad. We will finish off the strawberries for dessert.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Another dull day

It is very grey and windy, we keep getting small showers, nothing like the storms we were told to expect.

We were up at 7.30, the wood arrived at 7.45, same chap as before, soon unloaded and on the front grass, I have moved the wood round to the back, we might start and empty the wood chippings this afternoon. DB has almost finished weeding the front beds. I need to seriously think about plants to fill up the empty spaces.

I have a feeling that P is fading fast. The actual LOROS mini bus arrived to pick B up just before 9.30 this morning, she was not carrying a bag when she got into the bus......we are wondering if they have called her in. She does not usually go in until about 11am. Time will tell.

I washed the bath towels they are dancing on the line, despite the showers they are drying in the wind, I may fetch them in and finish them off on the airer although the sky appears to be clearing.

The fields round about us are shorn of their crops, the farmers have been busy harvesting during the fine spell, tractors lorries and combine harvesters along the roads.......the rolls of silage and hay are appearing in the farm yards.

The strawberries have almost finished, DB picked half a bowl of raspberries this morning. I need to get some sugar and make the strawberry jam, I also plan to make some strawberry and rhubarb for a change. No chance of the raspberries getting frozen, DB loves them more than strawberries.

I have mounted the piece of trellis against the coal house, it needs screwing on then I can start to train the clematis up it. I want it to cover the side of the coal house eventually. Still no news from the council about the shed. DB was on the phone again this morning. He is talking about just going ahead with the shed regardless.......its not going to happen yet. I have to get the cash in the bank first and we need to empty the old shed and get it removed.

I am doing a bit of decluttering in the kitchen cupboards, anything that has not been used in the last 12 months is going out, I have several cake tins which I thought I might use, but cake is not on the menu very often and its usually a lemon drizzle or carrot cake, although I do make the very occasional victoria sponge, I use a deep tin and cut it in half, as I used to do for the teas at Suntrap. I do make scones quite a bit too, not too  much fat and sugar in those, its the butter, jam and cream you put on that does the damage!!

Fish and chips tonight, the first cooked meal for a week, we have been living on salad whilst it has been so hot.

Will be settling down to watch Ascot after lunch whilst DB has his siesta.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Much cooler

No sun this morning, very grey and overcast.

Into Melton first thing to collect the sprayer and also a couple of things from Lidl. There were spots of rain on the way back, but by the time we got home the rain was not in sight. At lunch time it was looking a bit black.........

DB started weeding the front garden ready for more of the wood chip to go down tomorrow.

I watered the pots close to the house and then picked some rhubarb for our over the fence neighbour. There is quite a lot up there, I think I will be pulling some for the freezer.

DB came in with a dish of strawberries, he had found a baby blackbird under the net eating strawberries, he took the net off so the bird could fly away.

No plans for the afternoon, might watch the racing from Ascot, or maybe start hand sewing the binding down on the tree skirt.

Supper tonight ham salad with new potato's.

The Hydrangea in the back is one I grew from a cutting.

Rose on the arch.

Another rose on the arch, this one has not climbed very far but is full of flower.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The sun is back

thanks to a breeze it is not as hot as it has been. We were forecast thunder storms but they have not arrived.

DB is bowling this afternoon, so a light lunch, he will have a siesta before he gets changes. I have given him 2 flasks of water with ice cubes in.

A small load of washing done this morning, just to keep things in check. Its almost dry and ready to be folded and put away.

We spent yesterday afternoon reading, and generally feeling cooler. DB said he enjoyed his day, low key as it was.......

A cooler night to sleep too so better quality of sleep........

I have the binding ready to put on the tree skirt, I will see how I feel may sew it on whilst DB is out.

Wilkinson have phoned the sprayer is in so sw will go and collect it tomorrow, DB phoned the council this morning, we are still waiting for them to come out and look at the garden to see about the shed. 

C came last night and cut back some of the laurel, she is coming at the weekend to cut it back further with the heavy duty loppers, its amazing how much more room there is in the bed already.......once its cut back there will be plenty of room for the small hut at the side of the back bedroom window, without it affecting the light. We need to empty and move it.

No news re our neighbour, B was going in to see him today, a friend taking her and bringing her home. I hope its not going to be too long for her sake.

I down loaded a scan app yesterday and have scanned a load of photographs onto the computer, I will eventually put them on the hard drive for safe keeping, found lots of photos of quilting things I made in the past and also holidays in France when we were looking at going to live there. also some the grandchildren will not be pleased if I publish!!

We are still picking a few strawberries, DB found mrs blackbird stealing this morning, so he has taken the net off the small bed, so its easier to get at the few that are left and she will not get herself tangled in the net.

Supper tonight, the prok pie from yesterday with salad and strawberries to follow.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Happy Birthday DB

Thankfully its cloudy, although still a bit muggy, its a relief after the last 3 days of heat. I had to take anti histamine this morning, I had a bite on my arm.......

Today is DB's 84th birthday, he admitted this morning he did not think he would still be here, but he is and in as good health as he will ever be in now.

His sister rang this morning to wish him a happy birthday, they usually speak on birthdays, Christmas etc.......

More strawberries picked this morning,possibly more to go in the freezer, DB thinks we have picked well over 20 lbs now.

Sad news from our neighbour P has been re-admitted to LOROS, and will not be coming home again. B is naturally very upset, she has gone in to see him today. The hospice have told her that she can stay if she wishes to and can have a bed in P's room as he nears the end of his life.

We are very sad, when we first came to have a sneaky look at the bungalow in May 2015, P offered to show us round their bungalow, so we could see what it was like, we have been friends ever since. We commented this morning how sad it has been to see P's decline. 2 years ago he was a bright articulate chap still enjoying his retirement. OK he had his problems, it has been hard to watch. We will keep a watching brief over B.

DB elected to go out for lunch. He wanted to go to 'NicePie' they make pork and other pies in the vale, in 4 years they have won 49 prizes for their pies and also appeared on Jamie Olivers TV show back in 2014.

The birthday boy.

We decided on a ploughman's each, there was the equivalent of a small pork pie on each plate, a slice of ham, DB had cheddar cheese I had stilton, salad, bread and butter, slices of apple, pickle and mustard. It was most enjoyable, although we did come home with a goodie bag, 4 slices of pork pie, just could not eat it all. DB had milk to drink, I had a pot of tea.

I had a bit of a disaster with the lemon drizzle cake, as I was taking it out of the tin it broke, however, after a night in the fridge it was ok, so we gave it to the lady on the counter at the wood yard. The wood is ordered, I also ordered trellis for the side of the coal shed and it will be delivered, along with another bag of wood chip on Friday.

Back home DB is having his siesta, I am going to read for a while.

It will be sandwiches for supper.......the pork pie we brought home will do us another couple of lunches.