Friday, 16 December 2016


was spent in quiet contemplation of a life lost far too soon.

I had a lot of messages and for those I thank you, your thoughts for us, on what was a very sad day, were appreciated so much. Sorrow can be a very lonely place.

Virtually nothing, apart from meals, was done during the day, I read quite a bit, also spent some time on my own; just thinking. I find I am getting increasingly tired, so it was good to spend a day resting.

I have not heard how my ex is, my youngest daughter was going in to see him yesterday and also some of his bowling pals were going in. I spoke to one of them on Wednesday night.

Having said that my daughter phoned to say that he has had the blood vessels to his foot diverted round the blockage, so hopefully his foot will improve and they are hoping that the gangrene will go of its own accord. He has been pumped full of antibiotics. They say he will be in hospital for another 5 days at least. I am hoping they will keep him until they have managed to sort something out re meals etc for him. My daughter said the house was a tip.

Went and got my hair cut this morning, whilst I was out my new phone arrived, so now I have to contact everyone and give them the new number and also get theirs to put in the phone too.

A bright day, but no sun, its not so cold as it has been. The workmen have just about finished the two heating installations, so all the houses in the close now have gas central heating. Ours is off just now, may light the fire in a bit will see what DB says when he gets up from his siesta.

Fish and wedges tonight with coleslaw, might have banana.....after.

I have 3 of the blocks for the baby quilt done, I have to cut 3 more plain squares for the last block and then cut them apart again.......

I have had a message from my friend who lives in the south west of France. He husband was taken into hospital with what they thought was a DVT. his blood showed that he has leukaemia, he is having chemo just now. They seem to be sure of curing it. Apparently they are using a new treatment that is not available in the UK. It has been developed by scientists in France. It seems to be all doom and gloom just now.

Have the TV programme magazine for the holiday, looks like there are going to be a few good programmes on for a change. It will make a change from the endless wheeling out of The Sound of Music!!

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