Thursday, 29 December 2016

What a waste of time that was!!

We travelled in to the hospital. DB's appointment was 3.35 pm, it was 4.30 before he was seen and then not by the consultant!! It was his registrar who proceeded to go through his notes asking questions,  No apology for keeping us waiting an hour. I got annoyed, all the things she was asking were in the notes, no need for her to take them again. Eventually DB said this is a follow up appointment from Dr L. seeing me in August. I explained that his dizziness had been put down to vertigo for which he was taking medication. She then proceeded to examine him, all the procedures that they went through at the balance clinic last week. I pointed this out to her. 'Oh I did not realise he had been seen in the balance clinic'. He has exercises to do 3 times a day, also has an appointment to see the physio, We assumed that Dr L was going to sign him off again, it was just a follow up appointment!! She gave in and signed him off! What a waste of hers and our time let alone the cost of fuel and the cost to the health service......and we had to drive home in the dark which I hate.

It was a sunny but freezing morning, some of the frost has laid all day, the roads were ok though.

Freezer audit done and the menu plan for the next month, I just need to sort out the shopping list for next week. 

I bought a case for my new phone it arrived this morning, too small, so had to ring and get them to change it. I have to send the cover back with a note and they will send me a new one. I need to get a cert of posting in case it gets lost!

We were up early this morning so we had an early lunch and DB got his siesta before we went out. I have got hooked on doing jigsaws on the lap top....some of them are real pigs, have done one and half way through another one, will finish it later tonight.

No housework done this week, will clean through on Saturday so we start the New Year with a clean house, all laundry done ironed and put away and clean bed linen.

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