Wednesday, 14 December 2016


We were off to the hospital this morning, it was a fine morning OH said it was 50f.

We had to wait quite a while to see the Dr, he has been signed off, does not need to go back, so thats good. We did manage to get in to see my ex, the gangrene is a small bit on the side of his big toe on his left foot, his foot is still red and swollen. He was going for angioplasty this afternoon. Its possible that he may loose that toe.

Our friends came for a cuppa this afternoon, the chocolate biscuits went down very well. We have agreed to go to the carol service on Sunday night. J spent a long time looking at photographs of various trips we have taken to France and the US.

I prepped the supper before we went out this morning, its on the stove cooking now. Sausage, mash, gravy and mixed veg. No pudding, we are eating fresh fruit after our meals.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow but will take the day as it comes. We have nothing planned either tomorrow or Friday.

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