Wednesday, 7 December 2016


DB set the alarm so we were up at a reasonable time this morning. Its coffee morning.

We had rain overnight, but the ground is drying up and the temperature is up to 9c after several days of freezing weather. Heating is on, but has closed down, its quite a bit warmer outside today 9c rather than hovering around freezing. I need to clean out the fire and re lay it for this afternoon, did not light it until 4,30 yesterday and the one lot of coal lasted all night.

We had a visitor yesterday morning, a lady P, who goes to the coffee morning, she is on her own all day and I think she is lonely. Made coffee and had a chat. After she had gone we had lunch. DB reported to feeling a bit dizzy, so went to bed for his siesta. When he got up we wrapped all the parcels so that job is done.

Spent the rest of the afternoon reading. I like to watch 'Escape to the Country' it used to be on at 3 pm so we recorded it. this week they have started showing it at 3.40pm so we watch it instead. We have a lot of programmes on our recorder we really need to either watch or erase. We use a freestat box, its quite old and there have been several improved models come out. I am thinking of changing it sometime next year. The new models will record 2 programmes at the same time whilst you watch a third. We find that often there is a conflict of programmes, so this option would be really good. I bought the box when we moved to Haddington from the cottage. Our then landlord was miffed because I had the satellite box removed to take it with us. I had paid for the dish so no way was I leaving it behind.

Went to see the Dr tonight, I had my BP taken which was fine, I now have to go in the morning for a blood test, then the results next week, after that I can get the meds. I asked her about the MRI, she was in agreement that I had done the right thing canceling it until the new year particularly as DB has an appointment the next day at LRI. So I await a new appointment.

The temperature has gone up quite a bit since this morning, no nearly as cold as it has been.

I cut out the bits for the baby quilt, I have done 2 of the initial 9 patches, came out bang on 12 1/2". should get the other two done tomorrow.

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