Thursday, 22 December 2016


A quick trip to melton this morning, DB needed a new battery in one watch and a new strap for the other. I nipped into Morrison to get Sunday fruit for our breakfast on Christmas Day.

As far as I know my ex is still in hospital, DD1 has said if they send him home she will have him there on Christmas day. She has tried talking to him but he is adamant he is staying in the house, so she has told him she is going to go up twice a week and make sure he is ok. D is very like his father, he too was a stubborn old fool.

We were going carol singing tonight but I am feeling very tired, so we have decided to stay at home in the warm. We will have to listen for them coming round.

I am at a loss with my new phone, I am not sure how I am going to get round the problem, apparently I have put a password in and need to use the same password to access the phone, I have tried all the passwords I know, cannot get in with any of them and I have to wait an hour between each try, its driving me and window are very close.

No more shopping to do, I need to have a swift clean p tomorrow and that's it. My grandson has asked us to nip in on our way home on Christmas Day to see his new house.,Its ages since I saw him. We will drop his Mum and sister off, they are going for tea, we will come home want to get back before its dark.

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