Thursday, 8 December 2016


I woke with the alarm and got up. DB was still sleepy so I told him to stay where he was and I went off to the Drs. The waiting room was full but I was the first one for the phlebotomist, so was home just before 9am. DB still asleep so I prepped the breakfast and took his through to him. 

I had put the laundry on before I went out, it was raining so put half of it in the dryer, by the time it had finished the sun was out and the rain gone, so I put the rest of the laundry on the line, there was quite a breeze and most of the thinner things soon dried, they are on the airer.

After lunch DB went for his siesta, I continued making up the 9 patches, got them done and cut them up. I have cut the next lot that are going in, but need to have a quick look at the video to make sure I am doing it right. I will only just have enough of the background material. I am going to cut strips from the fat quarters and join them together to make the binding, it will be a bit random.

Supper prepped, sausage, mash, cabbage and carrots. We have decided to stop having a dessert except on Sunday......

DB is still coughing, I hope he does not cough tomorrow at the lunch!!

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