Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Morning After the Day Before!!

My goodness, eating a large lunch makes you tired, we almost slept the clock round!!

Very little eaten for the rest of yesterday, DB had a slice of stollen, I had a couple of cream crackers with a cup of tea about 8.30 last night. It was 9.30 am before I woke and 11 am before my feet hit the floor.

Since then DB has washed the car and chopped wood to light the fire. I cleared out the grate and re laid the fire ready to light, dusted and shoved the dyson over the kitchen and sitting room floors. I managed to trap my finger in the drop leaf table as I opened it up, I now have a finger with a purple bruise on it.

I forgot to mention yesterday another little girl who made several people smile. She had obviously been told to smile when she sang. Smile she did with her her teeth clamped together, how she managed to sing at all beats me. I did so wish I had taken my camera with me.

DB is having his siesta, cheese bacon and onion pie for supper, DB has asked for beans so it could become quite windy here tonight!! Spuds are cooked I have to drain and mash them, stir in the cheese onions and bacon and stick it in a dish, will cook it later.

I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon on the settee reading.

Its the semi finals of Strictly tonight, I wonder who will do out, all the dancers that are left are very good. I have to admit a soft spot for Kevin and Louise, he is such a good choreographer, and she has really improved and developed under his tuition. We will see. Kevin has won it before I think but I cannot remember who his partner was.

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