Tuesday, 20 December 2016


I did the laundry yesterday, the sun has shone brightly all day despite the forecast being for rain!!

Up and away just after 9 am. DB wanted a new axe, so we went to the hardware shop first, then to the library to get new books and on to Aldi.

It was packed out, very little space in the car park and heavily loaded trolley's coming out through the door. I did not stick to my shopping list found some things that DB wanted so they got put in the trolley. The main veg was 19p so I bought maris piper potato's, brussel sprouts and calabrese at @ 19p the veg is in the coal shed, it cold enough in there for it to keep ok. I still managed to spend almost £50 eekkkk. Mind you I did buy some wine and also nuts and things which we only have at Christmas. A carton of pate and a cheese board also found their way into the trolley. Mind you it will all get eaten. To my shame I also bought chocolate.

Back home bags unpacked and everything put away.

I am having problems with my new phone, it kept saying there was no sim card, but I knew the card was in, changed it round and then it said no service.......and it keeps saying no service, its driving me nuts I am going to have to go in the the EE shop in town and see if they can sort it. I have tried to register with EE cannot get onto the page to do it........aarrgghhhh.................I will try on the Ipad see if I do any better with that. May be I need to register first. Any one out there with a samsung J5???

DB has gone for his siesta, good job too he was not in a very good frame of mind this morning........

I really need to iron the bed linen from yesterday. If I do not do it today it will be waiting for the rest of the week and possibly next week too.

I have done belly pork casserole for tonights supper, spuds and calabrese with it. There is enough to freeze for another supper over the holiday.

DB has an appointment at the balance clinic in the morning, we will nip and see my ex as well. Apparently they got him out of bed yesterday, he is walking with a walker. DD1 spent most of yesterday at him house, she was going back today to finish it off, said she needed a spade to get through the muck, apparently the bathroom was horrendous. I really feel he should be in a place where he can have an eye kept on him and get regular meals, bread and jam is no substitute for a hot meal.

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