Saturday, 17 December 2016


A nice day, sun shining and nowhere near as cold as it has been.

Up and laundry in the washer, I doubt it will dry much but at least it will smell fresh, I will either put it in the dryer or on the airer.

Spent the morning steam cleaning the kitchen, DB helped move the table etc out so the floor could get a really good clean. I also tackled the marks on the sitting room carpet, I blast with the steam nozzle and then a go over with a cloth, hey presto, marks gone.

We have a few decorations up, just enough, I put the angels on the window again, with the fairy lights on in the little houses the front window looks really nice from the street.

DB is having his siesta, supper is prepped, fritatta , salad and jacket spuds. We are having an early supper tomorrow, we are going to the carol service at the little chapel. We will both need a little lubricant, the vocal cords are suffering from lack of use in the singing department.

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