Saturday, 3 December 2016


I did not expect to sleep after last nights bombshell but I did, mind you my brain is going at 90 miles an hour this morning. I gave the letter to DB to read, not a word.......just 'well you had better go and see our GP' who of course is on holiday this coming week.........

Dull but there is a slight breeze, I have laundry out, hope it dries other wise it will be on the airer. Fire cleaned out and relaid. We are running out of kindling, DB chopped up some bits of old fence panel this morning.

After I re laid the fire gave the sitting room a flick with the duster. DB does not like the new Dyson, so muggins hoovered the kitchen, sitting room and hall before putting said machine back in its cupboard.

Liver and bacon tonight, I froze the liver in seperate bags this time, so I only have to prepare one lot as and when, rather than cook it all and then freeze what I don't want to use. Will do mashed spuds, cabbage and carrots with it. Banana for dessert.

I will be spending the rest of the day on the settee reading apart from giving DB a lesson in how I run the banking, I will need a rest after that. There are times when I really wish I had not taught hin to use the lap top.............yesterday being one of them and I suspect that today could be too.

My quilting friend gave me a sweet jug with some grape hyacinth bulbs and some compost, they were starting to shoot so I have filled the jug as per the instructions, the bulbs are planted and I have put it in a dark cupboard for a few weeks. Once they have flowered they will go in the garden. I did plant some in a pot outside last year.

Tomorrow I am going to the Fabric warehouse, despite saying I was not buying any more fabric, (heaven knows what DB will do with whats left when I shuffle off this mortal coil) I need some baby blue, cream and yellow for the baby quilt.

The presents we are giving are on my sewing table waiting to be wrapped up. Whilst DB has his siesta I am going to write the few cards we do send. Then there is nothing else I need to worry about. Just a small shop for fruit and veg before the day and thats it.

Finished up the split pea soup for lunch with some toast, I will need to make another pot tomorrow. I have some brown lentils, never used them before so will have to google a recipe.

DB says that both the onions and garlic are sprouting so thats next years supply, he had to water some of the celmatic, they were very dry and showing signs of dying back.

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