Monday, 19 December 2016


The start of another week. Bed changed, sheets etc washed and out on the line. Did not dry very well so I brought them in and put it in the dryer.

Soup and sandwiches for lunch, my niece came , very nice to see her it's quite a while since I saw her last.

Monday clean done, I have put the Christmas quilt on the bed for its annual outing.

I got DB to make an appointment with our GP re his's a good job I read the article, things could have been very different. He is off shortly. I am not going with him, he can just take control of his own life for once, I am fed up having to sort him out at detriment to me.

Ex is still in hospital, DD1 has gone to his house to try and clean it up for him, to my knowledge it's not been touched for almost 10 years. I do not envy her........

We are going to the library and Aldi tomorrow to get the bits we need for Christmas, I will be doing the usual monthly shop in a week or so's time. So we will be ready for the day bar the shouting.

Carol service was bit bit drawn out, we were treated to 2 sermons totalling almost an hour, we were not sorry when the service ended!! We came home to watch Midsummer Murders. Not sure if we are going carol singing on Thursday.

I need to get my act together and make mince pies for DB and also some shortbread. Might get it done on Thursday, will have to see.

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