Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Jack Frost Called

My goodness we had a hard frost and despite the sun it is still very much in evidence, screens on cars are still frosted as is the grass at the back, looks like snow in places. It is a very cold clear morning.

We did manage to get up at a reasonable time, despite me still being awake at 5 am!! Will deffo need a nana nap today.

Chicken stock defrosting for lentil soup, I have both brown and red lentils so a mixture of both should be fine with some stock and tomato puree.

No plans for the day, I am trying to rest up as much as possible so tonights supper is bacon fritatta and a tomato and celery salad.

DB is coughing well again, there were several children at my grandsons, I relly hope he has not picked up another infection. I am planning on getting him some multivitamins, see if we can rev his immune system a bit.

Did any one see the Marigold hotel programme last night. That Miriam woman really got on my nerves........looks like she will go anywhere for a free holiday. Wayne Sleep made me laugh, he got all the old dears doing ballet exercises. He has still got it despite his age. The conclusion that Americans age better than us proves to be partially true, if you have cash, but then the same would apply in the UK too. I must admit round the year sun would be great, but I doubt I could face the summer in Florida.

 I did think that Rosemary Shrager looked better after her (filler) treatment but at $950 per syringe.....whew that a bit steep, but then she was staying in The Polo Club where you need to be a millionaire to get in!! I took a close look at my face and decided they would need poly filler!

No heat on at the moment, might light the fire after DB gets up from his siesta, we have no plans to go out.

I need to do a freezer audit and see just what I have got in the 3 freezers. I know the small one has mostly got fruit in, there are a couple of drawers in the large one that need a sort out, I found some salmon this morning I forgot I had, so will maybe have that with salad on friday instead of fish and wedges for a change. I cannot afford salmon every week, too expensive, but its good occasionally.

The forecast is not good for tomorrow, I really need to do a wash, it will have to go in the drier, I do not want anything hanging around on New Years Day. I know its daft but my Grandmother had a saying. 'wash on New Years Day, wash a life away!!'

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