Thursday, 1 December 2016

Its December

No frost this morning. I was late waking up, DB brought me my breakfast.

Its has been a day of sunshine and shadows, not as cold as it has been, but cold enough. Have only been out to the coal shed for coal.

DB had a filling come out of a tooth last night, so bang goes my savings target this month, I guess it will be coming out.

Sausage, mash, carrots and cabbage for supper, everything is prepped except the chocolate mousse which I will do shortly.

General sorting out, clearing up bits and pieces and putting the few presents we are giving on the table in the back bedroom to wrap up. We are going to see my quilting friend tomorrow afternoon, DB has a dental appointment in the morning, we will come home and have a bacon sarnie and then set off. We do not want to be too late coming back its dark soon after 4pm. Thankfully after 21st December the nights will start to draw out again, cannot wait.

I have sorted out a small table runner and two casserole mats for my niece along with a box of choccy biscuits for the family. I need to get in touch with her and make arrangements for her to either nip over or I will meet her in the town.

Our neighbour has just gone with her next door neighbour in the car, I hope they are not sending her husband home!! She is really not fit to look after him especially at night.

We are not sending any cards this year, I give a donation to a local charity instead, but we do give cards to one or two relatives and local friends, we do not have to post them, they can be pushed through doors or given to the recipients. I had a scrounge round and have found enough cards without having to buy any. I usually buy them in the sales after Christmas.

DB not coughing so much and although  I am a bit stuffed up, not really a cold. Will keep DB taking the medicine for a couple more days.

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