Friday, 2 December 2016


Out early, DB had an appointment at the dentist. I went into Lidl for the few bits I wanted from there. Sat in the car waiting for DB. When he came back he said the dentist had decided to take out the tooth, it split and broke, so the nerve has been taken out and the root filled. The dentist was afraid that if he went on to try and take the tooth out he might break DB's jaw........No thank you, I have enough trouble with him as it is without him having a broken jaw. A quick visit to Morrison for yogurt and we were off home.

Home we had soup for lunch and then set off for our visit to my quilting friend. I had a miniature orchid for her we came home with some pressies and some magazines.

It was so nice to see her again, her left knee is giving her some problems, she had her right knee replaced some years ago.......

After tea and cake DB went into the sitting room to read, we sat and put the world to rights.

We left in time to get get home before it was dark. Waiting for me was a letter from the hospital with the results of the appointment I had in November. No good to read. I have made an appointment to see the Dr to discuss the letter and also the MRI scan they are asking me to have. Although I feel OK my condition is really not good, so I am going to apply for attendance allowance. There are other things I need to think about now, and DB also needs to realise that I am not at all well. I know he will refuse to talk about things unless I force the issue.

Home it was fish and wedges, with mixed veg and bananas for dessert.


  1. Re your attendance allowance. Your carer, presumably DB has to say what personal care he gives you. We had to appeal on this. I strongly advise you get CAB involved. My husband does everything. But we really had to spell out some stuff we just did and never thought twice.

  2. Would allowing your DB to read the letter, and maybe attending your discussion with your GP enable him to take on board your health issues?

  3. Sorry about DB's tooth bother that must be cared for and for the unwelcome news about your health contained in the letter. I hope both situations can be handled so you're both in the best of health.

    I'm glad you were able to see your quilting friend again as it's a lovely treat for both of you. Wishing her well with her knee.

    Yesterday was busy so missed popping in but I did get some needed Christmas shopping done as well as making yet another quiche.



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